Music video evaluation 2


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Music video evaluation 2

  1. 1. Music video evaluation<br />Petron a Thomas<br />
  2. 2. Question 1-In what way does your music video use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products<br />
  3. 3. In what way does our music video use convention of different media products<br />In our music video we decided to use, develop and challenge convention or available media products which I will expand on throughout the PowerPoint presentation<br />I think the main which you can say out music product was conventional is the shots of the video where we decided to use the green room to record the performance shots think our whole main point of doing this was to establish the lead singer in the video-as we believed that this will make the video more appealing and add another effect rather than the whole video being based on the chaotic based story line of the video. I think what also makes the performance shots affective is we kept the green room as it was too add a bit of roughage<br />Also with out the genre of out song being punk rock it would only be right to have a video with the chaotic rebellious effect which we decided to adapt in our own music video, with the 3 girls (artist)going on rampage stealing smoking, drinking in the park generally what can be interpreted as care free, not considering the consequences of their action, these are the general concepts that you would expect to see in a punk rock genre music video so we didn't want to take away from that<br />
  5. 5. In what way does our music video develop convention of different media products<br />The ways in which our music video developed the conventions of usual; punk rock videos is:<br />First of all the artists don't appear in the video and on top of that we our artists in the video are female whereas the artists who actually perform the song are male , which upon research I have not found this to happens a whole lot <br />I think other ways in which we developed on are media product was through the storyline in which we decided the concept was going to be to follow the girls over a period of a typical day in their life, I think the way in which we developed the conventions is through the editing as we wanted to be able to capture a day in the life of the artist “in 3 something minutes and make the audience feel like they were part of the video and encapture the vibe of the song this was mostly done through the mise-en scene such as the shot outside the train station and the shot in the shop where they were stealing we wanted to try make this realistic as possible ,which was done by us encapturin the shot with the camera following as if it was someone else<br />
  6. 6. How we developed our conventions<br />By using this shot with the camera we wanted to have the effect of using the camera so it would have the effect of it looking like some one chasing them put we wanted it to have a different affect to what you would see in usual videos<br />We wanted to take the rebellious behaviour to nest level and expand an experiment with the types of shots so by using this long shot of them being rebellious in the train station<br />
  7. 7. In what way does our music video challenge convention of different media products<br />I think this was the most important aspect for our video to be able to challenge the conventions successfully <br />In the video we decided to go all out the first main way in which we challenged the conventions of the video was the fact that we decided to use females for the role in the first place and the fact that they had to inhabit the male rebellious behaviour, the most important effect we wanted to do was to be able to defy the stereotypes of women successfully <br />With women's being stereotyped as caring ,nurturing being seen as less powerful than men and represented as inferior in all aspects of life <br />The way in which we defied this was through the video in which the females took on the manly role such drinking smoking stealing being generally rebellious, but we also wanted to put across the fact that women can do just as much as the men can do , but we also wanted to try keep their feminine side represented through the costume, with it being women clothes with a masculine touch<br />
  8. 8. How we challenged conventions<br />This being a representation in which thier costume was to a be a representation of being masculine with out actually being men's wear<br />This image being an exact example of women defying stereotype type and exhibiting the fact that they can do every other thing a man can do as seen <br />
  9. 9. Question 2-how effective is the combination of our main product and ancilliary<br />
  10. 10. The effectiveness of the 3 products together is that it is selling to the audience and telling them exactly what they are going to get psychologically proven to make more money as the audience are able to trust the product and appreciate the effort and the work put into the carefully organised products<br />
  11. 11. I would say that our video worked very well with our poster and digipak as the whole point of our video was to challenge the stereotypical view of women and not only hot they are represented in society but also my by the media<br />The main way in which we tried to challenge the stereotypical view of women in our video was by basically showing them in a different light for e.g. in our video we had them drinking, smoking stealing and generally acting rebellious we tried to back this up by our digipak and poster by naming the album gendercide which is a made up word which the audience anyone else to witness this would straight away be able to interpret as not being aimed at a specific sex as the word gendercide basically generally broadly cover both sexes which we wanted to do as our video does have a woman miming to the lyrics of the man which again helped us to challenge female stereotypes “showing that women” can do anything a man can do<br />With the digipak being called gencercide deviance deviant sociologically means actions or behaviours that violate social norms and values which is exactly what we did in our video with that generally being the concept of the video with us using the females to represent what society would label as deviant behaviour<br />
