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Pandas, Penguins, and Zombies. How to Survive an SEO Apocalypse


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Patti Fousek's #SEOMOz #Mozcation Presentation. How to survive if your site was hit by Panda, Penguin, or any other SEO Apocalypse.

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Pandas, Penguins, and Zombies. How to Survive an SEO Apocalypse

  1. 1. Pandas, Penguins, and Zombies. How to Survive an SEO ApocalypseImage Credits: Panda: Blue Glass; Penguin: Linda Welch; Zombie: Ari Abraham
  2. 2. Who the heck is Patti Fousek? Patti Fousek, President SEO Social Media Paid Search Content Strategies
  3. 3. Patti Fousek is…• 11 Year SEO Veteran• Owner of Inbound Marketing agency in South Berwick Maine• Does agility and Dock Dogs with Aspen, aka, The Nerdy Dog• Local social media & SEO speaker• Launching Dog & People fitness programs on the Seacoast in 2013• The Nerdy Dog (
  4. 4. Hundreds of Google Updates per Year n Pan g ui da P en Venice C affeine E MD B ig Da May Day d dy
  5. 5. Panda & Penguin in a Nutshell
  6. 6. Affected sites look something like this
  7. 7. Site hit by Panda 2.0 Panda 2.0 April 11, 2011Compare all Google update dates to your analytics
  8. 8. Organic Search Traffic Comparison to Previous MonthPanda #20 & EMD Penguin #3. 10/6/129/27/12
  9. 9. Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO
  10. 10. Links from Spammy Giveaway Sites
  11. 11. What Now, Wise One?Image source:
  12. 12. Conduct a Site Audit Based on Panda/Penguin Factors
  13. 13. Bouncy, Bounce . . .Bounce Rate Demystified:
  14. 14. Top Heavy . . .Danny Sullivan Rocks:
  15. 15. Thin Content Anyone?Dr. Pete Rocks: Fat Pandas and Thin Content
  16. 16. Which is the original?Use to find duplicate contentHow to fix:
  17. 17. Link SpamBrian D. Hawkins Rocks: credit: Brian D. Hawkins
  18. 18. All Other SEO FactorsPeriodic Table of SEO:
  19. 19. Make Happy Pandas and Penguins Fix Duplicate Content Fix Duplicate Content - -Rewrite; Rel Canonical; 301 Rewrite; Rel Canonical; 301 Remove Unnecessary Remove Unnecessary Content from Search Content from Search - -Webmaster Tools: Remove Webmaster Tools: Remove URL; Robots.txt URL; Robots.txt Beef up Thin Content Beef up Thin Content Remove Spammy links Remove Spammy links with Disavow Links Tool with Disavow Links Tool Change exact match Change exact match anchor text links to Brand anchor text links to Brand anchor or LSI (latent anchor or LSI (latent semantic indexing) semantic indexing)How to remove pages from Google: tool:
  20. 20. The Next Google Algorithm Update Me Want Fresh Content! Learn from These Guys Learn from These GuysCompanies that get it: ;;;
  21. 21. How do we avoid these?
  22. 22. Build Upon the Foundation…SEOmoz is a great resource for all things SEO.
  23. 23. Increase CTR . . .Rel AuthorSchema MarkupResponsive DesignAlways refer to Google!
  24. 24. Stop Creating This . . .
  25. 25. Start creating this . . .
  26. 26. Thank You! Patti Fousek, PresidentCreativeMind Search