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Develop Compelling Content for Each Stage of the Buying Cycle - A MarketingProfs B2B Forum Workshop


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Content marketing has companies rethinking the concept of the sales funnel. Today, buyers consult their peers, recommendation engines, and even total strangers for decision-making advice. Prospects may enter the funnel knowing far more about you and your products than they did just a few years ago.

This may compress the buying cycle and lower sales costs, but it also presents new challenges.

For starters, marketers must create compelling content that attracts prospects at every stage of the buying cycle in order to succeed. Also, easy access to social sharing channels means increasing pressure to provide more (and more distinctive) content in a growing ocean of competing messages.

This in-depth workshop explores the many new options available to attract inbound prospects, and how to create a framework for matching content to buyer needs. Learn how to assess you current content assets, identify gaps, and find the most appropriate tools to help fill you content portfolio. Uncover the best ways to address content to prospects at different stages and with different levels of awareness.

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Develop Compelling Content for Each Stage of the Buying Cycle - A MarketingProfs B2B Forum Workshop

  1. 1. Develop Compelling Content for Each Stage of the Buying Cycle A B2B Marketing Forum Workshop Author:Paul Gillin The New Influencers@pgillin Secrets of Social Media Marketing Social Marketing to the Business Customer Attack of the Customers (late 2012)
  2. 2. How We Share Influence PRE MEDIA AGE MASS MEDIA AGE SOCIAL MEDIA AGE Talk face to face Personal blog Comments on blogs Phone call Social network page Comments on websites Talk face to face Talk to shop worker Widgets Viral emails Phone call Consult a professional Video sharing site Auction websites Talk face to face Talk to shop worker Readers Letters Photo sharing site Wish lists Talk to shop worker Consult a professional Phone in; TV / Radio Chat rooms Ratings on retail sites Readers letters SMS Message boards Reviews on retail sites Phone in; TV / Radio Email Social Bookmarking Price comparison sites Instant Messenger Chat room Social shopping sites Customer influence channels @pgillin #mpb2b Source: Universal McCann Erickson
  3. 3. The Sales Funnel… Suspects Qualified Prospects Hot Prospects New Clients@pgillin Image Credit: Retail Sales Systems, LLC#mpb2b
  4. 4. …Has Been Flipped… Respond & Iterate Invite Engagement Listen Go Where the People Are @pgillin Image Credit: Retail Sales Systems, LLC #mpb2b
  5. 5. …and Flattened Customer interfaces Source: Monitor @pgillin #mpb2b
  6. 6. New World Prospecting INBOUND OUTBOUND SEO Bottom-up lead gen Blogs Enhanced lead Twitter qualification Content Premiums Multiple points of engagement Word of Mouth@pgillin#mpb2b
  7. 7. Integration Now Means “Everything” Value of Specific Marketing Communications Programs 100 75 10 of 14 achieved 50 50% top 2 box score 25 0 Public Internet Word of In-store/ Direct Social Mobile Relations Mouth/Viral Point of Sale response Networking Marketing advertising General Search Engine Sales Event Sponsorship Branded Videogame Advertising Marketing Promotion Marketing Entertainment Advertising@pgillin Source: Association of National Advertisers, 2010#mpb2b
  8. 8. Source: Marketing Sherpa, 2011
  9. 9. The Content Marketing Cycle@pgillin#mpb2b 9
  10. 10. Marketing Then Marketing Now
  11. 11. Researching Customer Buying Patterns•Ask them! – Surveys – Focus groups – Feedback communities (Communispace, Passenger, MotiveQuest)•Track visitor paths to conversion•Independent research•Trade associations•Referral incentives•Affiliate programs @pgillin #mpb2b
