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Capta wlip credentials


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Capta wlip credentials

  1. 1. WLIP / Wunderman Listening PlatformProduct Credentials Wunderman
  2. 2. Wunderman Listening Platform§  WLIP is locally developed tool for monitoring and analysis of online conversations§  Covers discussions below articles, blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube as well on the very regional level - focused on the region of out interest and nothing else§  Based on advanced technology§  This tool has been successfully tested to handle all Central European languages and in fact, the technology is language - independent Wunderman
  3. 3. for Solving Business Problems§  Immediate customer feedback on products and services§  Effect of all communication activities and the introduction of new products / services§  Early identification of problems and the ability to immediately solve them (influencing discussions)§  Identifying sources of criticism to the level of identifying specific server and customer/visitor/blogger as well as the identification of active people online who have the strength to tear the attention, identification of brand ambassadors§  Detailed "mood" monitoring of various topics related to own and the competing brand Wunderman
  4. 4. Core Benefits§  Unlimited keywords§  Sophisticated system of organizing results into topics, categories and multiple tagging§  Self-learning engine§  Top level data at your fingertips in personalized dashboards§  Search of keyword of your interest in the entire data set§  Senior Data Analysts and Planners working the way through data towards actionable insights§  Local Research & Development team 24/7 support Wunderman
  5. 5. WLIP In Action Who What Where and Action how Wunderman
  6. 6. At the beginning, there are loads ofkeywords, hundreds of them.q  And we are looking for the proper mix that is organized into context Wunderman
  7. 7. We always make sure that with such keywordsfishnet, we capture everything, includingcompetitor products/services Wunderman
  8. 8. But we do not want to get lost q  Robust, but systematical taxonomy: 700 keywords in 72 categories a 10 topic groups (e.g. shopping process, specific campaigns, customer experience, competitors, negative sentiment,…) case Nokia Wunderman
  9. 9. Even the smallest sources will getuncovered! Who What Where and Action how Wunderman
  10. 10. Discovering the Places of Discussions q  Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania,… we can do them all q  At the very beginning, we use the keywords fishnet do discover all relevant sources of discussions, even the smallest ones q  And we still keep the option of including some preferred sources manually into the m Wunderman
  11. 11. Then, we can monitor all of them or focuson selected onesq  All sources can be segmented by topics, brand discussion & sentiment share,.. Wunderman
  12. 12. And then, when we know where, wecan focus on the content Who What Where and Action how Wunderman
  13. 13. It definitely makes sense to followtrending over time q  We keep our finger on the pulse of the online world: 24/7 Wunderman
  14. 14. But the volume is just one parameter. Wedive deeper into the actual content q  What words are being used q  What products/services get discussed most q  We created so called barometer of topics to be the first ones to discover new trends Wunderman
  15. 15. We Connect the Dots. Literally! q  Imagine you could find yourself in the 2D space, and see how close or far is the brand positioning from where you want it to be q  And where is the competition q  And you could see if you`re moving in the direction you want Wunderman
  16. 16. Deep Dive Analysis of Your Key Products 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9N8 compared with Apple iPhone 7 1 N8 positive reviews 4 Positive Neutral Symbian in N8 3 Negative N8 compared to Samsung 3 camera optics 1 1 Wunderman
  17. 17. Qualitative Analysis:Strengths & Weaknesses -  Modern design -  Remote controls (ergonomy, reactiveness, logics behind the controls orientation) -  High quality materials -  Missing/corrupt subtitles when streaming video -  Perfect image from external sources (e.g. USB disk, DIVX movies in general) -  OKsound -  Limited offer of supported video formats of -  The Ambilight function at night streamed videos (USB, ext. HDD) -  Low weight -  Still existing segment of traditional customers who require attached printed manual in local -  Low energy consumption language (overall category attribute) Wunderman
