Why an advisor should become a Transition Planning Consultant


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Discover how advisors to business owners, executives and professional practitioners can learn a methodology to guide clients from their current business/career to a new life of meaning and purpose.

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Why an advisor should become a Transition Planning Consultant

  1. 1. Successful Transition Planning Institute’sCertified Transition Planning Consultant Program Increase Your Income by Guiding Owners to Successfully Transfer Their Businesses to New Ownership and Create Dynamic, New Lives after Leaving Their Companies
  2. 2. Business Transition Facts• The aging of baby boomer business owners is driving the demand for transition planning• 9.2 million business owners in the United States are over 50 years old• An estimated 8 million business owners will exit their companies over the next 10 years
  3. 3. Business Transition Facts• In the next five to ten years, it is estimated that retiring baby boomers will account for 65 to 75 percent of all small businesses that will go up for sale• The equity in these businesses represents approximately 10 trillion in personal wealth• 60 percent of business owners between the ages of 55-64 have not discussed their exit plans with their spouses or business partners
  4. 4. Business Transition Facts• 80 percent of owners’ wealth is tied up in their companies• 78 percent of baby boomer business owners do not have plans for how they will exit their companies
  5. 5. Cardinal Points on The Transition Planning Compass and Corresponding Programs Clarity Strategic Thinking for Your Personal and Business Futures Transition Planning for Baby Boomer Business Owners Purpose OpportunityLiving an Exciting and Deciding What You Want toPurposeful New Life: do with Your Business andSeven Strategic Steps Creating a Successful Business Transition Strategy Meaning Seven Principles for Living a Life of Significance
  6. 6. Unique Programs• Based on latest scientific research about learning• Both a cognitive and emotional approach• Methodological, step-by-step format
  7. 7. Professional Certification for:• Psychiatrists• Psychologists• Clinical social workers• Marriage and family therapists• Educators and educational administrators
  8. 8. Comprehensive Approach To Transition Planning• Personal• Family and relational• Emotional• Practical• Financial• Organizational
  9. 9. 5 Modular Transition ProgramsThink Live Decide Adapt Discover
  10. 10. Step One: THINK • Owners have created an identity with their businesses. They are “frozen” whenever the idea of exit planning is brought up. Because of transition-related fears, they cannot wrap their minds around the thought of leaving their companies. Strategic Thinking for Your Personal and Business Futures: Transition Planning for Baby Business Owners• The program of on-line surveys and one-to-one coaching helps owners become emotionally and psychologically prepared to think about what they are going to do with their companies.
  11. 11. Step Two: LIVE • Owners do not want to go into a void when they walk out the door for the last time. They are afraid of falling into a “Retirement Rut” or experiencing Post-Transactional Stress Disorder. Living an Exciting and Purposeful New Life: ® Seven Strategic Steps Program• Helps owners avoid experiencing Seller’s Remorse by showing them how to create exciting lives that are filled with purpose. The program’s step-by-step methodology shows them how to live a dynamic lifestyle and create operational and tactical plans for all aspects of their lives.
  12. 12. Step Three: Decide• Owners have too much at stake to make a mistake. Their futures will be determined by the decisions they make in what they are going to do with their businesses. They need clear, concise strategies to maximize their returns, reduce risk and maintain their sanity in the process. Deciding What to Do With Your Business and Creating and Implementing a Successful Business Transition Strategy • Stepping back and creating a well-thought out plan for what to do with their companies helps avoid the costly mistake of Owner’s Indecision, meet their business and personal objectives and know what they need to do to implement their successful exit strategies.
  13. 13. Step Four: Adapt• Owners, who are involved in an earn-out, recapitalization or consulting contract, need to be successful in the second phase of transitioning a business to new ownership. Owners who have to stay in the businesses that they sold often have to watch while changes are made to the company (their baby) that they have spent years creating and growing. Many fear that they will feel that they have one foot out the door and the other foot is “stuck” in the door. Successfully Transition from an Ownership to a Management Mindset • The program will show owners who have sold their companies how to successfully transition from the role of being an owner to the role of being a member on a management team. During the sessions, owners who will be selling their companies will learn how to apply a new way of thinking that helps them adapt to their changed position in the new company and mentally move from having an entrepreneurial to managerial “team” mindset.
  14. 14. Step Five: DISCOVER• A lot of owners’ meaning comes from running their businesses and they can’t imagine what it’s going to feel like to no longer be part of it, to no longer be running things. They wonder where they can find new meaning after transitioning out of their companies. Seven Principles for Living a Life of Significance Program• Move from a life of success to a life of significance by showing owners how to create meaningful lives
  15. 15. Testimonials from Clients“I worked with STPI to create a game plan for myself especially pertinent to my sixthdecade. Using STPI’s planning process, I worked through a number of issuesincluding where I want to live, how I want work and career to factor into my future,and hobbies and volunteer activities I want to experience and peruse. Creating agame plan was a significant deliverable of the process. I’m not boxed into anythingbut appreciate having thought through various alternatives. The written planprovides peace of mind and a touchstone to ensure I am using my time and energyto fulfill my vision and live by my values.” -Joni Youngwirth, Managing Principal of a financial broker-dealer company“STPI helped me build a bridge from my former role as a business owner, to mytransitional role as a member of the management team of the acquiring business, tomy future goal—a productive and successful balance between work I enjoy and asatisfying personal life. I can recommend STPI without reservation if you are facingchallenges and change.” -S. Z. Harris, Founder and Former Owner of a medical reimbursement software company
  16. 16. Testimonials from Clients“I enjoyed the time [working with STPI]. Got my mind and thinking focused. Thesessions got me unstuck. It has been 5 months since I went part time and as ofFriday I am done with [my former company]. I will no longer be on the payrollbut will help them on a few issues in the next few months that will still need alittle help. My summer has been terrific and I seem to be busier than ever. I cantseem to do all that I want to. Did not get enough sailing, biking or kayaking in thissummer but that is OK. I have been following the plan STPI and I outlined andcould not be happier.” -Larry Shwartz, Former Co-owner of a large food distribution company“The Personal Transition Planning experience was not only positive, it was alsoprovocative since it made me think. Conversations in the sessions allowed me toget a clear vision of myself, understand what I wanted to do and be able to forgea clear path for my life.” -Sam Palestine, Former Co-Owner of an office supply company
  17. 17. Make Money by Helping Owners Transition• Join• Refer• Help
  18. 18. Contact Us to Get StartedSuccessful Transition Planning InstituteHarvard Square119 Mt. Auburn StreetCambridge, MA 02138800.677.6715SuccessfulTransitionPlanning.com (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook)Jack Beauregard, CEO and President:jack@thenexttransition.com, 617.576.5728Paul Cronin, Partner, Business Developmentpaul@thenexttransition.com, 978-749-9546,Twitter: @pfpcronin, Linkedin: pfpcronin, Facebook: callpaulcronin