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America Needs A Marshall Plan And Another Robert Moses


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Engineers are better able to solve this nations problems than short sighted politicians and intellectuals who are badly mistaken with socialization. This is a crisis, and we need the courage to stand up to those who got us into this mess, and provide the leadership to get us back to our roots.

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America Needs A Marshall Plan And Another Robert Moses

  1. 1. September 9, 2011America Needs a Marshall Plan and Another Robert MosesLabor Day is over, but not much labor is left in America to celebrate. The US economy is in adeadly spiral of decay from the de-industrialization which occurred over the past two decades,and continues today. We cannot survive as a nation without a return to a strong industrial base.It will take an entirely new set of thinking for that to happen, but it can happen, and here is howto do it.In order to fix this economy, we need to be ruthless and honest at the same time. It will takethe leadership of someone with the ruthlessness determination of a Robert Moses, and a plansimilar to the rebuilding of Europe which was accomplished under the direction of GeneralMarshall.To date, nobody in Washington or either the Democratic or Republican Party has put forwardany plan which accomplishes the objective. None of the Presidential candidates has been boldenough to state that we must reverse course and revitalize America by bringing back theindustry that left our shores for better profits overseas. Yes, the reduction of taxes will help,and so will the entrepreneur spirit from small businesses once the regulations are reduced, butthat is not enough. Small business indeed is vital, but it will take a return of big business to dothe job.Robert Moses is the type of leader needed to cure this problem, ramrod through the morass inWashington, create a new manufacturing base with jobs that last, engage an army ofconstruction workers to rebuild and strengthen our infrastructure, and build our economy backagain to some resemblance of the great nation we once were.Let’s review a moment of history to see how we can learn that vital lesson which changed NewYork form a corrupt and unmanageable morass into one of the finest cities in the world. Considered the “Master Builder,” Robert Moses single handily changed the face of New Yorkinto what it is today. He was also one of the most controversial of power brokers in the nation,had many enemies, an ego the size of Mohammad Ali, but with a determination second to none.By stealth, he amassed his own signatory power within multiple agencies when New York wasdeemed “ungovernable.” Buried in the small print of the regulations that they unknowinglysigned over a period of time, Robert Moses gained signatory authority for approval of anycapital program being considered. Not only did that prevent his termination within the system,it gave him the power to override the Mayor, the Review Board, and every local politician that1062 Otter Circle page 1 (843) 470-0459Beaufort, SC 29902 fax (520) 842-4175
  2. 2. got in his way. By cunning, ruthless brute force, and a fanatical determination to remake NewYork into his dream, he surpassed every obstacle in the political process during his 20 years oftenure, and was unstoppable in getting things done his way. The democratic process wastemporarily put aside in order to make it happen, and that is exactly what we need today.The scale of Robert Moses’s accomplishments is mind boggling. He ignored the public reviewprocess, and on short notice displaced hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers by eminentdomain in order to build 17 expressways, seven bridges (including the Verrazano), thousands ofbuildings for urban renewal, the United Nations Building, Shea Stadium, the Lincoln Center,power plants in upper New York and over 700 parks… all accomplished in record time … allneeded…all at a time of chaos and corruption within the offices of New York City and New YorkState. In addition, he championed reforms in civil service, pioneered new concepts indevelopment of parkland, and created a class of Parkways for automobile travel imitatedaround the world.He had faults to be sure, shortcomings and flaws in his personality, but by ruthless brute forcewith projects so large they became the pride of America, Moses exercised power that broughtfear to Mayors, the Governor, and even the President as he championed his programs whichmade New York into one of the finest cities in the world. He was an idealist who recognized thatideas and ideals meant nothing without the power of implementation.America now finds itself in that same “ungovernable” position. Moreover we are at war withtwo ideologies opposite to each other. One says: “Spread the wealth and take care of the littlepeople”, the other “Keep the wealth and let the little people pay their taxes”. It is obvious weare at loggerheads in Washington over the differences. Compromise is not an option when thephilosophy is so far apart. It is my opinion that both political parties are temporarily removedfrom reality. Eventually, the democratic process will work as it always has in the past.Unfortunately, we don’t have the time. This is a real crisis which requires more than what canbe accomplished within the present democratic process. Why wait for Marshall Law to bedeclared? We already have an emergency that justifies its activation.The true value for unemployment before the Clinton administration manipulated the numbers is22.7% as reported in theSeptember 3 issue of Global Research. As further stated, when the GDP is calculated using theformer or traditional measure of inflation, there has been no growth in real GDP for severalyears. In other words, during the period of our so called ‘economic recovery’ the economy hasactually been declining.1062 Otter Circle page 2 (843) 470-0459Beaufort, SC 29902 fax (520) 842-4175
