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Rock color chart book


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Rock color chart book

  1. 1. geological ROCK-COLOR CHART with genuine Munsell color chips ® Produced by
  2. 2. geological ROCK-COLOR CHART with genuine Munsell color chips ® 2009 Year Revised | 2009 ProductionDate put into useThis publication is a revision of the previously published GeologicalSociety of America (GSA) Rock-Color Chart prepared by the Rock-ColorChart Committee (representing the U.S. Geological Survey, GSA, theAmerican Association of Petroleum Geologists, the Society of EconomicGeologists, and the Association of American State Geologists). Colorswithin this chart are the same as those used in previous GSA editions,and the chart was produced in cooperation with GSA. Produced by 4300 44th Street • Grand Rapids, MI 49512 • Tel: 877-888-1720 •
  3. 3. The Rock-Color ChartThe pages within this book are cleanable and can be exposed tothe standard environmental conditions that are met in the field.This does not mean that the book will be able to withstand all ofthe environmental conditions that it is exposed to in the field.For the cleaning of the colored pages, please make sure not touse a cleaning agent or materials that are coarse in nature. Thesematerials could either damage the surface of the color chips orcause the color chips to start to delaminate from the pages.With the specifying of the rock color it is important to rememberto replace the rock color chart book on a regular basis so that thecolors being specified are consistent from one individual to another.We recommend that you mark the date when you started to usethe the book. There is a space provided on the pevious page.It is recommend that you replace the book after two years ofuse. This time frame is suggested based upon typical usagepatterns and conditions.PurposeThis chart is designed primarily for field use, although it indicatesthe range of rock colors for all purposes. Names for colors otherthan those shown on the chart can be found in The UniversalColor Language and Color Names Dictionary (publicationPB 265-225, available from the U.S. Department of Commerce,National Technical Information Services {NTIS}, Springfield, VA22161).
  4. 4. Using the chartThe chart is chiefly of value in describing the colors of medium-tofine-grained rocks but is also helpful in working with coarse-grained rocks. In describing very coarse-grained rocks, such asporphyritic granites, it is necessary to give the color of eachmineral. The chart is designed to cover the range of the chiefrock-forming minerals such as feldspar, quartz, mica, andhornblende. If the rock is not too coarse grained, a blending of theindividual colors can be secured by spinning the specimen like acolor disc or by looking at the rock from a short distance and thusgetting a monotone that can be matched with the chips on thechart. The number and range of colors on the Rock-Color Chart arebased on studies of more than 1,300 selected rock specimenscollected from the United States. The colors of these rocks wereplotted on the Munsell charts, which served as a basis for selectingthe colors to be included. It is believed that the full range of rocksis covered by the chart, except possibly for very rare rocks of highchroma. A neutral mask is included with the chart for isolatingindividual colors.Wet vs. DryFor most rock colors, the chart will serve for both wet and dryspecimens. It will usually be found that wetting a rock specimenmerely decreases the value, that is, makes the specimen darker,but does not change the chroma. Accordingly, the Rock-ColorChart includes colors as far as possible into the dark range in orderto cover wet specimens as well as dry. For the first time, the chartincludes glossy chips for some of the dark colors. This wasnecessary to retain color accuracy within the system of notationused in the chart.
