Heat exchanger design


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Learn about how to do heat exchanger design.

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Heat exchanger design

  1. 1. Heat Exchangers - a new round of developmentOur company - major manufacturer and supplier of heat transfer equipment to the US market. This yearour team celebrates its 10-year anniversary of its foundation. In the late 90s the PEX Universecompany has taken a leading position in the market of heat exchange equipment in the Canada and US,has established itself as a manufacturer of high quality and durable heat exchangers. Promisingdirection of development at the present time is the production and supply of the US market of heatexchange equipment, which meets all the requirements and has the best to date-value, with the best tomeet needs and demands of consumers. Owning a high production potential allows the company tocreate a PEX Universe heat transfer equipment of tomorrow today.Equipment supplied by PEX Universe:• collapsible plate heat exchangers;• welded plate heat exchangers;• brazed plate heat exchangers;
  2. 2. • automated heating units;• Ball valve with electric drive;• Heat pumps "air-water" and "water-water". At the 8th International Exhibition SHK Seattle - 2012, held from 23 to 27 May 2012, in the seventhPavilion Exhibition Complex company provide the full range of supplies and promising newdevelopment, just entering a US market of plate heat exchangers. Also presented a new productionmodels of heat pumps "water-water" and already proven model "air water." Heat exchangers are the most numerous group of thermal equipment, which is currently in the USmarket has the highest growth rates. Stand out in this field plate heat exchange device. This is due tothe advent of a lot of experience in the operation of these units. To date, development of this area goesto the most favorable quality revolution. Improve the quality and durability, the ever-expanding scope,and cost while significantly decreasing.Trends in the development of modern industry and heat trigger the emergence of new types of heatexchange systems that can meet the increasingly stringent requirements of operation and participate inprocesses where conventional plate heat exchangers can not be used. Thus, the correct choice of thetype of heat exchange equipment used is a critical task. Welded plate heat exchanger PSHE PEX Universe - a product that is based on many years ofexperience in the technology of heat transfer. These heat exchangers are best to date technicalparameters of heat exchangers. PEX Universe exchanger combines the best qualities of plate and shelland tube heat exchangers:• High pressure• high operating temperature• High density and efficiency• Resistance to temperature changes• resistance to extreme pressure• resistance to aggressive media• Modular design• durabilityThe main technical parameters of heat exchangers:- Operating temperature from -200 ° C to +600 ° C;- Operating pressure 16, 25 and 40 bar;- Max. working pressure up to 100 bar;- Max .. heat exchange area 690 m2 (one unit)- Ability to work with use of highly heat-transfer fluids;- No seals (laser welded heat transfer tapes);- Heat magazine has a flexible structure (to counteract the pressure drop)Of particular note is the possibility (in collapsible models) remove the heat transfer tape for service,including mechanical cleaning. Also, it is worth noting that property exchanger as the ability to "self-cleaning", secured by high-quality surface treatment plates and high turbulence heat transfer fluids. Allthis provides a much lower tendency to soiling than traditional brazed plate heat exchangers. From all the above it can be concluded that the patented design of the brazed plate heat exchanger
  3. 3. PEX Universe "plate in a tube" is by far the most innovative and promising to meet all the requirementsof modern industry and energy. Nice to be noted that in most cases the cost of these devices does notexceed the cost of brazed plate heat exchangers with the same parameters.High growth rates and thermal power sectors require the purchase thermal equipment not only for theorganization of new industries, and upgrading of old plants.At the moment in the housing sector experiences a hard situation with the technical state of heatsystems. Often the equipment requires complete replacement. In this situation, in order to save fundsfor the reconstruction and reduce future maintenance costs required to find the most efficient from aneconomic and technical point of view the solution. This solution - automatic block heater factoryreadiness, the PEX Universe company designs and manufactures tailored to individual customerrequirements. Block automated heating units designed for connection to a central heating network and the heatingand hot water supply of residential and public buildings. In block heat paragraph provides commercialwater and heat meters, the regulation of heat supply in the heating, ventilation and hot water.PEX Universe company automated BTP began production in 1997. At the moment, the standardproduction line consists of three types of devices, oriented to work in steam, water centralizednetworks, and in the boiler with water temperature to 115 * C.Why we recommend the use of automated BTP:
  4. 4. • reduction of floor space to accommodate;• Reduce heat by taking into account the actual temperature of the outside air and a better heat;• reducing the cost of building the substation, by reducing the amount and timing of the installation andstart-up operations, transportation and procurement and overhead costs;• Fully automated control allows remote control and more precise control of heat exchange processes;• a built-in metering and regulation of heat makes it possible to create user-friendly dispatch system.By standard of radiant heat design, manufactured by PEX Universe consists of nodes that serve theheating and hot water supply (HVAC, and ventilation), and have a compact monoblock. Sectionaldimensions do not exceed 850 x 2000 mm in length from 2800 to 5500 mm, which enables the deliveryof PPP to the installation when mounted through the doorway.Equipment supplied by PEX Universe, fully adapted to ASTM standards and operating conditions, andhas the necessary permits and certificates. All products undergo stringent testing and commissioning, aswell as accompanied by a warranty and post warranty service.Heat Exchangers:  Brazed plate heat exchanger sizing.  Brazed plate heat exchanger quote request.  How heat exchangers work.  How to size a brazed plate heat exchanger.  How to size a water to air heat exchanger.