BASIX Krishi new vision 2011-2016


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BASIX is a group of social enterprises supporting sustainable livelihoods for rural india

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  • Basix group has about 10 companies. One of the companies dealing in micro credit has about a million customers. The credit customers tpo avail credit with out any rethink or hesitation and questions unasked just buy any service are product under any name (the so called value added/top up services /products) and thus the BKSL as company survives, sustains piggy riding the credit business and also earns more than other companies with least effort or thinking or any tension.
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BASIX Krishi new vision 2011-2016

  1. 1. BASIX Krishi Samruddhi Ltd (BASIX Krishi) Overview
  2. 2. EVOLUTION of BASIX KrishiBASIXKrishi • 2010 onwards: Creation of BASIX Krishi Samruddhi Limited to provide AGLEDS to a whole gamut of farmersScaling upAg/BDS • 2006 to 2009: Creation of Ag/BDS as a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) within BASIX, Served 0.70 million farmersAg/BDS • 2004 to 2005:Adoption of livelihood triad strategy. 39 projects piloted under Ag/BDS in 8 states (AP, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) Actionresearch • 2001 to 2003: Action research work through sub-sector study and interventions in Cotton, Dairy, Groundnut, Soya, Vegetables etc…
  3. 3. Products and Services
  4. 4. Crop / Farm Management Services Crop/Farm Management Services:  Soil testing  Integrated Nutrient Management  Integrated Pest Management  Training on Crop Management  Field Surveillance  Vermi-compost, bed Installation  Market Linkage- input & output,
  5. 5. Dairy  Preventive vaccination and De- worming  Health camps - Regular Animal Health Checkup, Pregnancy diagnosis  Artificial Inseminations  Feed & Fodder Management, Azolla Demonstrations  Training for good Practices,  Market Linkages- Input& Output.
  6. 6. Dairy  Artificial Inseminations  Feed & Fodder Management, Azolla Demonstrations  Training for good Practices,  Market Linkages- Input& Output.
  7. 7. Back-yard Poultry Training on Back-yard poultry Management Chicks delivery including starter feed for brooding period Training on low cost housing Training on feed preparation Vaccination
  8. 8. Sheep & Goat Regular Animal Health checkup Vaccination De-worming Training for good practices and stall feeding
  9. 9. Products Features Products Service Fee (Rs) Service PeriodCrop single (one season) 600 6 MonthsCrop double (two seasons) 1,000 12 MonthsCrop-Special 2,000 12 Months(High value crops)Livestock- Single 600 12 MonthsLivestock-Double 1,000 12 MonthsLivestock – Special 2,000 12 Months(5- Hybrid animals)Farm Management Services 5,000 +(variable 12 Months on case to case)
  10. 10. Diverse Revenue Streams• Fee from Customers, direct contracts by BASIX Krishi• Fee from Institutions, Implementing the projects of State Government, Central Government and other Institutions• Credit Facilitation Fees, customer referrals to financial institutions for credit assistance• Revenue from Input Sales, customer referrals for Input supply from distributing agencies• Revenue from Output Marketing, aggregation of produce and connecting to the main stream market• Income from Insurance Sale, extending weather insurance, crop insurance, livestock insurance and life insurance• Subsidy for low viability branches, for extending the AGLEDS services in remote areas
  11. 11. Sales and Marketing Village meetings Participation in Door to Door Krishi Melas Campaigning MultiDemonstrations channel Publicity Mass Lead farmers campaigning
  12. 12. Taking Agri Services to Depth and Scale Vision of a one of its kind integrated agricultural extension services company Covering a wide gamut of needs of farmers and allied segments A field oriented, hands-on approach Powered by professionals who are equipped and experienced Bringing a real life demonstration of products and services Through the BASIX Krishi Model Farm Linking Customers to InputDemonstration Site Knowledge & Training Center Suppliers & Government
  13. 13. BASIX Krishi Model Farm…. For customers: knowledge and training centre , Intermediaries, demonstration of Government: To services, display of serve as a products knowledge and training centre For suppliers of related products and services: demonstration to customers For BASIX Krishi: Resource, research and learning centre, strengthening customer interaction
