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The skytrax world airline awards

First Class at the World Airline Awards

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The skytrax world airline awards

  1. 1. The Skytrax World Airline Awards were recently announced and those who are lucky enough to travel inFirst Class all the time now know who to switch to, and the Etihad reviews have it.Since it started services in 2004, Etihad Airways has grown from strength to strength, despite being sucha young airline in today’s competitive aviation world. Winning a number of top awards including World’sLeading Airline for three years running, Etihad has proved that no matter if you are a new comer to theindustry you can continuously set standards higher than others.This is never more so obvious that with its First Class offering. Skytrax gave it top awards across theinflight board for its legendary Diamond First Class, winning Best First Class, Best First Class Seat andBest First Class Onboard Catering. Despite not winning the World’s Best Airline award, Etihad stillmanaged to come in six out of all of the world’s airlines.Skytrax regularly audit each airlineto give them a star rating and makesure that it is continued to bedeserved, however for the awards,it’s all based on traveller review.Passengers from over 160 countriesaround the world took part in theworld’s largest airline passengersatisfaction surveys and thoseresult come in the form of theWorld Airline Awards, so theseawards come straight from the public who use the airlines.
  2. 2. The World Airline Awards were held this year at the Farnborough Airshow, one of the world’s leadingairshows and where airlines come to make their big announcements, order hoards of aircraft and showoff their new aircraft. Qatar Airways was one such airline who showed off its new Boeing 787 aircraftwith a series of displays and fly pasts. The airshow is also an opportunity to make industry contacts atthe event’s trade show, dedicated to all things aviation, from safety and security to new technologiesand future concepts.One real draw to the show was Virgin Galactics most recent announcement of being able to launchsatellites into space by 2016, making it much more affordable and accessible for companies to do. SirRichard Branson said that 529 people have signed up to the two hour trip into space that will fly 60 milesinto the air and cost £130,000 each. If all goes to plan the first expected paying passengers will take theirtrip to space in 2014.So if you are travelling First Class, it’s clear that according to the public, the Etihad reviews were theworld’s best.

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First Class at the World Airline Awards


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