Creating a Social Business for B2B Companies


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Social media has transformed the business rules for industries from travel to media to retail. But this is only the beginning. Customers are now armed with information to an unprecedented degree, and they freely share their experiences and recommendations online. Businesses need to join these conversations or risk being rolled by them. The good news is that social businesses can vastly expand their marketing reach by empowering customers and employees to speak for them.

This presentation focuses on what makes companies great in the era of “information at your fingertips.” You’ll learn how socially engaged businesses achieve competitive advantage through superior customer service and create brand ambassadors who spread the word about their unique value.

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Creating a Social Business for B2B Companies

  1. 1. Creating a Social Organization Paul Gillin Author: The New Influencers Secrets of Social Media Marketing Social Marketing to the Business Customer
  2. 2. ClickMedia in Collapse styleThe to edit Master title US Newspaper Business Average age of US daily newspaper 70,000 reader: 57 Circulation (000) 60,000 Reduction in US newsroom staffs 50,000 Revenues since 2001: 45% 40,000 30,000 US Magazine Circulation 20,000 2001 2009 Change 10,000 Woman’s Day 1.61M 410,000 -74% 0 1994 1997 2000 2003 2006 2009 Redbook 556,300 154,600 -72% Playboy 522,800 203,200 -71% Country Living 380,200 134,900 -64% Growth in NBC prime time Nati Enquirer 1.65M 591,300 -64% audience, 2008: -14.3% Reader’s Digest 750,000 270,000 -64% Age of average network evening ESPN Magazine 54,350 25,200 -63% news viewer: 63 Twitter: @pgillin
  3. 3. New Media FactsClick to edit Master title style  152 million - Number of blogs on the Internet.  100 million - New Twitter accounts  25 billion – Number of tweets sent  600 million - Facebook members at end of year.  750 million - Facebook members today  30 billion – Items shared on Facebook per month.  48 – Hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.  3 billion – YouTube views per day  38,000 – Google searches per second  100 – Percentage growth in over-55 Facebook users, last 12 months  79.3 – Percentage of LinkedIn users *Source: Marketing Sherpa: How Business- over age 24 to-Business Buyers Use Search Twitter: @pgillin
  4. 4. The New edit Master title style Click to Media Landscape Marathon I cant find my Shared bread schedule good black pudding w/ pants. @skydiver at /waCMc Mothers. My life is now complete. Im at Palm Beach Im at Palm Beach International Airport International Airport (PBI, West Palm (PBI, West Palm Beach). Beach). Best press photos of 2009 How to Write a NhW 1 Minute Video Marketing Script JE Comparing Top Comparing Top Chef Masters Chef Masters How To Get Well Restaurants Restaurants Prepared For The #topchef #topchef Website Creation. Twitter: @pgillin
  5. 5. Click to edit Master title style Influence Inversion Twitter: @pgillin
  6. 6. Click One GuyJust to edit Master title style Estimated monthly visitors: 73,000 Google Indexed pages: 5,970 Alexa ranking: Top .15% Linking domains: 13,085 Twitter followers: 7,336 New York Times citations: 338 Computerworld citations: 360 InformationWeek citations: 169 Newsletter subscribers: 150,000 Twitter: @pgillin
  7. 7. ClickNew Financial InfluencersThe to edit Master title style Twitter: @pgillin
  8. 8. Click to edit Master title style Where You Gonna Stay? Twitter: @pgillin
  9. 9. Click Can BeMaster title styleThis to edit a Problem… Twitter: @pgillin
  10. 10. Glass HousesClick to edit Master title style (left) enables employees to review their employer and swap salary information The Consumerist (below) posts complaints from consumers. It gets 1M visits/month and is owned by Consumers Union Twitter: @pgillin
  11. 11. …Or An OpportunityClick to edit Master title style Twitter: @pgillin
  12. 12. Where You Gonna Stay?styleClick to edit Master title Twitter: @pgillin
  13. 13. Click to edit Master title style Twitter: @pgillin
  14. 14. Running ScaredClick to edit Master title style An informal survey of 20 of the most prominent corporate blogs during October, 2008 found that only two – and just one in the United States — even bothered to mention the troubles on Wall Street. On September 18 – the day after the Dow suffered its single largest one-day decline in history Wells Fargo devoted an entry to a travel video. Twitter: @pgillin
  15. 15. Click to edit Master title style What Should Be Our Social Media Strategy? Twitter: @pgillin
  16. 16. Click to edit Master A… style Well, Do You Have titleHammer strategy?Plumbing strategyLandscaping strategy?Copier strategy?Stapler strategy? Social Media are just a bunch of tools, and tools are useless unless you have a defined need for them. Twitter: @pgillin
  17. 17. Flipping the FunnelClick to edit Master title style Respond & Iterate Invite Engagement Listen Go Where the People Are 17 Twitter: @pgillin
  18. 18. ClickIt’s edit Master title style No, to About… Thought Leadership Twitter: @pgillin
  19. 19. Demonstrating AuthorityClick to edit Master title style Today, you can take your message directly to your constituents without relying upon media intermediaries And why would you not want to do that? Twitter: @pgillin