  14. 14. Geographical Spread Planned Assam Arunachal Pradesh Punjab Bihar Arunachalapradesh Gujarat Assam Nagaland Manipur Meghalaya Rajasthan sikkim Meghalaya Bihar Manipur Mizoram Tiripura Mizoram Gujarat Madhya pradesh Jharkhand West Bengal Jharkhand Chhatisgarh Goa Maharastra Chhattisgarh West Bengal Andhra pradesh Rajasthan Goa Karnataka Tripura Existing Punjab  Andhra pradesh Sikkim  Karnataka Nagaland  Maharastra Madhya
  15. 15. Parameters for CategorizationPopulation densitySocio political systemContribution from Agriculture/ Livestock to GDPArea under cultivation where it is irrigated or non-irrigatedTypes of crops grown and productivityAnimals/ livestock‘s populationDemand for services – (Identification of Small & marginal farmer,larger farmers)Availability of resourcesGovernment Initiatives/ competitiveSpecial projects by governmentDeveloping / funding agenciesInfrastructure/ telecom connectivity – roads, electricity, telecomconnectivityFinancial linkage to potential customer
  16. 16. Business HighlightsParticulars Mar-11 Mar-12 Mar-13 Mar-14 Mar-15 Mar-16Branches 9 46 106 181 306 456CustomerService 8,870 119,855 616,535 1,755,705 3,755,230 6,991,775ContractsOutstanding 8,870 98,640 389,682 870,107 1,507,191 2,421,410CustomersLSPs 58 616 1,453 2,649 4,321 6,635Total HR 105 902 2,275 4,208 6,943 10,688(LSP+ staffs)Income (in Rs 000’s) 3,544 63,139 437,589 1,099,908 2,041,791 3,365,047Expenses (in Rs 000’s) 7,534 130,032 384,631 792,094 1,376,442 2,131,412PAT (in Rs 000’s) (3,990) (66,893) 35,481 206,236 445,784 826,536
  17. 17. Thank you
  18. 18. BASIX Mission: To promote a large number of sustainable livelihoods, including for the rural poor and women, through the provision of financial services and technical assistance in an integrated manner. BASIX strives to yield a competitive rate of return to its investors so as to be able to access mainstream capital and human resources on a continuous basis. BASIX Vision: Equity for Equity – to use Capital : Natural, Human, Social, Physical and Financial for bringing equality of opportunity and social justice in society10/26/2011 18
  19. 19. Livelihood Triad Strategy Institutional Development Services Agricultural,Financial Inclusion Livestock and Services Enterprise Development Services 10/26/2011 19
  20. 20. Livelihood Triad Services AGRICULTURAL, LIVESTOCKFINANCIAL INCLUSION AND ENTERPRISE INSTITUIONAL DEVELOPMENTSERVICES (FINS) DEVELOPMENT SERVICES SERVICES (IDS) (AGLEDS)Credit: Farm, Non Farm and Productivity enhancement: Seeding group dynamics andGeneral purpose activities Increase in yields or reduction subsequently assisting to the in costs. individuals to become institutionsInsurance for lives and Risk mitigation : Delivering Formation of groups, federationslivelihoods – health, crop, timely preventive care. and societies.livestock, micro-enterpriseassetsSavings: KBS & Banking Local value addition: Farm gate Assistance in designing andCorrespondent model value addition for better implementing business processes. remuneration. (MIS, IT and Accounts)Money transfer: Migrant Alternate Market linkages - Building collaborations toworkers and Micro-pensions Input supply, output sales deliver a wide range of servicesWarehouse receipts Diversification: Supporting to Sector and Policy work – analysis diversify activities from farm to and advocacy for 10/26/2011 allied and non-farm activity changes/reforms. 20
  21. 21. What…Action ResearchWork with various sub-sectors and vectors which affectslivelihoods Sub sectors : Sub-sector is defined as a vertical grouping ofenterprises involved in the production and marketing of onewell-defined product or several closely related products i. e.from basic raw material of one commodity to consumer pointIdentify the Undertake AR Identify & Address the Sub Sector / Study Bottlenecks with effective Revenue Model Scaling up Phase
  22. 22. How…Action Research• Stages:• Conceptualization - Undertaking Sub-Sector Studies - Select the intervention points to address the identified bottlenecks.• Pilot Phase - Establish collaborations - Undertake the Action Research - Develop successful interventions on revenue model• Scaling up - Scale up the intervention - Undertake impact assessment - Improve the design.