  18. 18. Ability to React in TimeIssue Model Source User DateStále se nemohu rozhodnout mezi tímto modelem TV a plazmouPanasonicem P42G20. Obrazově mi přijde plazma lepší, obávám 40PFL7605H - jen bzukotu,který trafo u tohoto modelu dle zkušeností u ivatelůčasto vydává (objevily se v souvislosti s tímto nějaké reklamace?).Mam Ex HDD.500G.a po připojeni na tv si chci přehrat HD film vmkv s DTS nebo AC3 zvukem obraz jede super ale zvuk nikolyv.Jakje to mo ne?HDD je ve formatu NTFS.U tv piši e usb rozhrani 40PFL5605H Miroslav Kirvej 22.12.podporuje FAT a nebo DOS.U Fatu nelze přehravat vetši souboryne 4G. a DOS jsem nezkoušel.Tak včem mu e bit problem?Chybi manuál v tištěné podobě.občas se zablokuje tv při vypnutí 32PFL5605H Jan Vokurka 19.12.domácího kina philips, musí se vypnout a znovu zapnout.Některá tlačítka na DO nejsou popsané. Tuner DVB-C neníaktivován pro Českou republiku, musí se nastavit na Finsko neboNěmecko ( není korektně zobrazovaná čeština) nebo Rakousko 32PFL5605H Pavel Pravdík 20.12.( čeština je v pořádku ale nejde na českých programech teletext).EPG je oproti jiným značkám dosti nepovedené, nezobrazuje sečasová osa.Dobrý den, je u této TV mo no přehrávat filmy z externího pevnéhodisku (nemyslím USB flashku), případně má to nějaká omezení 32PFL5405H Krejčí 28.11.(např. kapacita disku)?Dobrý den, mám u této TV problém s přijímáním dig. signálu přesvestavěný DVB-T tuner - obraz "kostičkuje", zvuk se seká, přitom jiná 32PFL5605H - 19.11.TV od jiného výrobce tento problém nemá - je tato "závada"reklamovatelná ?... … … … … Wunderman
  19. 19. See yourself how effectively you`re usingthe WLIP data and insights Wunderman
  20. 20. Big Brother, Redefined…q  We find definitely those who do the talking, be it on Facebook, Twitter ,YouTube or the most hidden forumq  We will find out where they talk, what is their portfolio and how do they rate you Wunderman
  21. 21. Online DashboardWunderman
  22. 22. WLIP Dashboard – Easy Navigation§  Overview of conversation volume for Microsoft and competitive brands§  Sources Analysis – most important blogs, forums, domains ranked by importance for Microsoft§  Topics analysis – most discussed issues, products, services,…§  Topic Maps and trending – correlations of topics as discussed online with dynamics tracking§  Sentiment ranking – of topics, brands, products, services,..§  Influencers – power users tracking§  Export of tables and charts data§  Export of partial or complete datafile into xls or txt file Wunderman
  23. 23. WLIP Dashboard – 24/7 Data Access q  Customized Dashboard for each client q  Dashboard options can be tweaked locally by each office to show only specific topics, specific brands, specific dates, etc... Wunderman
  24. 24. Data Export from the Dashboard q  Export of partial data just by clicking on specific table or chart q  Export of complete data, can be filtered by region, time range, topic group Wunderman
  25. 25. CredentialsWunderman
  26. 26. Correlation map of various PhilipsPhilips Czech products and influencers…§  Evaluation of purchase behavior of customers for various categories of goods§  SWOT Philips vs competitors§  Tracking key online influencers – amateur review writers and geeksReferences: Jiří Hauptmann, jiri.hauptmann@philips.comSenior Manager Public Relations, Online and ATL Topics communicated for various brands.. Finding places that matter in decision making process… Wunderman
  27. 27. Nutricia Czech Understanding the purchase decision trees§  Decision trees of customers§  Identification of the competing brands and products in each of the product category§  Image mapsReferences: David Vejtruba, david.vejtruba@danone.comMarketing Manager Babyfood, NutriciaDetailed semi-manual sentiment analysis, own and competingbrands Long term evaluation of the campaigns effect on brand name perception Wunderman
  28. 28. Nokia – CZ/SK/PL/HU/RO§  Detailed monitoring of Nokia and competing brands activities in the Tracking themost active influencers in various world of online buzz channels – own media, social media, overall, their§  PR events feedback relationship to Nokia, sentiment, topics covered..§  Content and form related recommendations for products/services related campaignsReferences: Peter Kovacs, peter.6.kovacs@nokia.comDigital Marketing Manager CE at Nokia Overview of communication volume for key products and services Wunderman
  29. 29. WLIP / Wunderman Listening Platform Wunderman