7 important tips for great mobile video advertising and monetisation


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Here’s my top tips on what a video solution should offer to benefit both users, advertisers and developers of mobile applications.
1. Don’t interrupt the user
There’s nothing worse than using a mobile application and constantly being interrupted during your experience. Mobile is an extremely personal device, and having a brand interrupt your the experience isn’t going to keep consumer using your application or make them feel good about your brand. I read a great comment by one very well known brand advertiser that says it limits full screen ads only to occassions when they launch new products because ”people might find it annoying.” If people find it annoying then there’s no message or frequency that’s “ok”.
2. Reward the consumer
There is one exception to the “Don’t Interrupt” rule, that’s if you can reward your users while they’re engaging with the video advertisement they may thank you for the interruption. If, for example, it means they can unlock content or earn currency to spend in a game their affinity with the brand will be much stronger.
3. Make the experience Native
Native is all the rage in digital advertising at the moment. However, it means so much more when you’re operating in a space that can fit in your hand and that you spend more time looking at everyday than your closest loved one. Native means a genuine experience, it means you feel like the brand belongs in the content, it means you don’t even know you’re being advertised to. If you don’t have these thoughts then it’s not Native
4. Don’t autoplay your video ads
There’s nothing worse than opening a web page and there’s an ad on the page, blaring out sound and you don’t know which tab it’s coming from and how to turn it off. Same with mobile. Don’t allow consumers to feel like they want to close your ad or app. If you do then you risk turning them off.
5. Allow the consumer to quit out the video
Most brands and publishers prefer that the consumer can’t quit a video because it improves completion rates which then contributes to monetisation. Don’t be a part of the problem. Allow consumers to leave your video and track true engagement. If you don’t you’re buying or serving advertising that will repel consumers.
6. Allow consumers to engage
It’s absurd and indicative of the effectiveness of digital video advertising that many mobile video experiences don’t allow the consumer to engage. Allowing consumers to engage with the ad is again an indication of how engaged they are. If the click through rates at the end of the video are market leading then it’s a good indication consumers enjoyed the experience,
7. Make the video relevant
The video has to speak to the consumer. If they’re playing a game then an ad for another game would be contextually relevant. If you have demographic data for your audience ensure that you’re using an advertising solution that can take this in to account and ensure there’s

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7 important tips for great mobile video advertising and monetisation

  1. 1. 7 important tips for great mobile video advertising and monetisation
  2. 2. Don’t Interrupt
  3. 3. Reward the user
  4. 4. Make the experience Native
  5. 5. Don’t autoplay your video ads
  6. 6. Allow the user to quit the video
  7. 7. Allow users to engage Call to action
  8. 8. Make the video relevant