  23. 23. Products and ServicesCrop Development Services NFS• Cotton, Soya bean, Paddy, SRI, Mushroom • Tailoring• Kitchen Gardening, Other major crops •Skills•Farm management services to Horticulture IDScrops and medium /large dairy farms • ProducerAllied Development Services Groups, (PG)• Dairy •Farmer Clubs• Sheep rearing and Goatery •JLGs( Formation• Back Yard Poultry and Revival)
  24. 24. Up scaling Ag/BDS• Implementation Process – Cluster approach – Gap Analysis – Calendar of Services – Fixed service delivery dates – Village Meetings – Demonstrations – Farmer field schools – Health camps – Exposure visits• Registered over 538,662 customers in the FY 09-10.• Serviced over 460,070 customers
  25. 25. AgBDS Growth in 5 years500000450000400000350000 2006-07300000 2007-08 436402250000 2008-09 377674200000 2009-10 2010-11 238743150000 189977 186800 134103100000 113119 18244 33860 26761 60296 59036 17703 64549 10450000 0 Crop Dairy NFS
  26. 26. Services Strengthening• Implemented Cluster approach for effective services delivery.• Introduced SMS based services.• Developed Product brochures and service delivery cards in vernacular languages for seven AgBIDS products• Exclusive trainings to LSPs on technical Knowledge• Weather based Agro Advisory services• Recruited Resource Persons for conducting training on tailoring.• Conducted Customer Satisfaction Survey which resulted in 85% customer satisfaction.• Business expansion through direct customers – Cross selling of AgBIDS products
  27. 27. Krishi Branch Structure Branch Head Transaction Assistant FX / FS - 1 FX / FS - 2 FX / FS - 3 FX / FS - 4 FX / FS - 5 LSP - 1 LSP - 1 LSP - 1 LSP - 1 LSP - 1 LSP - 2 LSP - 2 LSP - 2 LSP - 2 LSP - 2 LSP - 3 LSP - 3 LSP - 3 LSP - 3 LSP - 3 LSP - 4 LSP - 4 LSP - 4 LSP - 4 LSP - 4 LSP - 5 LSP - 5 LSP - 5 LSP - 5 LSP - 510/26/2011 27
  28. 28. Business Over view •Customer base • FY 2010-11 - 8870 • April’11 to July’11 – 6230 • Fees collected as on 31st July Rs.46,84,000 • Total HR - 59 on role + 113 LSPs on contractual basis • Business support convergence plan with BSFL till Oct. 2011.10/26/2011 28
  29. 29. Business Overview cont.. Number of customers 4000 3500 3000 2500 No. of customerts 2000 1500 1000 500 0 Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Qtr 1 FY 2010-11 FY 2011-2012 Series1 1023 1948 2373 3180 394910/26/2011 29
  30. 30. Quarter wise growth of Branches Branches 30 25 25 20 15 Series1 10 9 7 6 6 5 0 Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Qtr 1 FY 2010-11 FY 2011-201210/26/2011 30
  31. 31. Business ChannelsSmall & Marginal Farmers:• Customers are formed into Producer Groups or Common Interest Groups for delivering services efficiently & in a cost effective mannerInstitutional Collaborations:• Associations with NABARD, Government Departments, Banks to execute farmer-centric projects• Executing CSR initiatives of private organizationsFarm Management Services:• High End Progressive Farmers engaged in cultivation of Horticulture crops and Livestock enterprises• Door-step customized services to meet individual requirements10/26/2011 31
  32. 32. COLLABORATIONS Solidaridad10/26/2011 32
  33. 33. Projects with NABARD• Promoting System of Rice Intensification: – Mahabubnagar, Nizamabad, Raichur with 804 farmers – Farmers realized incremental yield of 5-7 q/acre (28-35 bags otherwise was 25-30 bags) i.e average of 20-30% increase in the yields• Promoting Joint Liability Groups – Formed 238 JLGs (132 –Mahabubnagar, 6-Gulbarga, 100-Raichur), facilitated credit linkages to 82 JLGs (23-Mahabubnagar, 6-Gulbarga, 53- Raichur) .• Red-gram Foundation Seed Program : – Implemented in Mahabubnagar with 23 farmers, resulted in an incremental yield of 1-2 q/acre over the normal average of 2-2.5 q/acre.• New Interventions in Paddy: – Mahabubnagar with 25 farmers, resulted in an incremental yield of 5-9 q/acre over an average yield of 18-22 q/acre with traditional methods.10/26/2011 33
