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An introduction to some Social Media do's and don'ts from Paul Fryer, Digital Marketing Manager at the University of Bedfordshire.

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  • Do – No one likes the mystery man, using the default icon makes it look like you are not legit, not active. You can have a logo, avatar or photo depending on your intended use of the medium. You should have the same avatar across all of your social networks. Don ’t – Changing your icon too frequently can make it tough to spot you in a stream of updates, most people are scanning through a list and if your photo is different every week, they are going to miss you.
  • Do – The Social Web is a place for authentic communication. You have to add something of value to the community to be relevant, otherwise people will drop you. Search out the conversations and participate. Don ’t – It’s Social Media not Sales Media. You aren’t pushing a product, you are networking. It’s a mixer, not a meeting.
  • Do – Share links on Facebook, Retweet. Make sure to pass on information that you pick up in your networks, if you think it ’s relevant. Don ’t – Blatant sellers, spammers, self-proclaimed experts on the web are annoying and most people avoid them. Also remember that it’s not a numbers game. No one cares how many followers or friends you have. Quality over quantity.
  • Do – Take some time and scrub through your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail accounts, etc and see which of your contacts are on each social network and add as you see fit. Don ’t – Don’t blindly add all of your contacts to all of your social networks. You may be punished by the website for “spamming” your contact list if not all of them remember you. Don’t feel obligated to follow everyone that follows you.
  • Do – Sign up for an account on most any user-based website you hear about, because you may have a use for it someday. You never know which site is going to be the next big thing. You also want to try to keep others from grabbing your username and messing up your personal brand. Don ’t – There are hundreds of social networks, anyone with a life would have a tough time keeping up with all of them. Find out which ones your friends are on and which are best for your industry.
  • Do – You want people to think you are active, so updating at least once a week is good for most mediums. Twitter should be updated daily at least. Don ’t – You don’t want to be classified as a dead account. If someone sees your last login or last update was a month or more ago, they might drop you. Don’t post that you are too busy to post. Everyone’s busy.
  • Do – This is an interactive medium so make sure you are responding and holding up your end of the conversation. Don ’t leave people hanging. It’s rude in person, it’s rude online. Don ’t – Don’t post 30 updates in 10 minutes, pace yourself. Try to update throughout the day/week/month.
  • Do – In Real Life your brand is: your hairdo, your clothes, your manner of speaking, your personality. Online – Your avatar, your communication style, your photos, your interests, what you choose to share. Try to unify your online persona and make it consistent in across all of your social networks. Don ’t – Drunk photos, mean comments, don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say in real life. Google is the #1 HR tool now. Most anything you post online is findable on Google and the person in control is the person doing the searching. So you need to monitor what is out there from you and your friends.
  • Do – Make sure to roll out your updates through your social networks, then make sure to go back through and read your responses. Don ’t – No one will mind seeing the same thing in 2 or 3 places, so don’t think you have to always be posting something new.
  • Do – Ask friends and colleagues what networks they are on. What is Tumblr? What is FriendFeed? People are always will to give you their recommendations. Don ’t – Benefits: build relationships, make new friends, let people know what you do day to day, etc.
  • Social Media do's and don'ts

    1. 1. Social Media:Do’s and Don’ts Paul Fryer Digital Marketing Manager
    2. 2. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsWhat will be covered?• What is social Media?• What are we doing?• Do’s and don’ts• What do we need to do?• Dealing with bad feedback/publicity• How Social Media helpsUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 2
    3. 3. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsWhat is social media?• Social Media is millions of people having conversations online 24/7• 2/3 of the global internet population visit social networks• Visiting social sites is now the 4th most popular online activity (ahead of personal email)• Social networks account for 10% of all internet time• Social media is like word of mouth on steroids• Social Media is democratizing communicationsUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 3
    4. 4. University of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 4
    5. 5. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 5
    6. 6. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 6
    7. 7. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 7
    8. 8. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 8
    9. 9. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 9
    10. 10. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 10
    11. 11. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsTwitter• Over 15 accounts University wide. Main University account (@uniofbeds has nearly 3,000 followers)• Currently most powerful – due to extensive reach, amount of activity, ease of updating, via mobile• # Hashtags @ signs and retweets• Ability to Geotag posts and add imagesUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 11
    12. 12. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsFacebook• 15+ regularly updated University accounts• 13,000 likes on our main page• Promoted posts (appear in people’s timelines and receive great feedback)• Targeted posts (based on age, location, marital status, interest etc.)• Places (lists location and shows friends where you have been)University of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 12
