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Assessment & Evaluation? Sorry, but I'm too busy teaching


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Assessment & Evaluation? Sorry, but I'm too busy teaching

  1. 1. Joanne Pettis2012 ALT Branch ConferenceSorry, but I’m too busy teaching...
  2. 2. CLB renewalGovernmentprioritiesFocusing factors at work...
  3. 3. Government PriorityCLB Milestone TestPortfolio Based LanguageAssessment (PBLA)
  4. 4. Discussion 1Assessment is ______
  5. 5. Assessment is...a systematic approach tocollecting information onstudent learning andperformance based on varioussources of evidence to informteaching and help students learnmore.
  6. 6. Purposes of AssessmentDiagnostic (Placement/Needs)FormativeSummative
  7. 7. My Quest...An approach toassessment that would...fulfill diagnostic,formative andsummative assessmentpurposesreflect CLB principlespromote learningbuild on and enhanceteacher expertise
  8. 8. Advantages of TBAscopereduces cheatingvalidityreliabilityfairnessfeedbackpositive washbackempowers Ts & Ssexpertisecost-effective
  9. 9. TBA is valid & reliable when...clear standardsassessment tasks/criteriaclear goalsadequate resourcesopportunity for moderationpositive ‘assessment culture’
  10. 10. Questions...Does assessment improve studentlearning?If it does, are there assessment practicesthat are effective?
  11. 11. part of effective planningfocus on how Ss learncentral to classroom practicekey professional skillsensitive & constructive
  12. 12. motivatinglearning goals & criteriaguidance on how to improvefacilitate self-assessmentrecognizes all learning achievement
  13. 13. Select one or two of the assessment forlearning principles that stand out for you(see handout) and talk about why theystand out and what they mean for yourteaching.Discussion 2