Overview of Social Media and Government


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Presentation given to MITRE staff in September 2012, presentation covers social media applications for government and history of social media.

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Overview of Social Media and Government

  1. 1. Social Media In GovernmentBrief History of Social Media inGovernment – How we got hereand where we are going.
  2. 2. What’s actually new with social media?
  3. 3. Source: http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2010/12/history-of-social-media/
  4. 4. Social Media Background • Transparent, Participatory, Collaborative • Complexity of Government • Wisdom of the Crowds • The Lowe’s Approach to Government: Let’s Build Something Together
  5. 5. Orange Husky Research Institute - Exercise• Orange Husky Research Institute is CEO a think tank dedicate to the advancement of policy and Director protection of Orange Husky’s in the United States. Manager Manager Manager• Based on this organizational chart, who is the most critical Analyst Associate employee in this organization? Analyst• What’s the traditional way of thinking? Analyst
  6. 6. Another Look at Orange Husky Research Institute DirectorThe way organizationsare “structured” andwork, are often very CEO Analyst Associatedifferent. ManagerWhen we take anotherlook at Orange Husky,who do we believe is the Manager Managermost important? Analyst Analyst
  7. 7. How does this apply to government?What if the manager, was Directoractually the citizen?Let’s put the citizen at the CEO Analyst Associatecenter of what we do. CitizenSocial Media beyond theplatform – as a Managerphilosophy to how to Managertransform governmentservices Analyst Analyst
  8. 8. Top 5 Federal Uses of Social Media Communicate with Informed Decision Citizens and Other Internal Collaboration Making Agencies Marketing and Research/Information Promotion Gathering Source: Market Connections 2011 Social Media in the Public Sector Study, Oct. 2011 http://www.marketconnectionsinc.com/Reports/social-media-in-the-public-sector-2011.html
  9. 9. Top 5 Federal Benefits of Using Social Media Increased Information AgencyEducation of the Access Promotion Public Cost Savings and Increase Other Collaboration Efficiencies Source: Market Connections 2011 Social Media in the Public Sector Study, Oct. 2011 http://www.marketconnectionsinc.com/Reports/social-media-in-the-public-sector-2011.html
  10. 10. Case Study: State Department
  11. 11. Case Study: CDC Zombie Apocalypse!
  12. 12. Where are we now with social media?• In the “So What” Phase• Struggle to define what engagement actually means• Sharing and collaborating with resources• Transparency• Digital Divide• Limited legal precedent for social media in the workplace• Broader acceptance that government does not have all the answers, needs to collaborate across sectors for solutions.
  13. 13. GovLoop StoryQuick history and overview ofGovLoop – Knowledge networkfor government
  14. 14. GovLoop’s PurposeIndicate a Problem• Millions of government employees working on similar issues without an outlet to communicate. Without communicating with one another a gap in knowledge was created.Provide a Solution• GovLoop creates a knowledge network to connect, engage and train government employees.
  15. 15. Government Challenges: Bridging the Gap• Budget Cuts - government employees are faced with doing more with less.• Retiring workforce – the number of retiring government workers is at an all time high.• Collaboration – increase need for knowledge transfer within and across agencies.
  16. 16. About GovLoopGovLoop’s mission is to connect government to improve government. We dothis through the creation of blogs, discussions, reports, and also havecomprehensive resources for public sector job seekers. Our membershipincludes over 60,0000 state, local, federal, academia and private sectorprofessionals. We cover a variety of topical areas across government: suchas, acquisition, careers, communications, humanresources, leadership, project management and technology. Community Contact Information Services Pat Fiorenza Training Email: pat@govloop.com Events Twitter: @pjfiorenza