  20. 20. Being HelpfulClick to edit Master title style Clickable’s Gurus Goal Generate Leads! Tactic Build awareness by sharing domain knowledge Metrics Unique visits; Online mentions; Referrals; Conversions Results 2,000% increase in site visitors 300% jump in buzz index 50% increase in customers 400% increase in ad billings Twitter: @pgillin
  21. 21. Click to editInsurance instyleExplaining Master title 30-sec. Spots Twitter: @pgillin
  22. 22. Creating CommunityClick to edit Master title style ―I get more readers on American Express Open Forum that I do in any media outlet.‖ Shel Israel, Author Naked Conversations and Twitterville Twitter: @pgillin
  23. 23. Click World Prospecting styleNew to edit Master title INBOUND OUTBOUND SEO Bottom-up lead gen Blogs Enhanced lead qualification Twitter Multiple points of Content Premiums engagement Word of Mouth Twitter: @pgillin
  24. 24. Click to edit Master title style If You’re Not Helping, They’re Not Listening Twitter: @pgillin
  25. 25. Click to edit Master title style Lower Cost Per Lead HubSpot 2011 State of Inbound Marketing Study Twitter: @pgillin
  26. 26. Conversation…Click to edit Master title style Twitter: @pgillin
  27. 27. Click to edit Master CareOne…Drives Leads for title style Twitter: @pgillin
  28. 28. Click to Things Thattitle styleOh, the edit Master You Know! March 30 April 4 April 9 Prospect reaches website Prospect responds to e-mail Prospect attends through search query "small invitation for "Choosing Small webcast, stays 45 minutes and business accounting," views Business Accounting submits a question related to four pages and subscribes to Software" webcast 30 minutes legal practices. newsletter. after e-mail is sent. April 10 April 12 Prospect clicks link in webcast Prospect downloads trial summary e-mail to visit version of your small business product description page. He accounting software for legal downloads PDF of product practices. brochure about software for legal practices. Twitter: @pgillin
  29. 29. Multi-Platform StrategyClick to edit Master title style Social Media Platform Adoption by Year 461 274 New Cumulative 137 187 137 38 99 38 Before 2006 2007 2008 2009 Twitter: @pgillin Source: Awareness Networks/ Paul Gillin
  30. 30. Social Networks: Are Your People Online?Click to edit Master title style • Look for early adopters on Linkedin • Evaluate their sophistication by checking group memberships and recommendations • Search Google for influencers at your company using Twitter Twitter: @pgillin
  31. 31. Click to edit Master title stylePromoteRemarkablePeople Bill Hill, Microsoft Twitter: @pgillin
  32. 32. Invest in Digital LiteracyClick to edit Master title style Leadership •Business Case •Competitive Landscape •Realistic Goals Management •Opportunities and Threats •Managing Goals to Channels •Calculating ROI Employees •Overarching Strategy •Objectives •Best Practices Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to social media training, build literacy inside the organization by tailoring training to the needs and priorities of the participants Twitter: @pgillin
  33. 33. How Dell Creates a Social OrganizationClick to edit Master title style Three Foundation Courses Marketing 2002: Marketing 2003: Marketing 2005: Social Media Principles Tactics and Tools Supporting the Brand Plus One Platform of Choice Marketing 2006: Marketing 2007: Marketing 2008: Marketing 2016: Building Relationships Twitter Best Practices Dell Communities LinkedIn on Facebook = Dell Social Media and Communities (SMaC) Certification Twitter: @pgillin
  34. 34. Just a Word About ROI
  35. 35. Click Says Financialtitle style Are Boring?Who to edit Master Services Twitter: @pgillin
  36. 36. Click to edit Master ImpactTypes Of Financial title style A. Revenue B. Costs Avoided Anything that leads to A or B, But only if you can directly equate its value to an action Twitter: @pgillin
  37. 37. These Are NOT ROIClick to edit Master title style Impressions Press coverage Website Visitors Video views Click-throughs Retweets Coupons distributed Store visits “Buzz” Friends Employment applications Blog comments FaceBook friends Twitter followers But if you can quantify their financial impact, you have ROI Twitter: @pgillin
  38. 38. Basic Business MetricsClick to edit Master title style Lifetime Value of a Customer = (Longevity * Revenue) * Margin Conversion Rate = New Customers/ Visits or Leads Value of a Lead/Visitor = Visitor * Conversion Rate * Lifetime Value Twitter: @pgillin
  39. 39. Click to edit Master CustomerLifetime Value of a title style The average person who vacations at a Disney Resort spends $62,000 on Disney vacations during his/her lifetime. Disney can use this information to assign value to any tactics it uses to attract visitors. Twitter: @pgillin
  40. 40. Click to edit Master titlea VisitorApplying ROI: Value of style Monthly 10,000 Visitors Conversion .5% Rate Lifetime Value $5,000 Calculation (10,000 * .005 * 5)/10,000 Value of a $25 Visitor Twitter: @pgillin
  41. 41. Value of TwitterClick to edit Master title style • You send 50 tweets a month… • Generating 1,000 visitors to your website… • 2% of whom become leads… • 5% of whom become customers. Therefore, the value of a tweet is: (1,000 * .02 * .05 * 5000)/50 = $100 Twitter: @pgillin
  42. 42. Click toYou! Master title style Thank edit Paul Gillin Site: 508-656-0734 Blog: Twitter: pgillin Twitter: @pgillin