  3. 3. Let me be the first to call it what it is: We are in a depression, and likely to continue until astrong manufacturing base returns.Someone like Robert Moses is needed to reverse course and bring back the manufacturing jobslost by decisions of Wall Street and the Fortune 500 Corporations in pursuit of near-term profits.For the past two decades these jobs have moved to China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, SouthKorea and Eastern Europe. No Republican candidate in the debate of September 7th hasproposed a definitive plan to bring these jobs back. Please don’t lecture me on worldeconomics. We created the problem; we can and must fix it.On top of all this, the crisis in the housing market continues to unwind with trillions lost due todefault from mortgage fraud, financial abuse and greed. Barney Frank shouted and screamedat anyone questioning his legislative programs promoting the housing crisis he helped create.Now that the Wall Street elite is finally turning on itself to correct some of the abuse asevidenced by the $196 billion lawsuit filed by FHA against 17 Banks, where is Barney Frank withhis shouting and screaming? Yes the legal fix is necessary, but a little late in my opinion, anddoes nothing towards helping the economy.I mention Barney Frank only because he is only one of several who remain in office that take noresponsibility whatsoever for the massive damage they created. Einstein says: You can’t solveproblems with those who helped create them …but when do we ever learn? Is it any wondernothing significant gets resolved in Congress?None of the candidates running for the office of President claims to have an answer whichbrings back the manufacturing jobs quick enough to insure protection against a financialmeltdown most likely to occur within the next few years. Part of the problem is attributableto the disruption necessary within the power circles that are needed to put the President in theWhite House in the first place.Robert Moses would not hesitate to bulldoze those irresponsible politicians, and convince ourFortune 500 corporations to reinvest a good portion of their assists back to the shores ofAmerica. If that meant a crippling blow the powerful unions who are embedded deep withinthe Democratic party and Washington’s elite, then so be it…he would be the man to do it.We must be honest. I have worked unions for years and believe in the quality of their workers,but not their corrupt management. You cannot have it both ways. If you want to becompetitive, your labor cost must come into line with your competition, and that means both1062 Otter Circle page 3 (843) 470-0459Beaufort, SC 29902 fax (520) 842-4175
  4. 4. unions and management has to accept the reality of what happens in a cycle of industrializationwhen both are out of control, as they are now.We are going from a developed to an underdeveloped economy, with the best jobs going togovernment, think tanks, legal, financial and social services that do nothing for the grossnational product. What think tank has created a new manufacturing plant and oversaw itsdesign and construction to insure operations start within 12 months? America can’t even builda new refinery on the east or west coast, yet Congress and the esteemed think tanks do nothingto change or repeal EPA’s misguided regulations. Moses would and could.Why is the government supporting the closing of a new Boeing manufacturing plant in SouthCarolina and endorsing a more expensive plant in the state of Washington? What will thegovernment do with a 100 foot tall brand new empty building when it closes?Why does Obama appoint a new jobs Czar who closes his own manufacturing plants in Americaand invests billions to start new ones in China? As every day goes by, we lose moremanufacturing jobs to China, and nothing changes.Are we so stupid to think China will be there as friend when a new war breaks out? What isplan B when China decides to stop shipping to America, and close Wal-Mart? I say that becauseas you read this, China is busy building aircraft carriers, submarines, and long distance bombers.Does anyone think it can never happen? We may not have another 12 months to debate theseissues. Time is of the essence.More and more citizens believe that the inmates are running the insane asylum in Washington. Iam being generous when I say that we have been trained to lick the stick that beats our brainsout. What is left of our tax dollars goes to decisions made years ago by only 532 so called “loyalcitizens” in Congress. Loyal to whom? They can’t stop loopholes, earmarks, pork barrels, oreven pass a law that gives the President the power of line item veto for the same. You willnever see a balanced budget amendment passed in this session of Congress.The construction industry doesn’t have that problem. When a project goes bad, we just firethem all at once, and bring in a fresh new team. Look what happened to Bechtel on the Alaskapipe line for an example. Bechtel is a fine firm, but sometimes they make a mistake, andsometimes they try to cover it up. With someone like Moses around, the mistakes are few,and God help those that try to cover it up.Because labor unions, lobbyists and special interests have a strangle hold on congressionalleaders who put them in office, Congress has proved itself incapable of the hard decisions1062 Otter Circle page 4 (843) 470-0459Beaufort, SC 29902 fax (520) 842-4175
  5. 5. necessary for substantive changes. Today there are 17 lobbyists for every member of Congress.Their staff writes significant portions of the legislation, the amendments, and the amendmentsto the amendments which favor their own special interest. Hundreds of office buildingssurround Washington filled to capacity with the support staff of the lobbyists who write andrewrite the documents and regulations you and I wind up paying for in one way or the otherwhen put into law.There will never be an end to earmarks for vested interests, appeasements, pork barrellegislation and outrageous entitlements. The lobbyists will not allow it. They are our 4th branchof government. Long live the lobbyists! We don’t dare stare them in the face and stop them;we only ask that those that hate America please leave. Anybody with a brain knows which typewe have, and the damage already done inside the White House.In this time of crisis, the government of the United States needs to be reduced dramatically.Entire departments need to be eliminated (i.e. The Department of Education) but this will neverhappen within the present Congress.No national leader dares to say that the Democratic Party and most of the Republican Party hasbeen leading us in the wrong direction for decades. If a Marshall plan isn’t necessary, what is?Welfare states and welfare nations don’t work, and neither does capitalism when it is run bypoliticians bought and paid for by labor unions, lobbyists, the financial elite and misguidedenvironmentalists. We the people have been lied to and beat up so many times that all that isleft is the stick that beat our brains out. The Democrats want us to lick that same stick, and theRepublicans can’t make up their minds what to do. That leaves us leaderless at a time of crisis.Now is the time to rebuild America. We need another Robert Moses.Respectfully submitted,GOGULSKI & ASSSOCIATES, INC.Paul Gogulski, P.E.1062 Otter Circle page 5 (843) 470-0459Beaufort, SC 29902 fax (520) 842-4175