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Cognitive 544 ja_art


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Cognitive 544 ja_art

  1. 1. Project Set-up Checklist:To be used during project set upPlace a check mark in each box as you complete each stepTerms in red can be found in the Glossary on page 6Client: Project: 1. Are all of items needed in the Active job folder on the F Drive? a. If you check NO for any of the boxes below, , the project must be sent back to the Account Manager or Field Coordinator for them to obtain the missing information. i. Completed P.I. Sheet YES NO notify Account Manager ii. Completed Scope of Work YES NO notify Account Manager iii. Unit/Lot numbers YES NO notify Account Manager iv. F.R. assigned by F.C. YES NO notify Field Coordinator b. If all 4 boxes are marked YES, please continue to the next step. 2. Is there a Signed Contract or L.O.A. for this project? YES NO a. If NO, , you must inquire with the Contracts Department as to whether you can go forward. b. If YES, continue to next step.
  2. 2. 3. Is this an existing client? YES NO HINT: be sure to use a few different methods of searching, many of ourclients have more than one name or could possibly be in one place but not another. a. If NO, proceed to Q.B.I.N. to create new client using the information in Section 2 of the Project Information Sheet, then move onto the next step. b. If YES, proceed to the next step4. Is this an addition to an existing project? YES NO see page 4 HINT: Again, be sure to use different methods of searching for this becauseprojects in the field sometimes have different names than in our clients’ sales offices.This is necessary to ensure we don’t duplicate critical information. a. If YES, to complete you must MAKE SURE: i. the project is Active 2
  3. 3. ii. the number of units already entered into the database has not exceeded the previous Unit Count iii. the number of units found on the most recent signed L.O.A. match the number of units you are entering iv. that the units you are entering are not already in the databaseIF ANY OF THE BOXES ABOVE ARE NOT CHECKED, CONTACT YOUR SUPERVISOR v. to enter Plan Type and Unit Information from Unit/Lot list or Site Map provided by the client vi. use the Notes Field to mark any changes including, how many units were added, the date, and your initials vii. to update the Unit Count before exiting the Edit Screen viii. to send an e-mail notifying all parties involved ix. Go back and check your data. See the Account Manager and Contracts Manager if you have any questions at all. Mistakes made in the database will throw off inspections and billing, and may not be discovered until later in the project. Accuracy is very important. x. Relax………now set up another project 3
  4. 4. b. If NO, click “New” in QB Admin after selecting the client to Add a New Project and enter the information to the Edit Screen using Sections 3 and 5 of the P.I. Sheet, L.O.A. of the Consultant - Client Agreement, and the Scope of Work for support. i. Look for separate line items on the L.O.A. that call for Q.A. Observations. If priced differently and not “Included”, set up in a separate Edit Screen under the same project name followed by a description of the service. (i.e. Preston Palace – Subterranean Parking) ii. Scan the entire L.O.A. a few times carefully to read through deliverables and make sure you understand them. If you do not, please . It is important to contact the Account Manager or Contracts Manager before going any further. iii. If the project, or part of the project is to be billed hourly, did you enter the formula correctly? Saturation = 100% Unit Price = 0.0001 and Margin = 1 iv. Address information is filled in, at least enough for someone to find the job site v. Superintendent information is filled in, at least enough for someone to contact him/her. vi. Enter Plan Type and Unit Information from Unit/Lot list or Site Map5. Is this project insurance mandated? YES NO(This information can be found in Section 1 of the P.I. Sheet.) a. If YES, transfer information into the Insurance Interface b. If NO, proceed to next step. 4
  5. 5. 6. Have you notified all proper parties that the project is set up? YES NO HINT: It is always better to tell too many people then not tell enough. a. Use the project set up e-mail form found at F:QUALITY BUILTOperations - Field ServicesProject ManagementForm E-mails to send an e-mail to all parties involved. i. Field Coordinator, Field Representative, Account Manager, Customer Service (for Q.B.I.N. set up), Copy Center (for Superintendent binder) ii. Copy Center may not need to be notified of Independent Contractor projects, check with your supervisor to be sure7. Go back and check your data. See the Account Manager or Contracts Manager if you have any questions at all about the details. Any mistakes made in the database will throw the Q.A. Observations and billing off, and may not be discovered until much later in the project. Accuracy is very important when doing this task.8. Relax for a minute………now set up another project. 5
  6. 6. GlossaryAccount Manager – salesperson who initiates contact with the client and gathers all theproject details needed for project set upConsultant - Client Agreement – the contract that is sent to the client to signContracts Manager – person who creates and manages the contractsDeliverables – Services to be renderedEdit Screen – screen in QB Admin where the project details are entered and editedF.C. or Field Coordinator – field person in charge of the Field Representatives in his or herregionF.R. or Field Representative – field person assigned to conduct Q.A. ObservationsInsurance Interface – database used to track insurance mandated projectsInsurance Mandated – projects that are required to use our services by their insurancecompanyL.O.A. or Letter of Authorization – section A of the contract where the Scope of Work andpricing is detailedNotes Field – box in the Edit Screen of QB Admin used to track changes and other data fora projectP.I. Sheet or Project Information Sheet – the document that is filled out by the client andaccount manager that lists all the details of the projectQ.A. or Quality Assurance Observations – checkpoints addressed by the filed personnelusing the QB Admin databaseQ.B.I.N. or Quality Built Information Network – Web-based information system used byclients and employeesScope of Work – the document that lists the deliverables for the projectSite Map – an overhead view of the project site that shows the lot/unit designationsUnit/Lot list – a document that lists the lot/unit designations for a projectUnit Count – number of lots/units that we are contracted to conduct Q.A. Observations on 6