  12. 12. Possible Questions to Ask •Do they read blogs? •Are they active on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks? •What kind of search terms do they use? Do they subscribe to any email newsletters? •What kind of information do they tend to consume online? •Educational pieces? Trend articles? Interactive tools like calculators or worksheets? •Do they watch videos or listen to podcasts? •How do they research products? @pgillin #mpb2b
  13. 13. Monitor Conversations Look for how people express needs @pgillin #mpb2b
  15. 15. Social Private Review VirtualChoosing Tools Blog Podcast Video Network community engine worldBuild communityCounter negativityCrisis managementCustomer conversationExpose employee talentGenerate web trafficHumanize the companyMarket researchMedia relationsGenerate new product ideasProduct promotionCustomer serviceCustomer feedbackFind advocatesSales leads
  16. 16. Tools for the Funnel Suspect White paper | eBook Analyst report | Publication Blog | Article | Tweet | Podcast Qualified prospect Quality Contact Case study | Video testimonial Guided tour | Product demo Hot Webinar | Press coverage prospect Glossary | ROI calculator New Free trial/Consultation customer Help desk | Chat | Forum Training | Usage tips Contact information @pgillin Source: NowSpeed Marketing, Inc. #mpb2b
  18. 18. Testimonials Community Newsletter Explainer WebinarMatch Tools to Ebook/ Demos Offer Tech BlogCustomerTypeAwarenessResearchComparisonPurchaseLoyal CustomerAt-riskCustomer
  19. 19. Segment Customer Behavior Who are your High Enthusiasts high-value Leading-Edge Technology customers? Online Aficianados How do they Practicals typically enter your sales funnel? How Best Buy Ambivalent Aspirers segments its customers Low Deal Drivers High Low Price Sensitivity@pgillin#mpb2b
  20. 20. Develop Content for Each Stage Topic: Choosing a Commercial Printer Awareness The Magic of the Printed Experience Research A Printer is a Partner: Make Smart Choices Consideration Commercial Printing Selection Checklist Purchase How Print Delivered for This Retailer Loyal Customer Integrating Print and Online Marketing At-Risk Customer About Our Customer Rewards Program@pgillin#mpb2b
  21. 21. Develop Media Plan for Each Message Message: A Printer is a Partner: Make Smart Choices Offer Introductory or follow-on discount Newsletter ‗The Magic of Print‘ monthly Blog Employee Spotlight Explainer ‗Behind the Press‘ educational videos Demo Request a sample kit Testimonial Spotlight long-time customers@pgillin#mpb2b
  22. 22. The Content Cube Content Asset Buying Stage@pgillin#mpb2b
  23. 23. Reuse and Repackage Begins as a tweet Becomes a blog entry Feeds a podcast Stokes a white paper That gets tweeted!
  25. 25. Who‟s Your Reader? •Professional? •Enthusiast? •Peer? •Novice? •Investor? •Competitor? •Media? It may help to post a You can’t communicate effectively with picture of that an audience you don’t know. When you person on your write, visualize your reader. office wall! @pgillin #mpb2b
  26. 26. It‟s More Than Demographics Know your reader on a psychographic level: Motivations Fears Passions Goals Self-Image Needs Desires @pgillin #mpb2b
  27. 27. FindRemarkable People Bill Hill, Microsoft
  28. 28. Package Knowledge You Already Have Today, you can take your message directly to your constituents without relying upon media intermediaries And why would you not want to do that?@pgillin#mpb2b
  29. 29. Help Others Clickable’s Gurus Goal Generate Leads! Tactic Build awareness by sharing domain knowledge Metrics Unique visits; Online mentions; Referrals; Conversions Results 2,000% increase in site visitors 300% jump in buzz index 50% increase in customers 400% increase in ad billings
  30. 30. Lead Gen Excellence 73 blogs 17 bloggers 600% jump in leads Top quality ―Get engineers talking to engineers and get everyone else out of the middle.‖ Rick Short, Marcom Director@pgillin#mpb2b
  31. 31. A Reader is a Lead Each blog has the option to ask a question of the engineer@pgillin#mpb2b
  33. 33. Content Need Never Die @pgillin #mpb2b
  34. 34. Bonus Views for Snapshots@pgillin#mpb2b
  35. 35. New Life For Old PowerPoints
  36. 36. Even Spreadsheets@pgillin#mpb2b
  37. 37. Why Not Flickr-ize This Graphic?