    13. 13. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsYouTube• All pushed through one central account with specific playlists• Over 332,918 video views and 400 videos• Embeddable videos and playlists – website, screens, other social media, accessible on smart phones• Subtitling functionalityUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 13
    14. 14. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsBlogging• 22 University blogs. Also have student bloggers• Ability to post comments, monitor visits• Written from a personal viewpoint, quick to update• RSS feeds allow blog posts to be fed through to the website• Blogger has high search engine optimisationUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 14
    15. 15. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsInstagram• One new account with over 100 followers• Popular with more creative student demographic• Purely visual and and great to give a friendly overview of the University facilities• Account linked with Twitter/Facebook• Posted a geotagged photo of our Bedford campus yesterday, within 5mins - 10 likes• Bookshop photo instigated much conversationUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 15
    16. 16. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsGoogle• Google + is great for Search Engine Optimisation• AdWords – great to drive traffic to site.• We currently have all five campus locations mapped on Google maps• Google Documents allows for collaborative working and for live documents, spreadsheets and images to be embedded into the websiteUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 16
    17. 17. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsAnd some more!• LinkedIn – great searching functionality (particularly for Alumni), can check who has been viewing your profile• Pinterest – can ‘pin’ favourite content. Great to showcase student work• Wikipedia – Over 1,000 public edits to our Wikipedia entry, not all of them positive!• Spotify - Very targeted marketing possible.University of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 17
    18. 18. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsSocial Media Integration• Can cross post from social media• Social bookmarking links, Twitter feeds, Facebook profile info, Embedded videos from YouTube, Embedded photos from Flickr, Embedded Foursquare locations.University of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 18
    19. 19. DO1. Have a picture on your profile.DON’T1. Don’t change your profile photo/icon too frequently.
    20. 20. DO2. Think of it as a conversation.DON’T2. Think of it as a sales pitch or monologue.
    21. 21. DO3. Ask for testimonials and feedback. Build relationships.DON’T3. Ask for money, customers or followers or be a blatant seller.
    22. 22. DO4. Synchronize your contacts to find relevant connections.DON’T4. Add hundreds of people you don’t know to your network.
    23. 23. DO5. Reserve your preferred username on all networks.DON’T5. Feel as though you have to be active on all social networks.
    24. 24. DO6. Update regularly.DON’T6. Make people wonder what happened to you.
    25. 25. DO7. Be responsive. Answer people’s questions, make comments.DON’T7. Update in rapid-fire, regimented style.
    26. 26. DO8. Be a consistent personal brand.DON’T8. Post anything you’ll be sorry for later (you will be Googled!)
    27. 27. DO9. Try to synchronize your social media accounts.DON’T9. Be afraid to post the same information on multiple networks.
    28. 28. DO10. Ask us if you don’t know where to begin.DON’T10. Miss out the benefits of social networking.
    29. 29. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 29
    30. 30. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsWhat do we need to do?• Stop thinking ‘campaigns’ start thinking ‘conversations’• They want to talk to a person – not a robot• Talk like a person – not a marketeer• If they ask a question – they want an answer now• People remember you• 24/7 – sets it’s own hours (live monitoring)• What happened yesterday is irrelevantUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 30
    31. 31. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsWhat do we need to do?• Create media rich content (video/images)• Person – friend – customer• Wouldn’t want to hang around a salesman (him!) →• Companies sell more to their followers• Be interesting, personable and quirky• Give live, geotagged updates (events)• Help the student and be personable, take ownership of issues and problemsUniversity of Bedfordshire” 14th September 2012 31
    32. 32. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsDealing with bad feedback/publicity:University of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 32
    33. 33. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsBiC For Her:University of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 33
    34. 34. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsBiC For Her:• When your customers aren’t happy the social mediasphere will react• Social media isnt just Facebook and Twitter. Any site that provides for user- generated content.• Firestorms dont have to be an acute phenomenon. The backlash isn’t always negative• How should we respond to this?University of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 34
    35. 35. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsResponding to negative feedback:• Case by case basis• True or untrue?• Online community help each other• Don’t ignore / gag / kill unhappy customers in real life!• Treat as like to be treated• Make the service and student experience better• May become champions of the brand?University of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 35
    36. 36. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsHow social media can help:• Customer service• Repeat business / retention• Word of mouth• Changing the public perception of the University• Reaching specific demographics• Responding to issues and problems• Helping us to offer a better student experienceUniversity of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 36
    37. 37. Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsAll equals positive feedback!University of Bedfordshire 14th September 2012 37
    38. 38. Thank you for listening…Any (verbal) questions?!