Presentation of Family Rosary in Peru - 2012


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Presentation of Family Rosary in Peru for International Directors Meeting 2012

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Presentation of Family Rosary in Peru - 2012

  1. 1. Perú 2012
  2. 2. Firm in the faithwith MaryIncludes: Lectures and workshops in schools, parishes and catholic movements. Training programs in Marian Center for Spirituality. Worship and Rosary prayer events. Material to promote family prayer.
  3. 3. The topics for this year are:1. Lectio Divina or prayerful reading of Scripture.2. Family listening to the word of God.3. Contemplating the mysteries of the Rosary in the Scriptures.4. Firm in the faith with Mary.
  4. 4. We encourage every family wereach, to live strongly in theirfaith with the word of Godannounced, received, held, andmeditated in the Church. We offer these events to schools, parishes, church movements, as a complement for their training programs or as an independent program. These are aimed at students, parents, teachers and pastoral agents.
  5. 5. It’s located at ImmaculateConception chapel, belongs tothe parish Señor de laEsperanza in San Juan deLurigancho, Diocese ofChosica.Workshops, lectures, Biblecourses, spiritual retreats, andtraining for the Year ofFaith, for pastoral agents fromsurrounding parishes, everysaturday from 4:00pm to 5:30pm
  6. 6. Each program ends with aWorship and Rosary prayerevent.We also promote the devotionto the Pilgrim Virgin, who istaken by participants, eachweek, to visit hospitals, policestations and villages.
  7. 7. 77 Lectures and workshops held during the year.42 Lectures held in Marian Center.+100,000 Families reached nationwide.
  8. 8. Contemplate the face ofJesus along with Mary.Contemplation of the life ofChrist while we kneel beforethe Blessed Sacrament.These events are held inparishes for Marian feasts, asa closing event at the end ofeach program in Marian Centerfor Spirituality, and a specialone for Rosary Day in October.
  9. 9. During the events, wecontemplate the mysteries ofthe Rosary, followed by a shortspeech.The participants are organizedin groups to pray the rosary inturns.Both adults and children andyoung people, share thisexperience with faith.
  10. 10. We have produced newmaterial to promote familyprayer: A road that leads to love (Un camino que conduce al amor) The Holy Rosary, with comments from John Paul II (El Santo Rosario, con comentarios de Juan Pablo II) Family Celebrations booklets.
  11. 11. We colaborate with religiouscongregations and catholicmovements, donating rosariesand other material forevangelization.These missions are taken todistant villages, in themountains and jungle of thecountry.16,750 20,875 Rosaries donated Rosary instructions brochures donated
  12. 12. WebsiteFrequent updates• Important dates• Special events• Church news• PodcastSocial Network integration +28,000 Website searchs
  13. 13. Radio RosarioProgramms• Psicology and Family• Music• MeditationsProduction and recording ofspots, radio dramas, and otheraudio material for otherorganizations (Studio Peyton) Due to a progressive decrease on the number of listeners along this year,110 150 we stopped broadcasting on August.Programs produced Microprograms produced
  14. 14. Social neetworksFacebook• Website updates• Rosary Events• Pictures• Church news• Prayer intentionsTwitter• Posts replicating information from our website and Facebook accounts.• Links to live events (via Twitcam and Livestream)Youtube•• Formative and informative videos. Videos for new material and event promotion. +25,000 People reached
  15. 15. Conferences and Workshop Team María Zegarra Jorge Siesquén Miguel Pasache Walter Ardiles Fernando AlcántaraCentral office P. Roberto Baker C.S.C. Edith Alegre Tatiana Rivera Leonardo Vivas Petter HermozaOffices in provinces Iris Manucci (Piura) Julio Clavijo (Arequipa) Víctor Laurente (Tacna)
  16. 16. rosarioenfamilia@rosenfamperurosarioenfamilia