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10 April 2017 revised Created by PJ Simpson-Haidaris, PhD University of Rochester
Checklist for F-award applications—att...
10 April 2017 revised Created by PJ Simpson-Haidaris, PhD University of Rochester
23. Resource Sharing Plan Attachment P...
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This pdf checklist describes all the attachments needed to complete an NRSA predoctoral (F31, F31-diversity), dual degree (F30) or postdoctoral (F32) individual fellowship application to NIH as of April 29, 2017. Please refer to current NRSA FOAs, the most recent SF 424 Fellowship Guide and new notices (NOTs) released by NIH with updates to these applications on a REGULAR basis!

File updated 9 April 2017

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  1. 1. 10 April 2017 revised Created by PJ Simpson-Haidaris, PhD University of Rochester 1 Checklist for F-award applications—attachments to SF424 *(March 24, 2017 revised fellowship instruction guide for Adobe Forms D) SF424 form pages 1-2 Who Does Final Fill in specific information for items 1-20 as instructed in FELLOWSHIP INSTRUCTIONS FOR NIH AND OTHER PHS AGENCIES SF424 (R&R) APPLICATION PACKAGES (no attachments 1-19; 20. pre-application attachment very rare) PI with Grant Admin help SF424 form page 2 (page 3 of SF424 pdf) 21. Cover Letter Attachment. Did you request Dual assignment, if applicable?Did you include required informationon outside referees?Did you include name of Program Officer you spoke with about your application? Use optional PHS Assignment Request Form for Institute and Study Sectionchoices. PI PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form 1. Introduction to Application Attachments (for resubmission –A1 app only); 1-page limit PI *2. Applicants Background and Goals for Fellowship Training attachment; 6-page limit; presentas these three sections in this order: A. Doctoral Dissertation and Research Experience; B. Training Goals and Objectives; and C. Activities Planned Under Award. PI 3. Specific Aims attachment; 1-page limit PI 4. Research Strategy attachment; 6-page limit PI 5. Respective Contributions attachment; 1-page limit PI 6. Selection of Sponsor and Institution attachment; 1-page limit PI 7. Progress Report Publication List (RENEWAL applications) N/A 8. Training in Responsible Conduct of Research attachment; 1-page limit [Include five required components: 1) Format,2) Subject Matter, 3) Faculty Participation,4) Duration of Instruction & 5) Frequency of Instruction]. *Recommend include training in Data Reproducibility and Rigor in Science in RCR PI Sponsor(s), Collaborator(s) and Consultant(s) Section 9. Sponsor and Co-Sponsor Statement Attachment; 6-page limit Sponsors 10. Letters of support from Collaborators, Contributors and Consultants attachment; *combine into one pdf document; *6-page limit PI solicits letters; makes pdf file (Not the same as outside referee letters!) PI solicit from and organize *Institutional Environment and Commitment to Training (new June 2016) *11. Name file: Institutional_Environment_and_Commitment_to_Training.pdf; 2-page limit (and MSTP Program Director if F30 or F31 Diversity for MSTP trainee). PI, mentors and PhD program directors need to contribute to this document. This section includes some information that used to be in “Additional Educational Information”). PI must requestInstitutionalEnvironment and Commitment to Training Information from Mentors and PhD (and MSTP, if dual degree) program directors! PI, Mentors & PhD Program Director Other Research Training Plan Section Human Subjects 12. no attachment but answer: Human subjects Involvement Indefinite? PI 13. no attachment but answer: Clinical Trial? PI 14. no attachment but answer: Agency-Defined Phase III Clinical Trial? PI 15. Protection of Human Subjects, if applicable (no page limit) PI 16. Data Safety Monitoring Plan, if applicable (no page limit) PI 17. Inclusion of Women and minorities, if applicable (no page limit but attachment <1 works) PI 18. Inclusion of Children, if applicable (*remember NIH changed age range to define children as under the age of 18; see NOT-OD-16-010) (no page limit but<1 works) PI Vertebrate Animals 19. Vertebrate Animal Use indefinite? Yes/No? PI 20. no attachment but answer: Are vertebrate Animals Euthanized? Yes/No? -Is methodconsistent with American Veterinary Yes/No? Medical Association(AVMA)guidelines? -If "No" toAVMA guidelines, describe methodand provide scientificjustificationin text boxprovidedonform. PI 21. Vertebrate Animals, if applicable; Simplified to 4 sections PI 22. Select Agents Attachment PI
  2. 2. 10 April 2017 revised Created by PJ Simpson-Haidaris, PhD University of Rochester 2 23. Resource Sharing Plan Attachment PI *24. Authentication of Key Biologicals and/or Chemical Resources; Attach ONLY if specified in FOA that it is required. e.g., PA-16-3016, F31 diversity does NOT request (Recommend discuss in Research Strategy as appropriate). N/A, but check FOA 25-32. no attachments but answer questions. PI Budget Section Include full graduate courses tuition amount (NIH funds based on their rules, but need to ask for full amount). Contact Office of Research and Grants Administration for the full year tuition for UR-SMD grad studies (2017-2018 academic year = $49,216). Note, some students and grant administrators have failed to do this correctly resulting in lost funding for tuition! Grant Admin in your Dept, Univ Official Representative, or Grad Dept Appendix – do not include info that should be in the Research Strategy PI RESEARCH & RELATED Senior/Key Person Profile Key Personnel Information (fill out in form) and Biosketches (attachments); Must Include 5-page Biosketches; PI use fellowship Biosketch template; Sponsors and Collaborators use the R-grant SF424 general format Biosketch template. Mentors’ and Collaborators/Consultants if listed as Key personnel must write their Personal Statements to reflect their role on the FELLOWSHIP grant (not their own R01 grant!) PI, mentor, co- mentors, (AKA sponsors) consultants, collaborators identified as key personnel RESEARCH & RELATED Other Project Information 1-6. Provide answers appropriate to Human Subjects and Vertebrate Animal Use; impact on environment; historic sites; international collaborations? (no attachments) PI and Grant Administrator 7. Project Summary/Abstract attachment; limit remains up to 30 lines text PI 8. Project Narrative attachment (Public Health Relevance); 2-3 sentences PI 9. Bibliography & References Cited attachment (can cite Interim Research Products see NOT-OD-17-050); No page limit PI 10. Facilities & Other Resources attachment; No page limit PI 11. Equipment attachment; No page limit PI 12. Other Attachments Certification Letter for Predoctoral Fellowships (F31) to Promote Diversity (1-page works on University official’s letterhead and signed). Name file Diversity_Eligibility_Ltr.pdf ONLY for PA-16-308 F31 diversity (Request from Registrar or appropriate official) PI and Registrar Internal Signoff form for Grant (PI responsibility): be sure to check with your grants administrator and follow protocol for internal approval of F-award grant submission! Do you need to include with internal signoff form a specific form signed by your Sponsor approving your grant submission (PI responsibility)? *(asterisks for color blind) denotes changes in effect with release of new Funding Opportunity Announcements in 2016 and as described in NIH fellowship instruction guide revised March 24, 2017.