Branding In Vietnam


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Branding In Vietnam

  1. 1. Branding in Vietnam Key learning and insight Prepared by left brain connectors, April 2009
  2. 2. Left brain connectors is a local leading brand idea and branding company
  3. 3. Our clients Nestle Vietnam QD Tek Pepsi Art Glass Romano R Bavapen mobile phone B bil h Enchanteur Boca Glass Eversoft DKSH (Diethem) Gervenne Prudential finance Hapikids H ikid Saigon S b Si Sunbay Dr. men Nuti food V-Phano Vinataba (lion king) New York School Sapphire scooter Home made food H df d Interfood (wonderfarm) I t f d( df ) BIM Group KAO Gomex noodle Poca (snack) Tan Hiep Phat Disney (consumer products) DQ Glass Gl …
  4. 4. Vietnam
  5. 5. What you see most
  6. 6. mess traffic problem
  7. 7. What you hear most
  8. 8. horn happy presser not by choices
  9. 9. What you taste most
  10. 10. nuoc mam (fish sauce)
  11. 11. What you feel most
  12. 12. energetic optimistic most happiest country (voted by international magazine)
  13. 13. Where you go most
  14. 14. Shop on-the t t Sh on-th -street the-
  15. 15. Vietnam doesn’t need any super-hyper-mart super-hyper- coz it already has one...
  16. 16. Life on the street – shop on-the-street on-the-
  17. 17. Marketing is Vietnam is all about “properties” Location. Location. Location
  18. 18. BEAUTY CARE 77% Vietnamese women aged from 15 45 is more health conscious 15-45 increased number of women taking vitamin or health supplements from 61% in 2006 to 81% in 2008 of 18-16 y.o
  19. 19. Branding to elderly emotionally should be linked to kids ti ll h ld b li k d t kid live longer live happier with kids ith kid
  20. 20. You can’t imagine how life will be without a motorbike !
  21. 21. To most youngster it is youngster, more than just a transportation mean, it is; a friend sign of status freedom US USD 8,000 (in cash) ( cas )
  22. 22. High efficient of distribution vehicle best fit to small road to residential areas CONVENIENCE ! Cost effecti eness effectiveness Fast
  23. 23. For those who do business in Mekong delta don’t ignore this.
  24. 24. Learn to use the “sub-way” “sub- The fastest route is more important than the shortest route
  25. 25. What you surprise most
  26. 26. MEN Normal practice (more traditional type) Life after work. Mostly everyday café. Average 2 d A days a week . B k Beers at “ t “quan” ” Friends. Socializing. Even, Business transaction
  27. 27. While Whil men at “quan”, she’s h t“ ” h ’ happy at café with friends/colleagues
  28. 28. What you upset most
  29. 29. slow administrative process most of the time coz delay brand campaign … You'll need a good local partner to help.
  30. 30. Vietnam is still attractive to foreign investors to some reasons…
  31. 31. Political stability. y One of the youngest economies of South East Asia. 82 Mil of population to date. pp 65% under 45 of age. Only slow down growth ratio during global recession y g gg For local brands, still facing some big challenges at home. Hence, this is opportunity for long term oriented international marketers
  32. 32. Tough challenge: Major challenge is the lack of home grown Vietnamese brands, which could stand their ground against the global giants and add flavor and choice in the market. Only a handful of Vietnamese brands are in the market such as the national flag carrier Vietnam Airline, the homegrown coffee retail-chain Trung Nguyen Coffee, just to name a few. Suffered from lack of strong financial foundation of the business Follow the short term interests to “too diversified” strategy and losing the core.
  33. 33. Vietnam i not Vi t is t one market
  34. 34. Different market, culture and consumption behaviors North Hanoi Central Hue, Danang, Highland Central Nhatrang Ban Me Thuat, Pleiku South Dalat HCMC Mekong delta Cantho
  35. 35. Compete in Vietnam watch the big giant - Chi h bi i China Border close to Vietnam Cheap product Ch d Similar design Acceptable quality
  36. 36. Vietnamese is so “protective” protective when it come to taste. ttt
  37. 37. Taste Region Resistance Resistance (in general) (toward changes) (toward changes) north Strong Value based Salty Appearance Tastes Tt Spicy central Stronger Conservative Sensitiveness Sweet south Less-strong Open Newest Product Place People Price
  39. 39. Beverage case g
  40. 40. Losing money in 10 consecutive years It is now reluctantly adapted to suit the taste of local drinker. A No-choice option for survival for a well-known, conservatively brand controlled strategy around the world. world Sales gain quickly after the launch “strong Vietnamese coffee” g
  41. 41. Quick reaction Reduce competitive pressure immediately Sales increase from category that grows “strong is not enough, best fit taste that matter”
  42. 42. To coke, the biggest enemy is not Pepsi
  43. 43. Number 1 tea products in Vietnam But not from Coke or neither Pepsi, Evolving of product marketing Nestle, Unilever, Yeo’s … 5 year time Home made ice tea Lemon ice tea green tea herbal tea
  44. 44. Number 1 tea products in Vietnam From THP Group, the most successful beverage group in Vietnam and Indochina. however ! h
  45. 45. Do these products own some U.S.P ? They may not are unique products but they are first into the y market.
  46. 46. To be first player in an emerging market with an emerging consumer class always enjoy the most favorable acceptance of buyers. buyers All age group group. Thru out Vietnam.
  47. 47. Favor the first.
  48. 48. Emerging consumer class Got money Easy to brand switching High brand trials, but Less loyalty
  49. 49. KEY TO SUCCESS NOW KEY TO SUCCESS LATER Being the first Being unique High availability High availability Relevant advertising Creative advertising USP (functional benefit) Emotional connection
  50. 50. Food case
  51. 51. A loser product of Unilever Cay Da tea
  52. 52. “Chè Thái gái Tuyên” Chè Thái, Tuyên the old Vietnamese expression that means great tea from Thai Nguyen and great girl from Tuyen Quang (a province in the high north area of Vietnam) Prefer the strong authenticity taste of local tea “province branded” Thai Nguyen, Lam Dong, Tan hi Cuong …
  53. 53. A brand of Unilever PHU QUOC Fish souce
  54. 54. High welcoming of modern food franchising business
  55. 55. (First professional and modernization Pho noodle chain of Vietnam to the world)
  56. 56. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  57. 57. Culture sensitivity Thousand years of instability China invasion Japanese French war American war Cold war – closing door look out for the best fit Brand communications strategy PR, CSR, events … A lot o rules a d regulation for ot of u es and egu at o o Advertising communication programs
  58. 58. How you give is more important than what you give”
  59. 59. Your brand logo should be smaller than these texts equality of spiritual and q y p material value of gift
  60. 60. Marketing - Don’t forget the influential “buyer”
  61. 61. “I love its design – the Asus, but I need to seek further advices from my men”
  62. 62. “I like the innova. However I still need my wife’s opinion about it. It’s better to take her with me to showroom next time” A “responsible” men.
  63. 63. For “technical” aspects women ask men for advices. But mostly she control the “buying” decision. she’s traditional housewife, and even modern Vietnamese women she’s powerful. (insight: men love her to do so too)
  64. 64. Thank Th k you for doing business in Vietnam ! g