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Jamil Benabdallah (APIER & Detente Consultants) presentation for MICERO Academy Conference 2012 / Brasov

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Presentation urban tourism

  1. 1. 1Détente ConsultantsUrban tourism
  2. 2. 2Détente ConsultantsUrban tourism: some key elementsUrbantourismA more andmorepopulartourismproductA short stay(max.3days)Adestinationnot furtherthan 3 h offlightA tourismproductcomplementary to themainholidaysA productadapted tothe maintargetclientele ofRomaniaIt oftenrepresents asudden buyingpattern as it isconnected to aspecial offer oran event:festival, expo,etc.The city-breakers:urban dwellers whousually travel incouple without kidsor with friends.They tend to be fromhigherincome/statussocial groups
  3. 3. 3Détente ConsultantsExpectation of urban touristsDifferent urbantourist profiles butcomplementaryexpectationsA smooth city with a mobilityfacilitated by a fluid informationand transportation networkAnxious : waits to bereassured on the visitA practical cityA city of happening, but also a city ofmemory: rich in heritage but full oflife, thanks to cultural events,gatherings, etc..Impulsive : departureis decided on thespot, late, by aspecial events / desireA magic city thatsurprisesAdventurer : lookingfor a geographicaland emotionalwanderingA different city thatpromises anescapade from dailylifeClever: discovers thebest quality / priceofferA playful, fun,recreational cityLooking for a surprising city, fun and practical.The urban tourist will want to be constantly informed, along his journey to discover this destination.Profiles forurbantourists
  4. 4. 4Détente ConsultantsUrban tourism: characteristicsMajor tendencies in urban tourism:• Towns and cities try very hard to differentiate themselves, build ontheir specificities and attract through intensive event agendas…• Urban space itself becomes a stageThe town has tobe playful, festiveand sustainable• Development of tourism related networks of locals: greeters (e.g.:Berlinezer, etc.)• The need for tourists to “live the life of a local”, to integrate as full aspossible: “repeaters in Paris”Encountering andinteracting withlocals• The increasing interest in visiting and discovering off the beatentrack attractions and places: favelas, contemporary living area, etc.• New motivations for travelling apart from the traditional cultural-patrimonial and shopping ones : industrial tourism, natural areas inurban surroundings, ethnic tourism, etc.Decentralizationof touristic areasin the city
  5. 5. 5Détente ConsultantsUrban tourism: characteristicsNew strategies and instruments for marketing the urban tourism destinations and products:IT instrumentsfor promotionandinformation• Multimedia guides,mobile app.• Augmented realityFree andinstantlyavailableinformation• Before, during andafter the trip• Mobile websites,free access to WiFi,etc.Web 2.0• Contents that aregenerated by end-users/tourists aretrusted andresearched• Social networking(facebook, twitter,tripadvisor, …) forconveying themessageThemultiplicationof influencers“many tomany”• Institutions• Private providers• Clients• Locals• Networks offriends andcommunitiesTerritorialbrandingdevelopment• The city brandingcombiningtourism,residential andeconomic aspectsis on the increase• Targetinginternationalvisibility bybuilding on localspecificities
  6. 6. 6Détente ConsultantsUrban renovation/revitalization through tourism: All this was possible because this offerresponds to a increasing demand.• Often urban tourism (business or leisure) has developed by a strategic work on the offer offer and by inserting it in amuch wider urban strategy (renovation and reconversion of ancient urban areas, economica development, creationand promotion of local brands, …)• The following models can be identified:o Metropolitan areas that have put the tourism industry and events’ management in the center of their strategies : Sevile,Barcelona, Valencia, Athens, … These have in common the following features :o Creation of a major event as a launching elements or catalyst (Universal Expo in Seville, the Olympics in Barcelonaor Turin, European Capital of Culture in Galsgow or Lille, …)o Prioritizing the tourism activity, espacially the urban renovation: reclaiming the port area in Barcelona for leisureactivities, creation of a adventure park in Seville, creation of large touristic equipement (Cité des Sciences,aquarium, …) in Valencia, urban renovation in Athens, but all with a special emphasis on the touristic and leisureactivity.o Bilbao targeted the world level architectural creation (Guggenheim Museum) for attracting limelight, creating abrand and boosting the urban renovation based on the industrial heritage and problems of the town.o Metropolitan areas who have invested in leisure tourism, meetings and professional events as part of a broader strategy.Examples:o Marseille : rebranding the port with its cultural, leisure and touristic activities (150 milion € investments).o Lyon with a lot of investement in the MICE tourism (palais des congrès,, renovation of Tony Garnier venue,annoncement of the construction of a expo park), and in the leisure tourism : obtaining a UNESCO World HeritageSite classification and the creation of a great cultural venue on a department level : the Museum des Confluences.o Hanover : strategy based on business tourism, especially based on fairs and expositions. The Universal Expo hasobtained important external financing (EU, the German State, etc.).