  39. 39. Blogs Generate 97% More Links Source: HubSpot @pgillin #mpb2b
  40. 40. Lower Cost Per Lead $400 $373 $346 $350 $332 $300 $250 $200 $150 $134 $143 $135 $100 $50 $0 2010 2011 2012 Inbound-dominated Outbound-dominated @pgillin #mpb2b HubSpot 2012 State of Inbound Marketing Study
  41. 41. Why Search Matters • Your press releases reach people directly • So does all the content on your website: – Podcasts – Videos – Newsletters – Blogs You are now the media Source: Mike Moran@pgillin#mpb2b
  42. 42. Did You Know? • The top 25 Google results for ―personal computer‖ only include one PC maker? • Links from .org, .edu, .mil and .gov sites significantly improve your search performance? • The #1 search result for ―click here‖ is Adobe Reader? • The more often you update your website, the more often Google visits it? • Wikipedia is one of the most valuable link sources on the Internet?@pgillin#mpb2b
  43. 43. B2B SEO Cloud computing Platform as a service search volume Cloud platform retail time@pgillin Focus on Long Tail Keywords. Source: Eric Schwartzman#mpb2b
  44. 44. Choose “Just Right” Keywords• Don‘t target keywords that are ―too hot‖ (they multiple meanings or are poor matches for your site).• Avoid keywords that are ―too cold‖—too few searchers look for them.• Use the language the searcher uses: An Italian tour operator targets ―milano tours‖ but Americans say ―milan tours‖.• Walmart calls them ―associates,‖ but everyone else calls them ―employees.‖• A computer maker thinks ―notebook‖ sounds classier than ―laptop,‖ but customers don‘t.• Someone looking for ―lodging‖ seeks something different than someone searching for ―hotel.‖ Source: Mike Moran @pgillin #mpb2b 44
  45. 45. A Company That Does it Right@pgillin#mpb2b
  46. 46. Keywords Everywhere Inflow has keywords in both the domain and the page title The word “inventory” appears four times on the home page and in every page title on the site. The site description and meta tags reinforced that this site is about inventory management@pgillin#mpb2b
  47. 47. But There‟s More Magazine Image “alt” tags feature is a repeat keyword valuable inbound link Social sharing enhances legitimacy@pgillin#mpb2b
  48. 48. LINK LOVEInbound links are the secret sauce ofmodern search engines, and therules change all the time.
  49. 49. Why Do Search Engines Care About Links?  They are votes for quality  They mimic citations in scientific research papers  The best papers have the most citations Source: Mike Moran @pgillin #mpb2b
  50. 50. How Do Search Engines Value Links?  The most links  From the best sites  With the right anchor text PageRank is Google‘s name for its page factor ranking Source: Mike Moran@pgillin#mpb2b
  51. 51. Sweat the Details - Anchor Text Matters Click here Or Small business inventory management Both can link to the same page, but the second link is more descriptive. If it links to you, it improves your ranking for that search term.@pgillin#mpb2b
  53. 53. Selling points Simple form Testimonials
  54. 54. CustomersProminentoffer Simple form
  56. 56. Create a Master Calendar Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Event CES Multi-city User European Annual Partner Christmas road show confer- vacations meeting confer- ence, ence Memorial DayPromotion New 2-for-1 Fun ‘n’ Sun 2-for-1 Budget Toys for customer upgrade Promotion upgrade planning Tots offer CampaignProduct Line Mobile Servers Storage Printers Laptops Service Service Network Hardware Servers Storage Gadgets Plan Plan Upgrades Focus Content NL NL NL NL NL Blog 1X NL Blog 1X NL NL NL Holiday Blog 2X Blog 2X Blog 2X Blog 2X Blog 2X E-Book Blog 2X Blog 2X Blog 2X cards Webcast White E-book Webcast Webcast Webcast White Paper Paper @pgillin #mpb2b
  58. 58. Who Are You? •Helpful? •Funny? •Professorial? •Empathetic? •Snarky? •Unpredictable? Your style should be comfortable, consistent and distinctive.@pgillin#mpb2b
  59. 59. Model Others Moore Professorial Godin Instructive Provocateur Insightful Rabble-rouser Everyman Ivins Folk poet Garfield Populist Hell-raiser The aunt you Cynical wish you had Wickedly funny@pgillin#mpb2b
