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How To: Organize Your Photo Library in 7 Easy Steps
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How to organize_your_photo_library_cover

  1. 1. “Great roadmap from the PIMCoach on how to manage the photo deluge and preserve those precious family pictures for future generations.” - Debbie Bidwell “Great work by the PIMCoach. Can’t wait for the next book in the series. - Joe Barnes You will learn How TO: - Organize Hard Copy and Digital Photos - Digitize Your Best Photos - Preserve Your Digital Collection - Enjoy and Share Your Photos and Albums Easily and Inexpensively - Get Tips on Your Digital Photo Collection Author Peter Gailey is a globally recognized expert in Personal Information Management – PIM practices. He helps individuals “Tame the Data Deluge” in their personal lives. Organize your photos. Why let your memories sit in boxes. Enjoy them. What are you waiting for?