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  1. 1. Freight Rate Volatility to be highlighted at the 2013 TPM Conference. NEWARK, N.J., Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week Asia to Europespot container rates soared 35% in a single week. Asia to Mediterraneanrates were up 66% last week, while trans-Pacific rates climbed as well.In October, rates surged by roughly the same amount only to give up allof those gains in subsequent weeks. As Alphaliner analyst Hua Joo Tantold TPM (1) See TP monitor.(2) (Transactions Per Minute) The number of transactions processed within one minute. See TPS.(3) (Trusted Platform M Asia in October, "2012 has been the most volatile in theindustrys history as far as the rates are concerned," whileSeaIntel said this week that "for all seven major deep-sea tradesout of Asia, the market is becoming increasingly erratic. This poses asignificant challenge for carriers and shippers alike."The increasing volatility of ocean container freight rates will be akey topic discussed at the 2013 TPM conference on March 3-6 in LongBeach. One of the largest container shipping and logistics conferencesin the world, TPM is a key annual gathering for major shippers,carriers, 3PLs, ports, railroads and other participants in the oceancontainer supply chain.Although container rates have long been volatile, many believe thelevel of volatility now being witnessed in the major east-west marketsis unprecedented. It is the results of several factors, includingpersistent overcapacity o·ver·ca·pac·i·tyn.Too great a capacity for production of commodities or delivery of services in relation to actualneed: the problem of overcapacity in many large industries. that is resulting in more frequentadditions andwithdrawals of tonnage from major trades as carriers constantly adjustto maintain a balance of supply and demand.Two sessions at the 2013 TPM will address this issue specifically.The opening market session on the morning of Monday, March 4 willfeature Hua Joo Tan of Alphaliner, Hong Kong Hong Kong (hng kng), Mandarin Xianggang,special administrative region of China, formerly a British crown colony (2005 est. pop. 6,899,000),land area 422 sq mi (1,092 sq km), adjacent to Guangdong prov. based transport investmentanalyst Johnson Leung and JOC/PIERS economist Mario Moreno offering anoutlook of what 2013 looks like two months into the new year. The second
  2. 2. session will focus on index-linked contracts, a relatively new type ofservice contract in which shippers and carriers tie rates to publishedindices like the Shanghai Containerized con·tain·er· con·tain·er·ized, con·tain·er·iz·ing, con·tain·er·iz·es1. To package (cargo) in large standardized containers for efficient shipping and handling.2. Freight Index, CTS (1) (Clear To Send) The RS-232 signal sent from the receiving station tothe transmitting station that indicates it is ready to accept data. Contrast with RTS.(2) (Common Type System) The data typing used in. or otherindices as a way to mitigate volatility. That session will be led by EdSands, Logistics Global Practice Leader at Procurian and will featureBCOs including Gregg Ramos, Global Director Transportation &Execution, Anheuser-Busch InBev.Timed at the start of the service contract negotiating cycle for theeastbound trans-Pacific, TPM is a content-rich event featuring dozens ofsenior-level industry executives addressing the most topical andpressing issues. The program is developed by the JOC JOC Journal of CommerceJOC Joint Operations CenterJOC Jars of Clay (band)JOC Job Order ContractJOC Journal of Organic ChemistryJOC Jeunesse Ouvriere Catholique (French)JOC Judgment of Conviction editorial teamincluding Bill Mongelluzzo, Joseph Bonney, Peter Leach, and consultantBarry Horowitz Barry Horowitz (born Barry Shabazz on March 24, 1960 in St. Petersburg, Florida)is an American professional wrestler, arguably best known for his stint as a jobber in the WorldWrestling Federation. based on their extensive experience and industrycoverage. TPM has become a must-attend event timed to the beginning ofthe annual service contract negotiating cycle, bringing together seniorexecutives from across the full global container supply chain. Lastyears attendance of more than 1,800 people broke event records.TPM is now the largest event of its kind in the world.For more information, follow TPM on Twitter @TPMconferences and, forthe complete TPM 2013 agenda, or to register, The Journal of Commerce: Since 1827, The Journal of Commerce
  3. 3. has been the most trusted source of intelligence for internationallogistics The negotiating, planning, and implementation of supporting logistic arrangementsbetween nations, their forces, and agencies. It includes furnishing logistic support (major enditems, materiel, and/or services) to, or receiving logistic support from, one or more friendly foreignexecutives to help them plan global supply chains and bettermanage day-to-day transportation of goods and commodities in the UnitedStates United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000),3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the worlds third largestcountry in population and the fourth largest country in area. and internationally.To become a member of The Journal of Commerce click here. JOCmembers have access to our weekly print and digital magazine and Website, as well as a 10 percent discount on all JOC events and tradeshows, UBM Global Trade Directories and select PIERS products.Authoritative editorial content in the form of daily news, weeklyanalysis and regular features ensure our members have the informationand data necessary to understand the issues facing trucking, rail andmaritime transportation. Members enjoy access to " By theNumbers," an exclusive weekly compilation of key industrystatistics that provides detailed views of current market trends acrossall modes. Regular market intelligence reports -- utilizing PIERS tradedata -- include Top 100 Imports and Exporters, quarterly Top 40Container lines, Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Maritime Forecasts andTop Container Ports and Terminals. Market-sector supplements, includingBreakbulk, Cool Cargoes, 3PL, JOC Guide to Trucking and others, ensureall modes are comprehensively covered.About UBM Global Trade - UBM Global Trade is the leading provider ofproprietary data, news, business intelligence and analytical contentsupporting commercial maritime, rail, trucking, warehousing andlogistics industries worldwide. The companys portfolio of morethan 100 online, print and interactive workflow business solutionsincludes The Journal of Commerce, Breakbulk, RailResource, PIERS and anarray of international trade and transportation databases anddirectories. UBM Global Trade, a subsidiary of UBM plc, is headquarteredin Newark, NJ, with offices throughout the United States. For moreinformation, explore or call 800-223-0243(+1-973-776-8660 outside the U.S. or Canada).
  4. 4. SOURCE The Journal of Commercejeunesse globaljeunesse global review