  60. 60. What‟s Your Point? •What unique skill or perspective you can bring to Branding the subject? Technology •What‘s one clear message you want to convey? Health Care •Explain something Customer Care •Whose story hasn‘t been told? Strategy •Defy conventional wisdom Analytics Search @pgillin #mpb2b
  61. 61. Recruit and Manage Writers •Experts, enthusiasts, influencers •Recruitment plan for quality writers and influencers •Engagement model: ability to pay for performance •Writer tools and dashboard for managing assignments: for content at scale •Writer payments and support •Pay will depend on expertise, effort required per assignment •There are a lot of journalists looking for work these days@pgillin#mpb2b 62
  63. 63. Ideas: Trending TopicsTag clouds and discovery sites show what‘s new and topical.Bookmarking sites have element of surprise.Many publications publish constantly updated ―most read‖ lists.Trade associations, industry publications and prominent bloggers are useful in B2B scenarios.@pgillin#mpb2b
  64. 64. Ideas: RSS Feeds •Subscribe to sites you like •Aggregate or add your own •Subscribe to topical feeds in commentary business or trade publications •Share & comment •Create topical feeds @pgillin #mpb2b
  65. 65. Ideas: Bookmarks @pgillin #mpb2b
  66. 66. Other Idea Sources • Interview someone real • Create a top 10 list • Interview someone • Aggregate other fictional opinions • Interview yourself • Conduct a poll • Visit a quote site • Make a list • Talk to children • Predict something, then • Write a case study defend @pgillin #mpb2b
  67. 67. Keep the Idea Pipeline Full Bookmark, tag and categorize Tweet inspirations so you won‘t lose them Create templates of reliable story-telling techniques (swipe file) Learn the de Bono technique (white hat, black hat, green hat, etc.) Practice writing in the style of the people you most like to read@pgillin#mpb2b
  69. 69. What More Can You Say?@pgillin#mpb2b
  70. 70. Focus, Focus, Focus • Ask yourself, ―What‘s this Select Identify point of List key idea points about?‖ view • Start with the headline. • Make your point at the Write outset, then support it. Revise • Limit the number of Publish points you in each entry. • Modularize • Invite feedback. Rule of Thumb: If you have more than two key points, create a new entry @pgillin #mpb2b
  71. 71. All About Them@pgillin#mpb2b
  72. 72. 15 Ways to Approach a Topic 1. Quiz: Test Your Privacy IQ 2. Skeptic: You Don‘t Control Your Privacy Anymore 3. Explainer: The Online Privacy Debate in Plain English 4. Case Study: How One Person Got Control over Privacy 5. Contrarian: Why Online Privacy Concerns Are Overblown 6. How To: Five Steps to Improving Online Privacy 7. How NOT To: Five Ways to Compromise Your Online Privacy 8. First Person: My Personal Privacy Horror Story 9. Comparison: How Privacy Protection Services Measure Up 10. Q&A: Five Common Questions About Online Privacy 11. Data: Survey Data Indicates Privacy Problems Worsening 12. „Man on the Street‟: Experts Offer Opinions on the State of Online Privacy 13. Outrageous: Why Online Privacy Is an Oxymoron 14. Poetic: Online Privacy Haiku 15. Humorous: Abbott and Costello Talk Online Privacy
  73. 73. It‟s All In Your Angle Insight: The Real Hunger Games: Our Insatiable Apocalyptic Appetite Paradox: GOP: Killing Vulnerable Americans With Kindness – Literally Humor: Tim Tebows Guide to Becoming a New Yorker Bad News: Pain at the Pump: Time to Embrace the New Normal Contrarian: 6 Ways to Screw Up Your Social Media Strategy@pgillin#mpb2b
  74. 74. Challenge Assumptions @pgillin #mpb2b
  75. 75. FAQ Yourself Q&A interviews are one of the most effective ways to organize and compartmentalize information.@pgillin#mpb2b
  76. 76. Repackage and Combine • Combine text from an old whitepaper with new videos to create a multimedia ebook. • Turn videos into blog posts and ebooks. • Use webinar questions and comments to create a new ebook. • Share all company presentations in multiple formats. @pgillin #mpb2b
  77. 77. Target Specific Audiences
  78. 78. Secrets of Successful Columnists • Find a topic that excites you • Frame it in a context with which readers can identify • Make it personal (but don‘t just keep saying ―I‖) • Provoke but don‘t insult • Make your point, then explain it • You must have supporting facts • Cultivate dissent@pgillin#mpb2b
