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Integrating Corporate Social
Responsibility in Community Relations
5 – 9 May, 2014 | Dubai, UAE.

This course is available...
This was a very good and informative course. I highly
recommend it to all CSR practitioner/staffs – Chika


interaction with stakeholders. Insights from the programme will
also provide delegates with the framework for action plann...
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Corporate Social Responsibility In Community Relations Training, Dubai, UAE


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For further enquiry, kindly visit; or call+971666986290, +2348037202432

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Corporate Social Responsibility In Community Relations Training, Dubai, UAE

  1. 1. Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility in Community Relations 5 – 9 May, 2014 | Dubai, UAE. This course is available for IN-HOUSE; For Further information, please contact: Tel: +234 8037202432, Email: Web:
  2. 2. This was a very good and informative course. I highly recommend it to all CSR practitioner/staffs – Chika (NNPC) - Environmental Action Planning The Regulatory Context/Complexities Social Responsibility Behaviour Benefits of Strategic CSR Approach OVERVIEW It is broadly accepted by policymakers that a community’s institutional environment or social infrastructure is a key determinant of economic growth pattern and poverty reduction. From this perspective, frameworks that promote sustainable coexistence and the rule of law are particularly conducive to desirable economic behaviour. This belief aid the deployment of corporate resources for community-driven initiatives designed to promote social cohesion and better governance at the local level. Nonetheless, can CSR initiatives alter local political dynamics and promote social cohesion for seamless business interplay? Can corporate-funded projects aimed at building local infrastructures and improving governance indeed have any effect on local patterns of cooperation and wellbeing? Our learning programme, “Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility in Community Relations” has been designed through field experience in aligning and integrating resources to socially responsible practices. The five day exercise will build capacity for industry practitioners in making and implementing key decisions that will enhance the engagement of community development stakeholders. LEARNING OBJECTIVE The concepts and frameworks discussed in the program will enable you;  Build and sustain your organisation’s CSR portfolios  Improve and set process for engaging key stakeholders  Provide initiatives that will promote shared values and better interaction  Identify the key CSR impacts of your organisation and develop a programme to prevent, minimise, restore or offset their effects  Know the key reporting standards and principles associated with CSR and how to use them  Have a clear understanding of business competitiveness and social responsibility  Enhance the value proposition. PERFORMANCE FOCUS Our programmes are significant investment for your workforce. They are designed to fill identified industry knowledge gap and provide hands-on applicable know-how that give participants a deeper insights on their deliverables. The various modules are cultured to encourage stakeholders to aspire the attainment of operational efficiency along the business chain. COURSE CONTENT Module One The Concept of CSR Scope of CSR Key Areas of Impact and Benefits Economic Social Module Two Corporate Governance and Accountability Basics of Corporate Governance Stakeholder Accountability. Corporate Behavior CSR and Business Strategy, Company’s CSR Potentials Analysis CSR Strategy Establishment Need Analysis Action Planning Ensuring Sustainability Corporate Ethics Issues Affecting Workforce Ethical Dilemmas Appraising Ethical Alternatives Module Three Stakeholders Engagement Stakeholder Identification and Dialogue Social Initiatives Assessment Community Expectation Accountability Proposal Development Assessing Key Risks Implementing CSR Programmes Implementation Case Studies Managing community projects Module Four WORKSHOP CSR Initiatives presently in existence in your organisations and their implications Formulation of Code of Conduct for Contractors and Strategies for Implementation Building and implementing your CSR strategy Module Five Reporting Transparency and Accountability Accredited Standards/Global Best Practice Tools and Strategies Measuring/Reporting on Community Investment Communicating to Stakeholders Linking CSR to Brands and Reputation Developing Communications Plan Finalisation, Discussion and identification of the key points that participants will bring back to their enterprises CURRICULUM This course is modelled to strengthen delegates’ know-how in community relations issues and provide them with proven strategies for promoting shared values and better communal
  3. 3. interaction with stakeholders. Insights from the programme will also provide delegates with the framework for action planning, evaluating, implementing and performance of programmes in this context; such that at the close of the programme, delegates will have sound proficiency in building relationships that promotes coherent coexistence through sustainable community development practice. The prospect of also networking with other delegates on industry issues will consolidate the know-how you will acquire during programme. Business Development Desk Petronomics Training 12A MabinuoriDawodu Street Gbagada Estate Phase 1, Lagos Telephone: Email: WHO SHOULD ATTEND This training is designed for those  CSR practitioners and executives responsible for managing CSR programmes as well as other CSR professionals who wish to advance their current level of CSR knowledge for their projects in hand.  Executives seeking an in-depth understanding of contemporary CSR issues.  Business executives and staff who are responsible for CSR and those who are looking to embark on reporting and communications initiatives. Communications professionals and investor relations managers will also find this course useful  Those who have the responsibility for planning and implementing engagements between their organisations and the local communities in which they do business DELIVERABLES Our training programmes are exciting learning events. All participants during the programme are entitled to all course materials and a certificate of participation. On a written request, we shall furnish you with a detailed report summarising our perception of participants’ strengths, areas for improvement and proposed action plans within four weeks of concluding the course. Our feedback process ensures your objectives are achieved by the conclusion of our training process. 234 1 8426905-6 0803 720 2432 +971556985290 ABOUT US At Petronomics, energy expertise is our resource and inspiring competence is what we enjoy. The application of knowledge in driving innovation and ultimately possibilities is the catalyst that steer a distinctive value proposition. Braced with visionary advisory board, inspired/cultured workforce and experience faculty, we provide superior intellectual resource pool that bridge competency gap for industry operators. The benefits of our expertise are accessible through learning programmes, research and conference services; a blend that sets us as the preferred pool, professionals approach to upgrade business skills. THE LEARNING APPROACH In driving innovation and industry excellence, we develop skills and experience that employers value by offering a comprehensive range of flexible learning options to meet their workforce development needs through a broad range of learning approach that offers intensive and enjoyable experience to participants. Participants benefit from lectures, case study analysis, group discussion, workshop, and are also encouraged to learn from other managers and professionals on their programme by sharing ideas and experiences. We place a particular emphasis on group work where participants’ real life situations are used as vehicles for learning. PROGRAMME FEE FACULTY The programme fee covers tuition, course materials. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Our cancellation policy applies. USD$3,000 IN-HOUSE TRAINING Petronomics Training can work with your organization to provide the course to meet your budget at your convenience (time and location) in the comfort of your working environment. This collaborative effort, emphasize actionable learning, the application of theory in practice and combine core business skills/technical knowledge with dynamic leadership training. If you would like to discuss possible collaboration in developing inhouse training, please contact on the details below. REGISTRATION To nominate a participant for this training, kindly forward the details of your nominated participants, (i.e. name, email address, telephone nos.) and stating the course your participant are registered. Key to our approach is the quality to the faculty members. Every faculty member on our 20 member team is rigorously assessed and contracted in line with our Standard Operating Procedure. Each of them understands that they have to deliver training and supporting documentation to the highest standard. They comprise of professionals with outstanding track records in their area of specialty. Whilst they bring to bear several years of handson experience in the industry, they are committed to knowledge growth and have an understanding of the link between strategy and knowledge capital. LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Our programmes are conducted in a decent and cozy environment globally. We ensure that our participants are relaxed to refresh in an ambience well conducive for inspiring and creative brainstorming that accelerate the learning curve of individual participants. In consolidation of our value chain, locations are carefully considered using our five star QC indicator like security, banquet facilities, accessibility and customer services. Our programme team works with the facility staff to ensure a personal and warm welcome to participants.