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Salesianum School provided me with the ideal
academic, athletic, and spiritual fou...
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Alumni profiles

  1. 1. WHAT DID SALESIANUM SCHOOL MEAN TO YOU? Salesianum School provided me with the ideal academic, athletic, and spiritual foundation that enabled me to receive an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy where my academy career culminated in being selected to serve as the Cadet Wing Commander, the highest leadership position at the academy. Today, I consider myself very fortunate knowing that I can always depend on my Salesianum experience to guide me through the rigors of pilot training. My four years at Salesianum were formative for my career and personal development. I was stimulated in the classroom by great teachers and mentors and had the opportunity to work on independent projects which sparked my interest in research. The ethos of the school helped me build character and confidence which are so important for developing leadership skills. - 2nd Lieutenant Michael R. Shaw ‘07 United States Air Force - Anthony P. Monaco, Ph.D., M.D. ’77 President, Tufts University These are the formative years which you do not recognize at the time you are there. It is where I learned discipline, delaying gratification for future gain, analytical skills, self-confidence, accomplishing hard tasks such as learning subjects I had never been exposed to before, and most of all – teamwork. I use all of these skills today. My entire group works on the team concept. It is what I learned as a young man at Sallies. - Joseph Hahn, M.D. ’60 Chief of Staff, Cleveland Clinic WHERE WILL YOUR SALESIANUM EXPERIENCE TAKE YOU? Notable Alumni Bernard I. McInerney ’54 Actor Victor A. Zwolak ’56 1964 Olympic Runner William H. Press ’58 Political Commentator, Talk Show Host, Author John J. McMahon ’60 Secretary of Labor, State of Delaware Joseph E. diGenova, Esq. ’63 U.S. Attorney for Washington D.C., 1983-1985 Maj. General Francis D. Vavala ’65 Adjutant General, State of Delaware John M. Byrne, Ph.D. ’67 Environmental Professor, 2007 Nobel Prize Winner Kevin P. Reilly ’69 Former Eagles linebacker, motivational speaker Thomas A. Turcol ’71 1985 Pulitzer Prize Winner James S. Badrak ’79 Director of Production, Carnegie Hall William J. Marsilii ’80 Screenwriter, notable for 2006’s Déjà Vu Christopher D. Castellani ’90 Author Evan A. Mulrooney ’11 Starting center, University of Maryland football team