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in·cubator english

  1. 1. welcome to the natural talent & wealth in·cubator
  2. 2. [in·cu·ba·tor] An apparatus in which environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, can be observed and controlled. A place or situation that permits or encourages the formation and development, as of new ideas.
  3. 3. welcome note > we are facing the beginning of the 21st century. many wise people around the world prefer to call it a new era. you may ask yourself what is so new and so special about it? look around yourself. the world is pregnant of change, and the question is: “are you ready for it?”
  4. 4. 21st century > in this new era many new people will succeed in many new businesses that haven’t been invented yet, and the question is: “do you dare to be one of them?”
  5. 5. imagine it > imagine you are just one step from your natural wealth. it is so easy. just change the word “must” to the word “can”. can you? “yes, you can.”
  6. 6. the intention > to bring new original education that will prepare people for the new era.
  7. 7. i n t the principle d a i v l i d e u n a l t fun (do what activity (based you like the most) on natural talent) natural wealth
  8. 8. necessary steps we will open you (to your hidden-self) we will find you (what is your natural talent) we will prepare you (to use it consciously) we will shift you (towards new opportunities) we will direct you (to your natural wealth)
  9. 9. yearly plan 5.) wealth potential development 3 months 4.) new possibilities 1 month 3.) wealth dynamic coaching 3 months 2.) wealth dynamic 2 months 1.) consciousness, energy, time 1 month
  10. 10. teaching plan 5.) wealth potential development continuous individual talent development, online feedbacks + the knowledge development through original team projects... 4.) new possibilities (3 months) arts, sciences, technologies, original projects + own original project opening... (1 month) 3.) wealth dynamic coaching personal development based on the talent profile, definition of the natural energetic flow + original project determination... 2.) wealth dynamic (3 months) wealth dynamic context in today’s world, talent profile creation + basic strategy of its usage... 1.) consciousness, energy, time (2 months) 21st century and its new possibilities, human being and its role on earth + human energy potential and the time for its replenishment... (1 month)
  11. 11. every year unique vintage (with original outputs)
  12. 12. crucial themes talent dream change energy value development promise experience
  13. 13. talent profile sy st ac em cu m at iz ul at at io concentration center io n n trading business visions & ideas in st ar te ry rc on sk y ne ct io n communication
  14. 14. dream teams sy st ac em cu m at iz ul at at io concentration center io n n trading business visions & ideas in st te ar ry rc sk on y ne ct io n communication
  15. 15. real projects real life business projects naturally leading to new start-ups.
  16. 16. joint networking in·cubator graduate in·cubator graduate in·cubator graduate investor in·cubator graduate investor associate consultant in·cubator graduate connector KORMAN concepts
  17. 17. future vision
  18. 18. founding members petr václavek lenka papadakisová michael wagner 20 years in advertising, 20 years in education, 20 years in business, a neo-marketing pioneer, leader of educational co. , successful entrepreneur, strategist and energizer. successful entrepreneur. start-up specialist.
  19. 19. [ g i v e i t t i m e ]