  7. 7. 7Détente ConsultantsUrban renovation/revitalization through tourism• Longtime seen as a self-standing activity, urban tourism is increasingly perceived as an instrument andfacilitator for the creation and promotion of the attractivity of the big towns/cities in Europe.o Urban tourism remains and important economic sector (industry) but its connections to othersectors becomes increasingly important : it generates new equipments/infrastructures (museums,accomodation facilities, restaurants, etc.) with an impact on the quality of life of residents.o From another perspective the tourism development leverages the cities image and perception: if atown is viewed as a touristic destination this gives it some of the attributes that makes it attractivenot only for tourists but also for its inhabitants and the business sector as a whole.o Cities increasingly implement territorial branding strategies that are based on tourism arguments « IAmsterdam », « Only Lyon », « Be Berlin », the famous « I Love NY ».• The instruments for the promotion of urban destinations are diversifiying in a decisive way :o There was usually a barrier between the promotion and communication actions on the one hand andthe tourist information and tourism development ones on the othero These barriers are becoming irrelevant as the quality of the information a town gives to its visitorsrepresents nowadays an important element in the seduction and promotion process. The originalityof the tourism products is also a promotion element per se.o In an urban setting the modernity and interactivity of tourism products/offers is an essential featureas the urban environment is by its nature is the place of innovation and modernity.
  8. 8. 8Détente Consultants• The main characteristics that enable the evaluation of touristic town arebased on the traditional tourism offer, but the way in which the touristsdiscover it has changes dramaticallyo Heritage and culture are still the basis of tourism attraction. Yet, theway in which these are highlighted has evolved considerably:o The staging of museums and heritage places are playful andincreasingly use IT solutions and tools to guide and inform.o The discovery tours integrate also this tendancy to integrate newtechnology and multimedia instruments.o The use of virtual reality and augmented reality as a tourismguiding instrument is still limited due to the high price it entailso Some themes are extremly popular among urban tourists:o A rather scientifical culture, especially for meno The discovery of gardens, British clientele si very attracted tothis themeo Contemporary art and its place in the public areas, especiallyamongst young tourists (with a special interest amongstnorthern European young tourists)Urban renovation/revitalization through tourism
  9. 9. 9Détente Consultantso Event management is also a rapidly evolving featureoThe event strategy is a key element in creatingtourism attractivity for a town that is in a constantsearch of originality. The budgets are big but theimpact is very important.oOn the other hand having a event agenda that isbalanced and includes an event for each part of theseason is an important aspect for an urbandestination: something has to be happeningeverytime in the city!oThese events are also occasions to discover in adifferent manner the traditional heritage of the city:e.g. light shows on the façade of the Chatre Cathedral,oThe creation of major events outside of the maintouristic season can represent a good way to increasethe tourism circulation during the low season:Strasbourg and its Christmas fairs has managed tohave its highest occupancy rates for hotels inDecember, something unheard of in France!Urban renovation/revitalization through tourism
  10. 10. 10Détente ConsultantsAmsterdam
  11. 11. 11Détente ConsultantsTourism in AmsterdamThe evolution of foreign tourist’s overnights in Amsterdamcompared to European cities 1987-2007 (index)o The forecast for hotel capacity in the metropolitan area ofAmsterdam in 2015 is of 13,500 hotel rooms, out of which 9000will be located inside Amsterdam. The Amsterdam tourism board targets the clientelesaccording to their life-cycle.E.g.: the French clientele is beginning its decline butthe Chinese, Indian and Russian ones are emerging.
