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Great Streets Presentation Notes Handout


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Great Streets Presentation Notes Handout

  1. 1. March 11, 2012Peter Fleckpfhyper@gmail.comThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of thislicense, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street,Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.IntroI manage online communication in Seward Neighborhood in Minneapolis - present onsocial media via Great Streets to groups and one-on-oneLink Page: slideTodayWhat I’m doing in Seward in terms of a communication infrastructure.How your organizations can help to foster online engagement including Things your businesses should be doingMy seward network ● Blog: Seward Profile ● Twitter: @SewardTweets ● Calendar at Google ● Facebook: /sewardneighborhood ● Official Neighborhood sites: SCCA, SNG, Redesign ● E-Democracy Neighbors ForumMerwyn the river monster is a mascot and a kid-oriented sculpture in Triangle Park onFranklin Avenue.These are various ways to access information about SewardSome are almost exclusively for residents and others are more outward facingThere is great potential for business within thisTake a look at themProfileMy mission with the Profile site is to provide a neighborhood repository for event& meeting announcements, police community reports, information on issues likeredistricting and storage for meeting minutes and agendas. It’s not a news site per se
  2. 2. but I welcome news stories and reflections on the neighborhood.I would like to see more from businesses in telling us what they do, how long in theneighborhood, etc. Something to work on for this year.It provides a nice link to things.TwitterPosts that go to Seward Profile get tweeted along with announcements or interestingtidbits (the suicide tweet).Twitter has a list feature. I maintain a Twitter list of seward-related tweeters andthen retweet those. Many on the list are local businesses.Outward facingAttracts many organizationsFor Seward, don’t see as main engagement tool380 followers, and only following one (me)CalendarPeople need an easy way to know what’s going on in the neighborhood.Events that they can walk to.Created a google calendar and gave access to organizations so they could directly post.Seward Co-opPlaywright’sArticultureBoneshakerI post for other groups and also have 3 or 4 volunteers with access.FacebookSNG pageFeed in the posts to the Profile site and most tweets also go to FacebookKerry our community organizer also posts to facebookused for eventsNeighborhood SitesSCCASeward Neighborhood GroupRedesign - Community Development CorporationThese are official. I consult as volunteer and help with them, mainly SNG site here andthere and may be moving it to a new framework in the near future incorporating some ofthe other sites I’m managing.
  3. 3. We are actively working on our communication structure for Seward.E-Dem Neighbors ForumEmailIt’s still the easiest way to reach many folks especially people relatively new to theInternet and low on tech literacy. That’s the premise behind the E-Democracy Forums.Seward forum is approaching 700 subscribers which is 10% of our households. It wasestablished in 2007. I’ve been one of the managers since the beginningE-Dem has forums all over the cities and also forums for the cities themselves,Minneapolis, St. Paultopicswildlifejob openingslost petsgive awaysmeeting noticesplumber/handyperson/roofer/sider/builder referralsCM Cam Gordon is very activeRep Jim Davnie postsCrime & SafetyBusinesses welcome to ID themselves and ‘tell their story’.Fostering online engagementWhat can you do as an organizationBASICSFoster basic best practices with your businesses ● email ○ Make sure to respond to email in a timely manner - 48 hours at max ● web site ○ find a place on the web to call your own ○ There are many free & low-cost services to get a business started ○ Consultants can help (I do) ○ I like this one! Blogger Tumblr Squarespace Posterous Issue
  4. 4. ○ Most of these sites, will autopost to the social media monsters Facebook & Twitter and allow people to subscribe via email and other means● Location Services ○ Where are you? ○ Tell people where you are in the physical world Google places Yahoo Bing Yelp Google Latitude public location badge Foursquare Facebook place● Google places & bing maybe most important ○ You can check online to see if people are leaving reviews of your site or checking in on Foursquare ○ Your organization should gain expertise in this and tell your businesses how to do it ○ Here’s a sample listing from google ■ you can click through to see reviews etc. ○ Sample from yelp● Maintain a Twitter list ○ find out who is on Twitter and create a list and let your businesses know● Experiment with Twitter coupons ○ Forget Groupon/Crowdcut! Why not a simple twitter coupon with a code good for a limited time.● Provide information online or offline ○ provide online tutorials (and/or PAPER) to tell businesses how to take care of the basics ○ consider a short tech tutorial at the beginning of your meetings with a handout● Create and maintain a calendar for the neighborhood ○ Engage community in posting to it.● Support your Neighborhood Forum
  5. 5. ○ or start one ○ or make sure events have sign-up sheets ○ and post to the forumsThese recommendations are meant to foster a digitally savvy neighborhood