  79. 79. I Just Can‟t Get Started When your mind is stuck in neutral… • Start in the middle • Write a letter • Just write; you can edit later • List thoughts in bullet points • Model someone else‘s approach • Take a walk, clear your head • Tell story to a friend or colleague • Tell the story to a celebrity • Tell it to a child or your mother@pgillin#mpb2b
  81. 81. Social Synergy@pgillin#mpb2b
  82. 82. Use Social Media To… • Identify Topics • Test Messages • Generate Content • Capture Leads • Gather Feedback • Strengthen Relationships Social Media Influence on E-Mail Marketing Extend E-mail reach 81 3 16 Increase Brand Awareness 78 3 19 Improve ROI of E-mail 53 7 40 Grow E-mail Lists 47 10 43 Generate Leads 31 13 57 Agree Disagree Not Sure Source: EMarketer @pgillin #mpb2b
  83. 83. E-mails Should Live on Your Website Always Use Your Own Domain!@pgillin#mpb2b
  84. 84. Map E-mail to the Funnel Stage Of The E-mail Vehicle Funnel Awareness Industry Insight; News roundup Research Buying tips; Expert insights Buying tips; Product-specific guides; Comparison Case studies Purchase Offers; Case studies; Customer benefits Product updates; Company updates; Loyal Customer Product tips At-risk Customer Offers; Survey; Feedback requests
  85. 85. On the Back End… • Use unique URLs in each venue. • Customize landing pages to audience. • Gather social contact information. • Tag social content for e-mail customization.@pgillin#mpb2b
  86. 86. MULTIMEDIA
  87. 87. Webinar Success Tips  Vary format – avoid one speaker, one deck  Use multiple speakers, short format, screen cams, polls, interactive Q&A  Align topics with the buying stage  Link assets where possible  A webcast nicely complements a white paper  Choose experienced speakers  Write short descriptions and bios  Consider lead gen tradeoffs – avoid complex registrations  Post archives in all relevant channels  YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, blog @pgillin #mpb2b
  88. 88. Good! Multiple speakersProminent Brand Brief Description Strong imagery Take-Aways Quick Registration
  89. 89. Video Success Tips  Have a clear objective  Keep it brief – five minutes max – and break up long subjects if necessary  Use the medium – video is experiential  Avoid talking heads  Show movement, action, on-location shots  Pan and zoom  Seek sound bytes  Use voice-overs with stock footage  Identify speakers  Write detailed, search-optimized descriptions  Use tags and categories
  90. 90. The “B” in B2B Doesn‟t Mean “Boring” Laugh at yourself. Pick the most serious part of your business and make fun of it. Shift context. Envision a customer support call done in rap or haiku. Disrupt expectations. Use the ―sharp left turn‖ approach. Set expectations and then veer off in an entirely different direction. Exaggerate. What aspect of your business would be funny if you made it bigger, louder or purple? Poke fun at pain. What drives your audience nuts? Clueless customers? Endless meetings? Absurd deadlines? Be silly. Use analogies to situations that have nothing to do with business to humanize dry topics. @pgillin #mpb2b
  91. 91. Mr. W Video: Mr. W@pgillin#mpb2b
  92. 92. Remarkable Content Trumps Production Elegance Video: Southwest Airlines Rapping Flight Attendant
  93. 93. Podcast Success Tips • Make it a series • Q&As are good, but you can also deliver audio white papers • The longer the program, the more varied the content should be • Use consistent moderators • Write detailed show notes with links • Fill out the ID3 tags • Make available via RSS @pgillin #mpb2b
  95. 95. Stagger Activities White Paper Promotion Timeline Task Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Home page link E-mail newsletter E-mail blast Blog promotion Twitter messaging@pgillin#mpb2b
  96. 96. Look for Impact 9 8 Campaign Kickoff Positive 7 Results 6 5 4 No Results 3 2 1 0@pgillin#mpb2b
  97. 97. Tracking Tools• Unique URLs (Google URL Builder can help) Every URL• codes• Visitor paths you post• A/B tests should be• Newsletter/webcast registrations• Downloads unique and• Split lists trackable!• Conversions• Community registrations• Calls to toll-free numbers@pgillin#mpb2b
