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Information Culture FINAL

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Digital advertising final

  1. 1. Digital AdvertisingInformation Culture Final 12/10/12
  2. 2. • Advertisers have and will always follow consumer trends and technologies to reach their target markets.
  3. 3. The Beginning• The first Web Banner • October 25, 1994 • HotWired (the magazine, not the travel website) • The first commercial website that began selling ads in bulk• AT&T- You Will campaign • 468 x 60 static GIF
  4. 4. The Past• Web banners peaked during the .com boom in the 90’s.• US $8.2 Billion• Ads were usually 468 x 60 or smaller, static or animated GIFS with bright colors and graphics• Ad revenue dropped after the .com bust in the 2000’s.• Ads became expensive and CTR were low.• Pop up ads were annoying and did content was not targeted to correct audiences.
  5. 5. The Present
  6. 6. • Publishers and communications providers have and will always use advertising as a way to increase revenues.
  7. 7. • Well designed ads and apps are important to keeping your target audience engaged with your brand. Design Rules 1) Know where the banner is going to be displayed 2) Write great copy 3) Add quality, convincing graphics 4) Use appropriate fonts and colors 5) Follow the publisher’s rules 6) Create interaction NO YES
  8. 8. YES
  9. 9. • Technology like Flash Animation and Java Script allows for more interactive ads. The gameification of ads results in an increase in time spent with your brand and increases the value of your advertising.
  10. 10. Great examples• y_728x90_Exp_B_DerivePd10.asp•• Victoria Secret App• Candy Sports
  11. 11. • Through Google Adwords, Retargeting, Social Media and Mobile Apps, users can choose which ads they receive and helping brands increase sales. Facebook Ad Options Standard Facebook ad Consists of a simple title, photo and text Promote your page or specific posts within your page Choose your target audience, reach, and frequency Measure your ad’s performance Appears along the side of the newsfeed or next to a friend’s photo Promoted Posts Pay to ensure that your company’s post will appear near the top of your fan’s news feed Twitter Promoted Posts LinkedIn ads for B2B
  12. 12. Google Display Network and Retargeting••
  13. 13. The Future• Online advertising will continue to grow because of it’s tracking and targeting capabilities that traditional forms of advertising cannot compete with.
  14. 14. • Advertisers will run into new challenges when trying to reach targets as fragmentation increases.• The Internet in 2020 – 4 billion internet users – Growth coming from developing countries – Many devices will be connected to the internet • Computers • Cell phones • Tablets • Smart TVs • Buildings • Bridges • Roads• A user’s internet use will become more fragmented. – Computer at home – Tablet in meetings and class – Cell phone for on the go• Similar to when cable grew, this fragmentation will bring new challenges. – How can you remarket to users from their laptop to their cell phone?• Advertisers will work less with media sales representatives and more with automated placements with Google and Social Media.• Advertisers will spend a lot of time with analytics in order to measure ROI across different devices.
  15. 15. • New Technology will allow for new advertising opportunities. • •
  16. 16. Example of Digital Media Plan for a local Baltimore client Digital Media Recommendation 12/10/12 Client Logo Agency Logo
  17. 17. Objective• Increase awareness and raise the consideration for the client in their communities.• Campaign Dates: December 1, 2012- June 30, 2013 Target Audience• Adults 35-54• Located in Baltimore, Harford, Carroll and Howard Counties• Looking for general practice/ specialty physicians in their community Client Logo Agency Logo
  18. 18. Campaign Goals• Reach target audience across a variety of digital platforms• Use a variety of techniques to increase ad frequency• Run in conjunction with traditional media ads for a fully integrated campaign• Use existing creative for easy recognition Client Logo Agency Logo
  19. 19. StrategyGoogle Search- 30%ROS Display Banners- 40%Retargeting Display Banners-10%Mobile- 15%Social Media- 5% Client Logo Agency Logo
  20. 20. Search• Focus 30% of the digital media budget on Google Adwords• Run throughout campaign: Dec 1, 2012- June 30, 2013• Target users in key zip codes Retargeting • Use Google Retargeting tool to capture visitors after page abandonment • Non- expandable boxes and leaderboards • Tool to use throughout the campaign Client Logo Agency Logo
  21. 21. Display Advertising• Local news sites continue to be an important and influential part of individuals’ lives. • Important information source • High level of trustworthiness • Respectability• Ads will run in conjunction with the local traditional media outlets.• Expandable boxes and leaderboards in standard sizes across all sites. Client Logo Agency Logo
  22. 22. Display Advertising DECEMBER JANUARY FEB MARCH APRIL MAY JUNEInteractive 26 3 10 17 24 31 7 14 21 28 4 11 18 25 4 11 18 25 1 8 15 22 29 6 13 20 27 3 10 17 24WBALTV.comROS Geotargeted to target zipcodesBaltimore County News ChannelCarroll County News ChannelHoward County News ChannelHarford County News ChannelWJZTV.comROS Geotargeted to target zipcodesCBS HealthWatch ChannelABC2News.comROS Geotargeted to target zipcodesLifestyle ChannelBaltimore County News ChannelCarroll County News ChannelHoward County News ChannelHarford County News ChannelBaltimoreSun.comROS Geotargeted to target zipcodesHealth Section Client Logo Agency Logo
  23. 23. Mobile • Reach target audience at the right place and time • Use of mobile devices are growing at a fast rate • 35,000 apps on Millennial Media’s platform DECEMBER JANUARY FEB MARCH APRIL MAY JUNEMobile 26 3 10 17 24 31 7 14 21 28 4 11 18 25 4 11 18 25 1 8 15 22 29 6 13 20 27 3 10 17 24Millennial MediaVariety of mobile apps and games geotargeted to targetzipcodesWJZ MobileWJZ apps geotargeted to target zipcodes Client Logo Agency Logo
  24. 24. Social Media• 30% of Facebook users are within the target age range• Focus a small percentage of the media budget on Facebook ads• Inexpensive and easy to find target audience• Standard Facebook ad including headline, copy, and image Client Logo Agency Logo
  25. 25. Summary• Focus on Google search and retargeting throughout campaign• Use local news websites in conjunction with local traditional media• Increase frequency by running ads across multiple channels and devices• Use existing and matching creative across campaign for low creative costs and high recognition Client Logo Agency Logo