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Twitter for Business

  1. 10% of Twitter users account for 90% of all activity? (Harvard Business School)
  2. The more followers you have, the more you tweet? (Sysomos)
  3. Brazilians are the second largest population of Twitter users? (Sysomos)
  4. 15% of all US adults will use a microblog service this year? (eMarketer)
  5. Hiring
  6. Traffic building
  7. Professional networking
  8. Publicity
  9. News
  10. Prospecting
  11. Feedback
  12. Peer relations
  13. Competitive tracking
  14. Search engine optimization
  15. Use keywords
  16. Link to an “About” page on your site
  17. Seesmic (top) and Tweetdeck are popular choices
  18. Choose a mobile client
  19. Comment on others’ tweets
  20. Be courteous, even if you disagree
  21. Analytics
  22. Geotargeting
  23. Custom URLs
  24. Demonstrate you know your market
  25. Promote your work thoughtfully
  26. Share links and knowledge
  27. Use LinkedIn contacts or business cards to look up and follow people in your field
  28. Alternate between something relevant to your business and something irrelevant. Comments on the tax season can alternate with notes about my passion fruits coming into season.
  29. Add “Follow Me on Twitter” to your emails, web site, and other communications
  30. Don’t follow too many more people than follow you, or you risk looking like a spammer.
  31. Find other companies that are similar to yours and follow them. Their customers will start following you.
  32. The smart way to market on Twitter: Don’t. Instead, provide value to others.
  33. Always be positive. The quickest way to get me to stop listening to you is to constantly complain.
  34. When the people you are following put out a tweet for help, answer back. Don’t let the it die in cyberspace.
  35. Comment upon and retweet their messages
  36. Include their Twitter name
  37. If they follow you, thank them
  38. Ask for advice, input
  39. It’s occasionally OK to ask for a RT
  40. Tweet from events you attend
  41. Create Twitter-only events
  42. Add your Twitter ID to all communications
  43. Participate in topical Twitter chats
  44. Easily automated
  45. Tweetstream quickly becomes unwieldy
  46. Ask questions, conduct market research
  47. Collect ideas, innovations and feedback from social network
  48. Customer service and retention
  49. Humanize brand, increase staff retention, build team spirit
  50. Expert exchange
  51. Publish recent news
  52. Advertise events, activities, products and promotions
  53. Special offers and promotions (by segment and geography), special interest engagement groups and information channel
  54. Focus is on building relationships and enthusiasm among prospective employees
  55. Image of Sodexo as progressive company appeals to young workers
  56. In this business, timing matters
  57. Twitter is low-cost real-time promotional channel
  58. Tools mainly manage multiple accounts and monitor conversations
  59. Next generation will automate posting across multiple channels, summarize feedback and follow up on actions