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Big Ict Inquiry


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Big Ict Inquiry

  1. 1. ICT Inquiry By Patrick, Scott and James
  2. 2. Our Task Our Task was to....
  3. 3. Our Questions Big Question: What have been the major changes in apple in the past 10 years? Small Questions: How has the mobile phone developed What have been the changes in models of the I Pods How has apple changed the way we work.
  4. 4. Big Question Answer
  5. 5. How has mobile phones developed? Cell Phones 1843-1865
  6. 6. Cell Phones in 1977
  7. 7. Cell Phones In 1990
  8. 8. Cell Phones In 2000
  9. 9. Cell Phones Today  
  10. 10. What have been changes in the models of I
  11. 11. Conclusion
  12. 12. How has Apple changed the way people work?
  13. 13. Answer • Apple Laptops have changed......
  14. 14. Bibliography Capzles Google I pod Wikipedia Our Knowledge