Win Tours Planning Napa


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Lunch / Dinner Limo Service Airport pickups San Francisco (or any Bay Area location) pickup/return (extra fees may apply if outside 15-mile radius of Napa) Proposal planning at exclusive private.

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Win Tours Planning Napa

  1. 1. Russian river Wine Tasting Tours
  2. 2. TAKE A WINE TOUR THAT'S AS SPECIAL AND INDIVIDUAL AS YOU ARE There are a lot of one-size-fits-all wine tours out there - yet wine tasting is very personal. It reflects your tastes, your personality and your preferences and with over 700 wineries in the Napa and Sonoma wine country, choosing which ones to go to and getting there can be a daunting task. Here at PF Wine Tours, we have personally visited, tasted and experienced every winery we recommend and through that process, found quite a few "hidden gems" - wineries that don't allow large tour groups and where you often meet the winemaker and/or owner. We have weeded through many and only take you to places that meet our criteria on a consistent basis. Keever Vineyards, from their hilltop veranda
  3. 3. NAPA VALLEY/SONOMA WINE TOURS by PF Wine TOURS Because we're locals and Massimiliano has had his own business,, Handcrafted Woodworks, here in Napa for over 15 years (, having custom-built and restored many fine pieces for winery owner's homes and wineries, we have a connection to a lot of the best wineries - and you may reap the benefits of our close relationship with them. Whether it's the chance to taste a rare vintage offered only to select clientele...attend a party to celebrate the release of a new label...or enjoy a seasonal wine, we can get you the VIP treatment you deserve. Our wine tours generally cover 4 wineries or more, it is up to you. We don't recommend more than 5 wineries in a day as your palate will be shot by that time! However, it is totally up to you! View from where you taste at Viader A photo gallery of our first year - from April 2013 til now, Spring 2014 in the Napa & Sonoma Wine Country (don't worry- we've been doing the tough job of researching for several years now-anybody with a decent personality and good sense of safety can drive-our value added is knowledge & expertise of the history and the wine in this wine country we love)
  4. 4. Private Driver Tours in Our Vehicles Luxury Private Driver Tours and Dinner Service Ride high above traffic looking out huge privacy windows to the scenery as it goes by in our luxury SUV that seats up to 7 guests and includes FREE itinerary planning. - we work with you on pricing, especially couples in low season as well as parties of any size if you use us more than one day! 5-Hour minimum in our SUV/7-hour minimum for parties of 8 or more  $65 per hour for 2 persons -LUXURY SUV, limo style  $75 per hour for 3-4 persons - LUXURY SUV, limo style  $80 per hour for 5-7 people -LUXURY SUV, limo style  $90 per hour for 8 people - PASSENGER VAN  $100/hour for 9 - 10 people - PASSENGER VAN
  5. 5. Contact Us PRUDLO FANTUCCI TOURS, INC. Napa, California 94558 (707) 771-0373