  99. 99. The Power of 245 The average Facebook member has 245 friends, who each receive notifications of their network‟s Facebook activities@pgillin#mpb2b
  100. 100. Social Networks Have Personalities = = =
  101. 101. Respect the Medium People go to… To Play To Work To Share To Learn or Be Entertained Customize the message to the audience (and leave room for retweets!)@pgillin#mpb2b
  102. 102. Speak the Audience‟s Language Who‘s primarily responsible for finding and implementing CRM in your organization? This article says IT is often the group charged with buying and implementing CRM. Is that the right way to go about it? Take our poll: Who should ―own‖ CRM? Sales, Marketing, IT, Customer Care… How to #fail at #CRM – The most common mistakes to avoid. 103
  103. 103. LinkedIn Is Where Professionals GatherA great place to promoteprofessional content @pgillin #mpb2b
  104. 104. Tools of Influence and Discovery Join groups to discover trends and selling opportunities Learn by asking a question Showcase your knowledge by answering questions See who‘s attending events and share your own Poll your connections for quick feedback @pgillin #mpb2b
  105. 105. Map Social Networks to the Funnel Goal: Suspects Optimize sharing Goal: Demonstrate Qualified Prospects expertise, exp erience Goal: Address lingering Hot Prospects doubts; reinforce expertise Goal: Validate New Clients decision@pgillin Image Credit: Retail Sales Systems, LLC#mpb2b
  107. 107. The “Give to Get” Proposition@pgillin#mpb2b
  108. 108. Marketo Gives
  109. 109. Eloqua Gives―We feel that people will be so wowed by our ingredients that theyll assume were a company of chefs,‖ explains Joe Chernov, Eloquas director of content. ―We feel that people will be so wowed by our ingredients that theyll assume were a company of chefs.‖ -Joe Chernov, VP, Content Marketing.
  110. 110. Share it!
  111. 111. Spread the Message Corporate website Feed Aggregator Partner website Email Newsletter@pgillin#mpb2b
  112. 112. Think POE: Paid, Owned, Earned PAID  Display Ads  SEM  Sponsorships OWNED content  Web Site  Mobile Site  Blog  Twitter Account EARNED  WOM  Buzz  Viral@pgillin#mpb2b Source: Forrester Research 113
  113. 113. How Dell Creates a Social Organization Three Foundation Courses Marketing 2002: Marketing 2003: Marketing 2005: Social Media Principles Tactics and Tools Supporting the Brand Plus One Platform of Choice Marketing 2006: Marketing 2007: Marketing 2008: Marketing 2016: Building Relationships Twitter Best Practices Dell Communities LinkedIn on Facebook = Dell Social Media and Communities (SMaC) Certification@pgillin#mpb2b
  114. 114. Sprint‟s Ninjas • Voluntary program • Help monitor social channels • Engage with customers at the point of the problem • Share best practices through workshops • Communicate upwards and sideways about hot issues@pgillin#mpb2b
  116. 116. What is Lead Scoring? ―A shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads in order to determine their sales-readiness. You score leads based on the interest they show in your business, their current place in the buying cycle and their fit in regards to your business.‖ --Marketo Did You Know… • Only 25% of leads are ―sales ready?‖ • A 10% increase in lead quality can translate into a 40% increase in sales productivity? • Lead scoring promotes sales/marketing harmony? @pgillin #mpb2b
  117. 117. Lead Scoring Basics BANT - Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline Tip: Gather data from third-party sources whenever possible. Minimize barriers to prospect engagement Create a Scoring Scale Activity Score Importance Total Clicks link in email about industry 3 1 4 Clicks link in email about company 3 5 8 Clicks link in email about specific product 3 10 13 Source: Marketo Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring @pgillin #mpb2b
  118. 118. Active vs. Passive Leads Active Leads Passive Leads Frequent, recent activity Infrequent, occasional activity Access demos, price sheets, samples Click links, visit Web pages, download backgrounders Register for and attend events Register but don‘t attend Respond in minutes or hours Respond in days or not at all @pgillin #mpb2b
