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Service Expansion Press Release


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Expansion of services in fragment-based screening, assay development and virtual screening

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Service Expansion Press Release

  1. 1. Domainex announces the expansion ofits assay services and the launch of itsunique fragment-based screeningcollection.Cambridge, UK, 6th January 2012.Domainex Ltd., the UK-based fully integrated drug discovery companyfocused on speed and innovation, has significantly increased its discoveryservice capabilities, to include assay development and fragment-basedscreening.This expansion enables Domainex to screen small molecule compoundsagainst a variety of enzymatic and protein-protein interaction targets, usingboth biochemical and biophysical assay techniques. Domainex is able toutilise its in silico LeadBuilder technology to identify hits and has investedin the establishment of a new and unique collection of chemical fragmentsto provide its clients with a diverse range of starting points for discoveryprograms.The fragment collection has considerable advantages over othercommercially-available collections of fragments, as it contains a morediverse range of pharmacophores without any increase in lipophilicity. Theconsequence of this is that Domainex’s fragment collection is likely toreveal more potent hits than alternative collections and hits that can bedevelopable in the absence of an x-ray crystal structure.Domainex offers fully integrated services in drug discovery which includemolecular biology, including its patented Combinatorial Domain Huntingtechnology; protein purification and characterisation; assay development;hit identification; computational chemistry and medicinal chemistry.Domainex’s track record of delivery is superb, already resulting in fivecandidate drugs for clients, three of which have entered clinical trials.Dr Joanne McCudden, Head of Business Development at Domainex said:“The addition of increased capacity and expansion of Domainex’s
  2. 2. capabilities in assay development and small molecule screening, offers ourclients a new and efficient way of finding hits against their drug targets.Domainex’s fragment-based screening is particularly powerful whencoupled with Domainex’s unique protein expression capability, whichenables the rapid cloning of target proteins including those which canotherwise be difficult. Domainex can now take a target through to a hitwithin a few months in a very cost-effective way. Exactly what drugdiscovery companies of all sizes need in the present demandingenvironment”.• For more information see: or contact:Joanne McCuddenHead of Business +44 (0)1993 201 801 Discovery Platform | Research Pipeline | Discovery Services | About Us 162 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, CB4 0GH