  12. 12. This being out digipak advert cover called gender gendercide as explained what it means in previous slide is a great choice of title as it represents exactly what we were trying tonterpret in our video<br />One of the various “rebellious” behaviours used in out music video<br />
  13. 13. Question 3-what have you learnt from the audience feedback<br />
  14. 14. The effectiveness of audience feedback<br />Audience feedback was probably the one of the most valued pieces of information that we were able to use and successfully apply to our final music product to make it what it has become: throughout this slide I am going o expand on the value of this information and the different areas to which it was used<br />the audience feedback was don through many ways such as written interviews and interviews ,questionnaires which we then used to apply to the development and final produce of the video<br />
  15. 15. Copy of interview with on of our target audience members<br />
  16. 16. Audience feedback on the development stage of video<br />The first aspect in which we decided audience feedback and opinion would be most values was through the development stage of our ideas one we has chooses the song and the artist we decided that we wanted to find our target audience whose age range actually ended up being 18-25<br />Once we found the age range of our particular genre being punk -rock we decided that our focus group would be of ten 18-25 year old females whose we would then use throughout other development of our music vide<br />One of the most important question our group wanted to know before we even decided to draft ideas for the story board was what type of vibe/feel did they look to get when they watched the video being that this video was basically going to be a representation of them we felt their opinion mattered allot as they would me a small handful of our bigger audience<br />Our most repeated answers in not so much word was they wanted, the video to be fun, something which they could relate to ,but also and most importantly defy the stereotype of women having to be sensible and not valued as human beings who are unable to have fun due to their sex something which is very wrongly prejudiced by society <br />With this information we were able to expand and crate our ideas for the video<br />
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Audience feedback throughout the filming<br />As already mentioned audience feed back was very important in the creation of our music video was very valuable in different aspects of the video which i will now expand on<br />Mise-en-scene<br />Costume was one of the most important aspects of the video in all. As our original idea being we wanted to be able to represent out characters in the video and being rebellious and as they were enacting the role of men we wanted to be able to capture that and on audience feedback our focus group agreed but our most commented feedback which we decided to act on was to execute the male persona through the costume but also be able to keep it feminine which I think we successfully did throughout the video and on feedback from our focus group they majority agreed though some did feel that it was too masculine in some areas which we accept<br />
  19. 19. This print screen showing the main costume throughout the video which took great consideration but ultimately we thin we captured the male persona with a feminine touch<br />
  20. 20. With set design we used a vast amount of settings being, houses ,shops, parks train stations etc , we didn't want to keep it our setting in one place and that be the focus we wanted the video to have a chaotic wild care free fun vibe which was originally requested by our target audience in the developments stage of the video, and upon feedback our audience unanimously agreed on our experimentation with different settings and the way we used them<br />Lighting was an aspect which we did not need audience feedback on throughout the development stage nor the filming but audience feedback did come in very handy during the editing stage as we decided we didn't want to go the conventional route of colour and capturing the lighting how it was , we decided on a black and white very intense contrast as we didn't particularly want the lighting taking focus off the video and experimentation through the video itself we wanted to create a tone which was intense through out the video but be able to keep with the fun rocking side of the music and video which upon , feedback we did have to change the tone throughout as some of the audience would comment on the lighting and contrast being to dark and some would comment on the lighting not being effective enough, which in the end taking in to account audience feedback we were able to find a happy medium which a majority of out focus group agreeing the final lighting was intense enough for the video....result!!!!!<br />
  21. 21. This is a random printscreen of one of the setting being the park and them enacting rebellious behaviour<br />I think i really great e.g. of the lighting and the effect we wanted to create is within this shot<br />
  22. 22. Audience feed back during editing<br />Audience feedback was probably and ultimately most valuable in both the film and editing stages particularly the editing<br />The audience feedback came in very handy during the editing stages as previously mentioned through other slides but also because it allowed for our focus group to be able to watch through out the editing process and allot for us to get ideas on how to expand on the creativity of the video one of our main and most effective examples being whilst editing the original pieces of footage not only had we found that we had enough footage to create a video during its time limit creatively but ,our audience feedback also allowed us to get ideas on what extra pieces of footage we could decide to use which is where the train station shots came about as our audience expressed that they thought the video was to broad and generally they wanted something out of the box which is how we came up with that idea<br />