  34. 34. Government of Karnataka• Suvarna Bhoomi Yojana: Govt. of Karnataka : Extending support to 10 Lakh dry land small and marginal farmers through the financial assistance of Rs.10,000/- to each beneficiary in two installments – Krishi Project area: Five districts of Karnataka namely Raichur, Gulbarga, Yadgir, Bagalkot, Belgaum• Scheme for promoting the use of Vermicompost: Govt is providing subsidy for vermicompost bed installation where BASIX Krishi is linking the farmers to the scheme10/26/2011 34
  35. 35. Government of Karnataka contd..• Hyderabad Karnataka Area Development Board (HKADB)- Gulbarga – To work towards enhancing the livelihoods of dairy farmers in Gulbarga district through a convergence approach – Opportunity to work in the Diary sector with Karnataka Milk Federation- KMF and Animal Husbandry Department.• MYRADA, Gulbarga:• BASIX Krishi is working in collaboration with MYRADA in Gulbarga district for extending Back Poultry programme through Self Help Groups(SHG)10/26/2011 35
  36. 36. Solidaridad Pre Better cotton Initiative• BASIX Krishi is undertaking the project in association with Solidaridad a Netherland NGO under pre BCI project to work with 3,000 cotton farmers from Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh, Gulbarga District of Karnataka and Khandwa District of Madhya Pradesh for a period of three years10/26/2011 36
  37. 37. Small Farmers Agri business Consortium• BASIX Krishi has been allotted to work in the following fifteen states: – West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Sikkim and seven North East States.• In these states the above work has to be undertaken with 38,000 vegetable farmers and 4000 pulses farmers for a period of two years.• SFAC a society promoted by Dept. Of Agriculture, Govt. of India, has been nominated by Ministry of Agriculture to act as a nodal agency to coordinate with various state governments, civil society partners, financial institutions, resource persons and other stakeholders to help in the conduct of baseline studies, promote Farmer producer organizations across the country and link producer groups to marketing opportunities.• To form farmers collectives, especially small producers, at various levels across several states, to foster technology penetration, improve productivity, enable improved access to inputs services and increase farmer incomes thereby thereby strengthening sustainable agriculture based livelihoods10/26/2011 37
  38. 38. BENEFITS TO CUSTOMERSService Element Expected Benefits Crop LivestockProductivity  Soil testing facilitates farmers to use  Azolla can be used as a low costEnhancement optimum quantities of inputs. high nutrient feed supplement.  Vermicompost can be used as a  Regular De-worming can locally produced low cost organic reduce the cost of excess manure. feeding up to 40%  Use of high quality seeds can  AI services help in breed enhance yields by upto 20% & also upgradation and consequently reduce the risk of germination loss. higher animal productivityRisk Mitigation  Seed Treatment reduces the risk of  Preventive vaccination for seed / soil borne diseases. FMD/HS BQ will save animal  IPM practices reduces the from fatal diseases thereby occurrence of pests thus reducing safeguarding the investment the cost of chemical sprays. (Rs. 15000-30000/- per animal)Alternate Market  Collective purchase of seeds and  Farmers can realize betterLinkages fertilizers can be done at prices for the milk from(Input & Output) competitive prices due to institutional buyers.10/26/2011 economies of scale. 38
  39. 39. Thank you Mr. Amarnath Sanga E mail- amarnath@basixindia.com10/26/2011 39