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Amina (new)

  1. 1. The Second MeBy William Peters and Kristine Degus
  2. 2. Target Audience• Our Target Audience will be both Male andFemale who are teenagers aged 13-19, asthey are more likely to be interested inhorror films.
  3. 3. The Actors• We will be using drama students will act in ourfilm, as they will need experience because it isa low budget art house film.
  4. 4. How would wePromote and Advertiseour film?• We will be promoting the film by socialnetworking, leaflets, posters, word of mouthetc. We can mostly promote this by ourselves.YouTube is a topic that we need to considerfor promotion and advertising.• We will upload our film on You Tube and YouTube will help us to advertise and promoteour film.
  5. 5. Advertising• We are going to be advertise our film in the localnewspaper journals, which is cheaper thanadvertising in bigger newspapers such as The Sun,The Guardian, and Daily Telegraph etc. We will beadvertising our film such as Posters, Leaflets, andInternet such as social networking etc. Most ofthe advertising can be done by us and it can alsobe free such as designing the posters and leafletsby Photoshop or software such as word, exceletc.
  6. 6. Prime SightPrime Sight is an advertising company that offer many services, they also advertisefilms.
  7. 7. RadioAdvantages• The Numbers- A lot of people listen to the radio eitherwhen they go to work or when they wake up etc. So radio iseffective because it can reaches potential customers.• The Cost- The cost of radio advertising is cheaper than anyother effective advertising such as TV.• Target audience- Radio advertising can be effective becauseof the radio station because it is designed to appeal to atarget audience e.g. Choice Fm is designed for mainlyteenagers rather than senior citizens this makes it easier topromote and advertise our short film as it appeals toteenagers.
  8. 8. Disadvantages• Impermanence- If a film is being promoted the viewer canonly hear that advertisement once until the radio stationplays it again.• Ad Clutter- The listener might get annoyed because of theamount of adverts that are being played on the radio sothey might decided to change the station. This means thatthe radio has lost a listener and the film has lost a potentialviewer.• Distraction – Radio can be seen as a distraction to listeners.If a listener is driving and they hear an advertisement thatthey are interested in, they are not be able to write downthe number because they are driving.
  9. 9. TV• Advantages• Numbers- Television can reach a large numberof people rather than newspapers as they have amore diverse audience.• Disadvantages• Competition – Our advert is in competition withother adverts and also the viewersattention. There is also a chance that your advertmight not be seen unless it can capture theviewers attention
  10. 10. Newspapers• Advantages• Numbers- Newspaper advertising allows you to reach to a huge number of people within in aparticular area.• Flexibility- You can decide the size of the advert and placement. Also their is also exposure, thereader can go back to the advert again and again.• Disadvantages• Expensive- An newspaper advert can be expensive but this is depending on how big your advert is.• Competition- Your advert has to compete against other adverts including most big adverts whichcan be mainly supermarkets, department stores etc.• Loyalty- Most viewers only read adverts once and then they throw it away. Also most readers don’ttend to read the adverts in the newspaper. Also most people don’t tend to read the newspapertheir tend to read stories of the internet, mobile apps etc.
  11. 11. Transit Advertising• Advantages• Frequency- This means the number of times a viewer watches an ad. Forexample, a person may ride the same train to and from work 10 times aweek. The ads on the outside of buses and cabs are seen by a larger anddiverse audience. Most ads are geographically targeted because you knowthe people that live in the area. This method of advertising is cheapcompared to may other advertising methods such as TV, Radio etc.• Disadvantages• Location- People may be so used to ads appearing in certain spaces thatthey don’t even see them. Transit ads are also hard to target youraudience because your advert can reach a lot of people but some may notbe potential customers. Also trains, buses may not suit the ad e.g.footlocker ad on the train. Also the surroundings may detract from yourmessage. A mud-splashed bus, a graffiti-sprayed train may not be theimage you had in your mind.
  12. 12. Advantages of Out door Advertising• Low entry cost.• Visible 24 hours a day which is Ideal forprompting an immediate response• Permanent roadside location
  13. 13. How would we get You Tube toadvertise our film?• You Tube will help us to advertise our filmbecause on their website and it is also freeand also they is no limit to people viewingthe film.
  14. 14. Online Advertising• Advantages• The Internet can reach can more people than otheradvertising campaigns at low cost. Internet advertisingis ideal for businesses as it has a more vast targetmarket. Internet advertising is also more cheaper thanother advertising methods such as Radio, TV etc.• Disadvantages• A disadvantage of advertising on the Internet is thatmarketing materials are automatically available foranyone in the world to copy such as Logos, images andtrademarks.
  15. 15. Leaflets• Advantages• Leaflets help to promote the company as well as enhancing thebusiness reputation. Leaflets are also cheap to make and veryeffective in advertising a business. They are also easy to make anddistribute.• Disadvantages• A disadvantage is that people may think of the leaflets as junk mailand not pay attention to them. It can can also be time consuming tocreate a design for the leaflet and the information that it containstherefore there may be a need to make sure that all of the leafletsare printed accurately with no errors.
  16. 16. Funding• The Funding will come from crowd funding,which means I can put my film idea on theinternet and people in the internet may offera certain amount of money in order to turnthis idea into a film but this is not necessaryreliable and another option is that they areschemes that are available to help young filmmakers.
  17. 17. Other Issues• The Crew would be media students whowould provide the equipment and I will givethem credit afterwards.• Music – I can ask many musicians who arelooking for a way to get their music heard onthe internet to send me their music and I willgive them credit when the film ends or I canmake the music myself.
  18. 18. Where would the film be shown?• I will show the film on as itthe cheap and it can reach a vast audienceand as YouTube has said that the advertisingwould be free. These reasons are why I wouldchoose this form of advertising and promotionfor my film. I will also show this film on somefilm festivals such as UK Film Festivals, AngelFilm Festival, Bird’s Eye View etc.