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Data First - The Next Mobile Wave


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Why user data is core to the next wave of mobile innovation, including the role of Big Data. This presentation to Ericsson VPs visiting Ericsson Silicon Valley, so has a service provider perspective.

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Data First - The Next Mobile Wave

  1. 1. 1Data First! - The Next Mobile Wave Paul Golding Sept 2012 (Presented to Ericsson SV) Copyright Paul Golding, 2011
  2. 2. 2Data is core! Copyright Paul Golding, 2011
  3. 3. Relevance? 3Paul GKey numbers: Key roles:21 years in mobile ecosystems Advisor SixthSense (Mobile Big Data - US16 patents (mobile chip design) Founder AlphaPunk design agency - UK4 books Product/Search Strategy - US1st mobile apps co. in Europe Chief Disruption Officer (Telefonica) - UK1st SMS gateway/apps platform Chief Apps Architect Motorola - EMEA1st mobile internet portal Head of Open Platforms (O2 UK) - UK1st push email solution Founded the O2 UK Incubator - UK1st productivity staff pick Apple Mentor at Springboard Incubator - UKMeans I have done some stuff to at least point in the right direction!
  4. 4. I followed the mobile innovation to Silicon Valley 4 Mobile centers of gravity shifted West! So I followed.
  5. 5. Centers of gravity in the mobile universe... 5 Experience Ecosystems Post PC epoch Sensor Proliferation Exploding Abundant Mobile CloudAccess inc. M2M Universe Computing App Real-time Web Economy Very few of these forces influenced or controlled by CSPs (heavy Silicon Valley influence)
  6. 6. Shift in power from CSPs to Internet/software companies... 6 2007 2011 2014 apps apps Experience Platforms Web Web apps OS OS Web comms comms OS commsClosed Open Telco OEM Internet
  7. 7. Very little telco power in the digital services stack 7Social Media Gaming Money Health SME/Corp Family “Experience Platforms” HTML5 Android iOS Mobile Digital “Stack” SaaS PaaS “The Web Operating System” IaaS CaaS NaaS BIG DATA “Infrastructure Enablers” Telco
  8. 8. Mobile user experience has moved towards apps... 8 App experience... Telco Apps Souce: Zokem-CINT -
  9. 9. Digital experience economy... 9 User Experience (apps) $$$ Software/Device Ecosystems e.g. iOS, Android, Web... $$$$$ Network Infrastructure e.g. LTE, 3G, WiFi, ADSL, Cable... $$$$$$$
  10. 10. Digital experience influence... 10 User Experience (apps) Software/DeviceControl point Network Infrastructure
  11. 11. Which future? 11 Where’s the next wave of innovation?
  12. 12. In the smartphone epoch, we carry two brains... 12BRAIN #1 BRAIN #2 Inert
  13. 13. But we actually have three brains! 13 BRAIN #2BRAIN #1 Social stream Information stream Entertainment stream BRAIN Event stream #3 (Cloud) Sensor stream Brain #2 is the enabler for Brain #3 to make Brain #1 better/happier!
  14. 14. And things all around us increasingly have “brains” 14 http://paulg.stuff/car/245534462342 /vitals/heart... /trainers/wear/..Internet of /watch/temperature/.. “20 Billion devices byThings /home/windows/.. 2020” - GSMA
  15. 15. Even our body parts are beginning to “talk”... 15Source: PSFK -
  16. 16. Big Data is what gives the cloud brains (intelligence) 16 Key enabler: Big Data!“Sensor real time real time real time Net” storage processing output Machine intelligence Distributed sensor grids Extracting/creating value from data streams!
  17. 17. Centers of gravity in the mobile technology landscape... 17 Experience Ecosystems Post PC epoch Sensor Proliferation BIG Abundant Cloud DATAAccess inc. M2M Computing App Real-time Web Economy Big Data is becoming the single most important enabler
  18. 18. Digital data influence... 18 User-centric Experiences (USER DATA) -- Seamless, Productive, Personalized App-centric Experience (APPS) Software/Device Network Infrastructure
  19. 19. The current wave advantage... 19Software DNAInfluential digital companieshave software DNA The interface with customers is via software (apps)
  20. 20. The next wave advantage... 20Data DNA is now key...The strategic advantageis to think data!Big Data!Machine intelligence!Data first! The value of the interface with customers is the data (knowledge)
  21. 21. The next-wave CSP model 21 A revised network modelOld: connection-centric, “dumb”, task-agnostic Device Big Switch Device New: user-centric, “smart”, task-aware User Big Data Economic Need Platform OpportunitySee presentation:
  22. 22. Mobile software stack top to bottom... 22Social Media Gaming Money Health SME/Corp Family “Experience Platforms” Where’s the data power? HTML5 Android iOS SaaS PaaS “The Web Operating System” Opportunity IaaS CaaS NaaS BIG DATA “Infrastructure Enablers” Telco
  23. 23. 23Think: “Data First!”•The centre of gravity for services•Enabled by Big Data/Smart networks•A new control point - means war...•Will be won by “Data DNA” companies•Still a massive opportunity!
  24. 24. 24Thank Read my book (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2010