  23. 23. Audience feedback during filming<br />As already mentioned the audience feed back came in very handy during the editing in which our focus group decided our captured footage was to broad so we decided to go out and capture more shot in experimental angled I think one of the most effective pieces of footage that stand out to me is the train station extreme long but also high shot with a crane effect was very effective which when asked what they thought a majority of our focus group agreed that this shot be the shot that stood out most dramatically through out the video<br />
  24. 24. This capture was expressed by our focus group but on a personal level as being a very effective creative piece of filming<br />
  25. 25. Question 4-how did we use any new media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages of the video<br />
  26. 26. Technologies used in the research stage were....<br />During the research stage the technology we and I mostly used were :<br />The internet which came in most handy in order for me to be able to my video ,genre ,artist research ,also my video analysis ... The reason it being most effective is that at a click of a button I had access to all the necessary resources I needed in order for me to be able to carry out me necessary research in order for me to be able to contribute to the development of the video .such as Google .but also YouTube came in very handy when it came to audience feed back<br />And of course the most used 21st century piece of equipment being the mobile phone another piece of technology that cam in useful when it came to audience feedback<br />Another use of resource that cam in handy was Microsoft which was very important for the essay writing and analysis which we had to carry our in order to successfully research what we needed to<br />Also another resource that came in handy was the digital camera in order for us to be able to capture shots for the story board and help us to develop ideas<br />
  27. 27. Technologies used in the filming stage were<br />The technology that came most valuable during the filming stage was the camera reason was that its high quality allowed for us to be able to capture the high quality almost professional like filming ,also due to the high quality of the camera we were able to experiment with different shot which we might not have been able to do had we not had such a good quality camera<br />An e.g. of which ,which I believe to be most effective was extreme long shot tilted down at the station ,and the shot in which the camera is tilted up as I believe the effect that it creates and adds to the video is more professional like that we ever imagined<br />Also another piece of equipment we decided to use was the steady cam this was an experiment as this technology is fairly new and none of us had worked it before in our live s, the steady cam was to be used for hand held shot in which the device should be able to keep the camera steady ,something which we struggled with tremendously as it was hard to secure and be able to balance the camera on the device ,we also found it to be have and put a lot of pressure on our wrist another thing is we found that's with the whole point of this device being to create a steady shot this was hard to accomplish so we didn't not use this device on more than 1 occasion though when we did we found the shot came out with the handheld affect we wanted to create , this was the scene in which one of the characters are smoking <br />
  28. 28. Google search engine came in very handy and as very much used during the research stages<br />YouTube was also a site very much used during the research process<br />
  29. 29. Another effective piece of equipment during filming was the tripod, this came in most effective as it kept the camera steady and also allowed for us to capture the necessary shots needed , such as medium shot of one of the characters getting ready the effectiveness of the tripod is that it allowed for us to be able to captured the shot smoothly with out their being any shakes useful wen it came to editing<br />
  30. 30. Technology used during editing<br />Though I didn't personally edit myself 1 piece of technology that came in very handy was ‘final cut express’ which upon asking my other group members how this was a help the expressed that it came in handy in various was such as chopping up shots to suit the video, speeding up the speed of the shot to either suit the music or video ,it was good for he different editing styles such as the elliptical editing as it gave the illusion to the audience that they everything happened in sequence which was effective in order for our audience to be able to capture the very essence of the video, one great e.g. of the editing and where it came in handy was in the shot where the two characters are racing out a house to meet their other friend and just to add a different affect we slowed down the shot when their runinng down the stairs just because we thought it would add a little substance to the video<br />
  31. 31. One of our most used pieces of equipment during filming<br />Images of the difficult steady cam<br />
  32. 32. Things we had to overcome and my overall opinion on the whole music video making processs<br />I think with us being a group of 5 when it came to filming and deciding time to film their were a few hiccups as we had to work round 5 different schedules though when over come we were able to work in harmony and capture the footage we needed for the video .another thing we had to try and over come was the costume changes and setting something we wished to consider before filming e.g. being that when it did came to filming it was done overall on a process of about 3 months during which time costume errors did arouse which was not good as this affected the projected storyline of the video, but is something we later over came by shuffling the storyline about a little bit, also agreeing because the filming period when editing when we did decide that we needed to recapture some shots we found that it was difficult to return to some settings so we again over came this bit shuffling the storyline a bit and finding new setting that would fitting nicely and not distract the structure of the video<br />