Job of Medical representative


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Role and responsibilities of medical representative

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Job of Medical representative

  1. 1. Medical RepresentativePrepared by: PraveenGupta
  2. 2. Role of Medical RepresentativeRole of medical representative is to createdemand for existing product /launch newproduct ensuring availability at retailers andstockiest
  3. 3. Responsibilities of MedicalRepresentative  Sales Achievement  Customer Support and Customer Service  Product Promotion  Launching new products / markets  Market Feedback  Company Image  Record Keeping and Reporting
  4. 4. Daily ActivitiesA typical day may involve one-on-one meetings withdoctors, pharmacists or nurses in their offices orplaces of business to monitor their supply of drugsand to inform them of forthcoming changes. Therepresentative will introduce them to new productsfrom his company. In the afternoon, he might visithospitals to meet with doctors on staff to persuadethem to purchase his products.
  5. 5. SkillsInterpersonal skills are required to develop trust andrapport that are a necessary part of the sales process.You must be able to "speak the language" of the medicalprofession by becoming familiar with often complexmedical terms and procedures. You will need to be able tomanage your time well and project a highly professionalimage.
  6. 6. EducationA bachelors degree in any field.strong understanding of how a drug works in thehuman body(Training classroom 7 days). An advanced degree is often required to moveinto the management ranks(can be earned whileworking).
  7. 7. Additional TrainingBecause of the complex nature of the productsthey sell, medical representatives will receiveextensive training upon being hired, usually in theform of a structured training program. Since themedical field is constantly changing and evolving,including the frequent introduction of newproducts to the marketplace, the training processis on-going.
  8. 8. Compensation Because of the high level of technical knowledge required and the high profit margins for pharmaceutical products, a medical sales representative can earn a substantial income. As an incentive approx. 20k to 50k/quarter Average annual salaries for pharmaceutical representatives range from 1.20L to 2.40L/Annum. Annual/Half yearly qualified trips to International/domestic location
  9. 9. Growth Prospects
  10. 10.  Medical Representative with developed skill of Management and capacity of taking responsibilities grow in next level as Area Manager(Avg salary 2Lac to 4 Lac/Annum)+ Incentives/pleasure Trips Area Manager with developed skill of strategic management people and leading team Grow in next level RM/ZSM(Avg salary 3L to 6 L/annum)+Incentives/Pleasure RM/ZSM with developed capacity to handle states grow in next level i.e Dy. GM GM V.P Director Final Earning exceeds 1.00 Cr/Annum
  11. 11. Wishing You Happy & cash Rich Retirement