  119. 119. Key Steps • Convene sales/marketing strategy session • Review past deals and future opportunities • Identify buyer behaviors • Profile ideal customers • Agree upon customer categories • Assign scores based upon desired attributes and behaviors @pgillin #mpb2b
  120. 120. Examples of Explicit Criteria Individual Business  Title  Rankings/Stock Indexes (ex: Fortune  Role 500)  Purchasing authority  Number of employees  Number of direct reports  Company revenue  Years of experience  Revenue velocity  Specialties  Financial viability  Type of email used  Number of products sold (Gmail, corporate, Yahoo)  Location  Years at current position  Website traffic  Designations/Certifications  Year founded  Honors and awards received  Organizational structure  Social network participation  Partners  Social network connections  Social network influence Source: Marketo Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring @pgillin #mpb2b
  121. 121. Examples of Behavioral Criteria  Blog posts  Product data sheets  Workbooks  Viewed  Viewed  Viewed  Viewed multiple times  Viewed multiple times  Viewed multiple times  Commented  Downloaded  Downloaded  Clicked link inside  Clicked link inside  Clicked link inside  Rated  Brochures  Emails  Shared via social sharing  Viewed  Opened  button  Viewed multiple times  Opened multiple times  Press releases  Downloaded  Clicked in  Viewed  Clicked link Inside  Clicked in multiple times  Viewed multiple times  Manuals  Case studies  Clicked link inside  Viewed  Viewed  Download asset promoted  Viewed multiple times  Viewed multiple times inside  Downloaded  Downloaded  Books/eBooks  Clicked link inside  Clicked link inside  Viewed  Reference guides  Contacted  Viewed multiple times  Viewed  Downloaded  Viewed multiple times  Clicked link inside  Downloaded  Clicked link inside Tip: Negative scoring criteria also matter:  Unsubscribes  Non-product web pages viewed  Decline in activity  Added to ―Do Not Call‖ list Source: Marketo Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring
  122. 122. Assign Point Values Attribute Value ScoreCritical (10-15 points)Title Director or VP +12Industry Healthcare, Financial or Tech +10Purchase authority Decision-Maker +15Company Revenue >$500M +10Product Using competitive solution +15Important (5-9 points)Location US +8Company Revenue $100M-$499M +8Title Manager +7NegativeTitle Student -15Title Consultant -5Industry Services -6
  123. 123. Sample Lead-Scoring Worksheet Lead scoring criteria Points Company has >100 employees +3 Indicates acceptable budget for $5000 purchase +5 Indicates timeframe is < 3 mos. +4 Title includes ―Manager‖ or ―Director‖ +3 Indicates willingness to be contacted by sales +21 TOTAL +36 If target threshold is <36, then route lead to sales Source: Marketing Sherpa @pgillin #mpb2b
  124. 124. Oh, the Things That You Know! March 30 April 4 April 9 Prospect reaches website Prospect responds to e-mail Prospect attends webcast, through search query "small invitation for "Choosing Small stays 45 minutes and submits a business accounting," views Business Accounting Software" question related to legal four pages and subscribes to webcast 30 minutes after e-mail practices. newsletter. is sent. April 10 April 12 Prospect clicks link in webcast Prospect downloads trial summary e-mail to visit product version of your small business description page. He accounting software for legal downloads PDF of product practices. brochure about software for legal practices.@pgillin#mpb2b
  125. 125. What We Usually Measure Hits Traffic Unique Visitors Visits Likes Followers Bookmarks Page Views Clicks These Indicate Activity but NOT Engagement@pgillin#mpb2b
  126. 126. What We Should Measure Downloads Subscriptions Repeat Visits Comments Shares Retweets Bookmarks Employment applications Pages/visit Lead forms Forwards Phone calls Ratings Reviews@pgillin#mpb2b
  127. 127. You Can Measure the Immeasurable Lift Studies Headline Counts Store visits Speaking Invitations Net Promoter Score Coupons redeemed Employment applications If You Can Measure It, You Can Calculate Its ROI@pgillin#mpb2b
  128. 128. Whew! Paul Gillin Site: 508-656-0734 Blog: Twitter: pgillin