Fast Track To Enterprise 2.0 for Oracle Communities


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Join European Oracle Communities! A fast track for choosing the best community for your interests. From Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, to Oracle Mix and wikis.

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Fast Track To Enterprise 2.0 for Oracle Communities

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Fast track to Enterprise 2.0 for Oracle Communities Paolo Furini
  2. 2. What’s Enterprise 2.0 for Oracle PRODUCTS & PEOPLE • Fuse Enterprise 2.0 capabilities • Enhance collaboration with in Oracle Technology Oracle communities • Across Fusion Middleware, Database and next-generation Collaboration • Enhance relationships between members • Deliver Enterprise 2.0-enabled Oracle Applications • Leverage on the community • Application Unlimited • Fusion Applications wisdom • Deliver the most complete, open • Share real stories and manageable Enterprise 2.0 platform • Oracle WebCenter Suite
  3. 3. Tools for communities 2.0 Oracle Mix PEOPLE Oracle Wiki • Enhance collaboration with Oracle communities OTN TechBlog • Enhance relationships between members AppsLab Blog Web 2.0 • Leverage on the community wisdom Facebook LinkedIn • Share real stories Youtube Slideshare
  4. 4. Insight No. 1 People are social beasts! Once networked together, people will generate for you “business value”. For example can be a powerful content filter (among other good things).
  5. 5. Oracle Mix ( Business networking • Connect with people with whom you have something in common • In turn, their activities will lead you to interesting stuff
  6. 6. Oracle Mix ( • Groups • Easily set up around any given topic or occasion. • Great way to help people get in touch and keep in touch, and grow long-lasting personal relationships
  7. 7. Oracle Mix ( • Ideas • Bubble up participants’ ideas on Oracle topics • Vote and comment best ideas
  8. 8. Insight No. 2 Let’s face it – More often than not, your network as a whole is way smarter than you are. Luckily, web 2.0 is all about harnessing that kind of awesome community wisdom!
  9. 9. Oracle Wiki ( • Share contents, add links to additional resources, ask questions, give feedback etc. • Opportunity for everyone to collect participants’ input as well as continue the conversation.
  10. 10. Oracle Germany group on Xing
  11. 11. Enterprise 2.0 community on Facebook
  12. 12. Enterprise 2.0 community on LinkedIn
  13. 13. Youtube and Slideshare
  14. 14. Insight No. 3 Stories matter! The world is made up of stories. It’s how people have been making sense of it all ever since they climbed down from trees and stepped out of the woods.
  15. 15. Oracle Blogs • Oracle people like blogging … and receiving comments! • For you, it’s an opportunity to get fresh infos, highlight certain content, concepts, ideas, people, benefits... anything, really!
  16. 16. Insight No. 4 Pssst… It's all about being authentic! Whatever you do, you have to really mean it. And you most certainly can’t fake it.
  17. 17. Insight No. 5 Corporate websites are loosing interest … might as well embrace the chaos!
  18. 18. Social Media & The Open Web • Discover the opportunities 2.0! • Choose the ones can give you value • Start networking and collaborating • Create contents, share, and get tons of interesting stuff
  19. 19. What to do next? 1. Imagine the possibilities 2. Ask questions 3. Figure out what works for you 4. Let us help you get your feet wet 5. Make sure you play nice with everybody else 6. Enjoy and get business value
  20. 20. See you online