  5. 5. 5R 8/2 5R 7/4 5R 6/2 5R 6/6 5R 5/4 5R 4/2Grayish Pink Moderate Pink Pale Red Light Red Moderate Red Grayish Red 5R 4/6 5R 3/4 5R 2/2 5R 2/6 10R 8/2 10R 7/4Moderate Red Dusky Red Blackish Red Very Dark Red Grayish Orange Moderate Pink OrangePink10R 6/2 10R 6/6 10R 5/4 10R 4/2 10R 4/6 10R 3/4 Pale Red Moderate Reddish Pale Reddish Grayish Red Modderate Dark Reddish Orange Brown Reddish Brown Brown10R 2/2 5Y 8/4 5YR 7/2 5YR 6/4 5YR 5/2 5YR 5/6 Very Dusky Moderate Orange Grayish Orange Light Brown Pale Brown Light Brown Red Pink Pink5YR 4/4 5Y 3/2 5YR 3/4 5YR 2/2 10YR 8/2 10YR 8/6Moderate Brown Grayish Brown Moderate Brown Dusky Brown Very Pale Pale Yellowish Orange Orange10YR 7/4 10YR 6/2 10YR 6/6 10YR 5/4 10YR 4/2 10YR 2/2Grayish Orange Pale Yellowish Dark Yellowish Moderate Dark Yellowish Dusky Yellowish Brown Orange Yellowish Brown Brown Brown 5Y 8/4 5Y 7/2 5Y 7/6 5Y 6/4 5Y 5/2 5Y 5/6Grayish Yellow Yellowish Gray Moderate Dusky Yellow Light Olive Light Olive Yellow Gray Brown
  6. 6. Rock-Color Chart 2009 Revision
  7. 7. 5Y 4/4 5Y 3/2 10Y 8/2 10Y 7/4 10Y 6/2 10Y 6/6Moderate Olive Olive Gray Pale Greenish Moderate Pale Olive Dark Greenish Brown Yellow Greenish Yellow Yellow 10Y 5/4 10Y 4/2 5GY 7/2 5GY 7/4 5GY 5/2 5GY 3/2 Light Olive Grayish Olive Grayish Yellow Moderate Dusky Yellow Grayish Olive Green Yellow Green Green Green10GY 7/2 10GY 6/4 10GY 5/2 10GY 4/4 10GY 3/2Pale Yellowish Moderate Grayish Green Dark Yellowish Dusky Yellowish Green Yellowish Green Green Green 5G 7/2 5G 7/4 5G 6/6 5G 5/2 5G 5/6 5G 3/2 Pale Green Light Green Brilliant Green Moderate Moderate Dusky Green Yellow Green Green10G 8/2 10G 6/2 10G 4/2 5BG 7/2 5BG 6/6 5BG 5/2 Very Pale Pale Green Grayish Green Pale Blue Light Blue Grayish Blue Green Green Green Green5BG 4/6 5BG 3/2 5B 8/2 5B 7/6 5B 6/2 5B 5/6Moderate Blue Dusky Blue Very Pale Light Blue Pale Blue Moderate Blue Green Green Blue5PB 7/2 5PB 5/2 5PB 3/2 5P 6/2 5P 4/2 5P 2/2 Pale Blue Grayish Blue Dusky Blue Pale Purple Grayish Purple Very Dusky Purple
  8. 8. Rock-Color Chart 2009 Revision
  9. 9. 5RP 8/2 5RP 6/2 5RP 4/2 5RP 2/2 Pale Pink Pale Red Grayish Red Very Dusky Purple Purple Purple 5B 9/1 5G 8/1 5GY 8/1 5Y 8/1 5YR 8/1 5B 7/1 Bluish White Light Greenish Light Greenish Yellowish Gray Pinkish Gray Light Bluish Gray Gray Gray5YR 6/1 5Y 6/1 5G 6/1 5GY 6/1 5B 5/1 5G 4/1Light Brownish Light Olive Greenish Gray Greenish Gray Medium Bluish Dark Greenish Gray Gray Gray Gray5GY 4/1 5Y 4/1 5YR 4/1 5G 2/1 5GY 2/1 5Y 2/1Dark Greenish Olive Gray Brownish Gray Greenish Black Greenish Black Olive Black Gray5YR 2/1 Brownish Black N9 N8 N7 N6 N5 N4 White Very Light Light Gray Medium Light Medium Gray Medium Dark Gray Gray Gray N3 N2 N1 Dark Gray Grayish Black Black
  10. 10. Rock-Color Chart 2009 Revision
  11. 11. Refining the science of Color. To define color through precise color validation systems,contact Munsell Color at 877-888-1720 or visit