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Guidance for ' i will if you will'


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Guidance for ' i will if you will'

  1. 1. Earth Hour 2012 I Will If You Will
  2. 2. EARTH HOUR SO FARIn 2011 Earth Hour reached over 1.8 billionpeople, with more than 5200 cities andtowns taking part in 135 countries acrossevery continent.Beyond the HourPeople needed the incentive to do morethan just switch off their lights for an hour.NowWe need to empower the community andshow them that they are making adifference.
  3. 3. I WILL IF YOU WILLI WILL IF YOU WILL - consolidates Earth Hour’s growthBeyond the hour.• Incentivises action• Creates social capital• Brings sustainability to the ‘water cooler’
  4. 4. I WILL IF YOU WILL•A simple promise and a challenge• Mass participation and mechanism for companiesand people to take part• Fun, viral, interesting•Goes beyond the hour and gets people talking
  5. 5. CORPORATE EXAMPLE Pocoyo will...plant 10,000 trees if … Pocoyo fans… 10,000 play his online recycling game on
  6. 6. CORPORATE EXAMPLEHSBC CEO “I will cycle to work fora week If 50,000 customerconvert to paperless banking” 6
  7. 7. HOW ABOUT YOUR CORPORATE?A CEO, a director or a managercan challenge your staff withsimple and feasible challenges.Just practice and follow up! A CEO can challenge your staff “I will travel to work by bus once a week if you change to read electronic news” Otherwise, you can call upon your staff to follow you like “I will use cloth bags instead of plastic ones, will you do with me?” 6
  8. 8. CAPITALISE ON REACHSocial Media Media 135 country teams Corporates
  9. 9. I WILL IF YOU WILL• A CEO can challenge his/her staffA corporate can challenge other corporates• A staff can challenge his/her colleagues• An individual can challenge their friends/families 8
  10. 10. Everyone has the power to change the world they live in…WILL YOU? Everyone has the power to change the world they live in…