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Chapter 13


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Chapter 13

  2. 2. REALITY THERAPY Designed by William Glasser. This disciplinary method teaches students how to identify their behavior problems, and to identify the consequences for their behavior. Together, teachers and students create a plan effectively.
  3. 3. REALITY THERAPY According to reality therapy, people have five basic needs  Power: which includes achievement and feeling worthwhile.  Love and belonging: this includes groups and community.  Freedom: this includes independence and autonomy.  Fun: this includes enjoyment.  Survival: this includes nourishment and shelter.
  4. 4. REALITY THERAPY At the heart of reality therapy, the only person that you can control is yourself. If I think I can control others, then I am moving in the direction of frustration. If I think others can control me, then I am moving in the direction of frustration too.
  5. 5. TEACHER EFFECTIVENESS TRAINING Identify and define the conflict. Generate alternative solutions. Evaluate each alternative solution. Choose the best solution. Action plan the chosen solution. Evaluate the carried out solution.