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Outdoors and the mobile device


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Information Culture Week 3: Technology: The Outdoor Enthusiast and Mobile Apps

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Outdoors and the mobile device

  1. 1. The Outdoors and Your Mobile Device
  2. 2. The Outdoor Economy• More than 140 million Americans make outdoor recreation a part of their daily lives. • Camping, fishing, hunting • Off- Roading, bicycling • Trail Sports- Hiking, Backpacking, Trail Running, Climbing • Water Sports- Kayaking, Canoeing, Boating, Rafting • Snow Sports- Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing • Wildlife Viewing• Enthusiasts spend $646 billion each year on their outdoor hobbies. • $120.7 billion in apparel and equipment • $524.8 billion in transportation, lodging, food, and entertainment• 6.1 Million Americans work in Outdoor Recreation jobs
  3. 3. Growing Activities• Outdoor recreation has gone from a “nice to have” to a “must have” • Health Benefits • Affordability • Easy Access• Most activities have increased 5% from 2006-2011• Walking outdoors, hiking, wildlife viewing and photography and bicycling are the most popular activities.The Role of Technology• More than 60% of outdoor enthusiasts age 18-44 use technology to search for information on outdoor recreation opportunities.• Advances in technology have played a role in the attractiveness of outdoor activities such as lightweight and water proof electronics.
  4. 4. BACKPACKERThe 10 Best Apps for the Outdoors1. MotionX GPS: This app offers attractive topographical maps that canbe downloaded ahead of time so you’re not reliant on spotty ornonexistent 3G coverage in the boonies.2. GPS Trip Journal: Capture photos and take notes tied to waypointsto create a rich, Indiana Jones-style journal of your adventures.3. Elevation Pro: Tap anywhere on the map or satellite view to get aninstant readout of its elevation, based on the internal GPS or USGSsurveying.4. Peaks: Hold your camera up to the landscape, and Peaks adds thenames of all the mountains within range, their elevation, and yourdistance from them.5. Park Maps: Download the official Park Service map of any nationalpark in the United States.
  5. 5. 6. GoSkyWatch Planetarium: Enjoy the night sky even more with thisapp, which gives you information on whatever celestial body you point to.7. Sunrise: Determine the exact time of sunrise, sunset, and twilightbefore and after each based on your precise geographical location.8. Backpacker Checklist: Make sure you have everything you need withthis thorough checklist.9. GoToAid: Clear, nicely illustrated instructions for medical emergenciesfrom minor cuts to broken arms.10. US Army Survival Guide: Deal with anything nature throws at you,Army-style, with this thorough survival reference. Chapters on food- andwater-finding skills, shelter, and firecraft join appendices on plant andanimal identification.
  6. 6. MeetupConnects people of similarinterests within the samelocation to meet and enjoy theirhobbies offline.
  7. 7. The Sibley e-Guide tothe Birds of NorthAmericaLists an index of birds in yourlocation.See numerous photos, find theirlocation on a map and listen tobird calls.
  8. 8. REIShop for outdoor equipmentand apparel for any outdoorsport. Purchase with yourmobile device or locate astore near you.
  9. 9. iTrail MapView maps of ski resorts acrossthe US and other continents.Locate the easy or difficultslopes, lifts, and hotel locations.
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