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Online advertising in 2020


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Information Culture: Week 7: Your Career in 2020

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Online advertising in 2020

  1. 1. Online advertising in 2020
  2. 2. The internet in 2020• 4 billion internet users – Growth coming from developing countries – Many devices will be connected to the internet • Computers • Cell phones • Tablets • Smart TVs • Buildings • Bridges • Roads
  3. 3. Reaching your target audience in 2020 • A user’s internet use will become more fragmented. – Computer at home – Tablet in meetings and class – Cell phone for on the go • Similar to when cable grew, this fragmentation will bring new challenges. – How can you remarket to users from their laptop to their cell phone? • New advertising opportunities will be available through mobile technologies, specifically augmented reality.
  4. 4. Online ad professionals in 2020• Online advertisers will try to overcome the challenges involved with the fragmentation. – Uber cookie? – Privacy challenges• Google paid search and display will still thrive.• Advertisers will work less with media sales representatives and more with automated placements with Google and Social Media.• Advertisers will spend a lot of time with analytics in order to measure ROI across different devices.
  5. 5. My career in 2020• Online Advertising Strategy • Helping clients on how to best spend their online advertising dollars. • Expert in Google paid search and display advertising. • Google Certification• Analytics Solutions • Provide full analytic reports for advertisers across all of their advertising channels• Explore Augmented Reality • Where will this go? • What will the advertising opportunities be? Will it be in the media mix? • W2wvhNoE
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