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With the publication of the Digital Britain report, the government has committed to making its data more available in a reusable format. Some local authorities are also following suit, with a few councils already making moves to open up their data. I'll be talking about my approach to open data at Lichfield District Council

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  • I've added the audio track to this presentation now, it cuts out after 18 minutes or so, but most of the presentation is there!

    For fun, why not count the amount of times I say 'um' and 'er'?
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  1. 1. A local authority approach to Stuart Harrison information sharing Lichfield District Council suzannelong
  2. 2. What is open data? Web pages make sense to people They don't make sense to machines Information should be accessible to machines as well as people
  3. 3. A standard webpage Information is unstructured Difficult to export into different systems without human interaction
  4. 4. XML Structured information Easy to take from one system and put into another
  5. 6. Screen scraping Used by sites like OpenlyLocal, Planning Alerts etc Duplication of effort Risk of things breaking Time consuming Auntie P
  6. 7. Twitterplan Uses data provided by PlanningAlerts Sends direct message to user With standard data – took 2 days to build As of Monday – currently suspended :(
  7. 8. Lichfield District Council's approach 'Steady as she goes' Listen to the community and find out what they want Find quick wins
  8. 10. RSS Feeds *Some* planning data Food Safety inspections Local facilities and attractions If it's in an online database – we'll add it!
  9. 11. Easy ways to open data Allow me to demonstrate...
  10. 12. Why open data? Allows us to engage with different audience Makes engagement a 'many to many' arrangement 'Failure for free' It's going to happen anyway
  11. 14. What are the barriers? Licensing (Ordnance Survey in particular) Lack of awareness Lack of technical knowledge in web teams Lack of interest from suppliers Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
  12. 15. The future Two words: Linked Data Links different types of data across the wider web Championed by Tim Berners-Lee Allows web pages to be read by machines and people Already being used by central government
  13. 16. Thank you Stuart Harrison [email_address] 01543 308779