  12. 12. 12Détente ConsultantsMarketing strategy 2009-2012Positioning / ImagesAmsterdam as a destinationis:A water metropolis (sea,rivers, canals, polders, …)A regional metropolis, yetretaining its humandimensionDevelopment strategyMultiplying the direct andindirect effects of tourismand creating new jobsImprove Amsterdam’sperceptionSupporting sustainabledevelopmentAmsterdam as aninternational businessdestinationCruise market developmentCommunication planTargeted publicitycampaingsOrganising eventsSocial networkingAmbassadorsGuides….
  13. 13. 13Détente ConsultantsCity CardDirect access toFacebookAmbassadorsnetworko The website of the Tourism Board of Amsterdam and itslogo « I amsterdam »
  14. 14. 14Détente Consultantso Facebook page « I amsterdam »o Ambasadors network webpage
  15. 15. 15Détente ConsultantsBilbao
  16. 16. 16Détente ConsultantsTourism development strategy of BilbaoAmbition :• Urban and socialtransformation -regeneration of the city• Economic dynamism -develop tertiary andtouristic activities aroundthe industrial tissue of theregion• Creation of a « brand »,associating the nameBilbao to the image of acultural city and animportant landmark ofcontemporaryarchitecture.Key factors forsuccess• A coherent strategy builtfor the entire city and theregion• An ambitious and boldcultural policy: worldrenowned GuggenheimMuseum of contemporaryart• Focus on architectureinvolving prestigious(Gehry, Calatrava,Foster), but also localtalented architects• Important infrastructureworks that have allowedthe release of land fornew urban developmentprojects• Offensive communicationstrategyTotal investment of3.609 million Euro:• Guggenheim Museum: 144million Euro (financedmainly by the Basquegovernment and theprovince of Biscava, whilethe city-hall gave thelands)• Congress Hall: 84 demillion Euro• Airport : 204 million Euro• Urban developments inBilbao : 288 million Euro• Urban developmentsaround Bilbao : 108million Euro• Subway network : 1 491million EuroPublic-privatepartnership:• Europe / State / Region /Province / City – gatheredin an strong structure:Bilbao Ria 2000Context : Embedded in a river valley where available land is scarce, Bilbao had to face in 1980 the decline of itstraditional industries (heavy industry, steel mills, shipyards). In 1987 one revitalization plan, developed in collaborationwith the authorities in Madrid and in the Basque province, formalized the ambition of the city of Bilbao :
  17. 17. 17Détente ConsultantsA development around a structure – element: the Guggenheim MuseumGuggenheim MuseumCultural and business hubSan MamésStadium40 000 seatsA new culture and business hub on Ria,between the Guggenheim Museum and theCongress Hall: 35 hectares on the strategic site ofAbandoïbarra. Program :o 80.000 m² office spaces.o 31.000 m² mall.o Hotels.o Extension of the University area.o 800 new apartments.o 200.000 m² of green spaces andconstruction free areas.o Promenade along the banks andintegration with the 3 km pedestriancircuit along the Ria.o Pedestrian bridge to connect the twobanks
  18. 18. 18Détente ConsultantsCommunicationFocus on culture:World capital of design,concerts, events,…
  19. 19. 19Détente ConsultantsMarketingDirect access toreservation andpurchase system of« Bilbao Card »
  20. 20. 20Détente ConsultantsZoom on the reservation systemGeolocation ofaccommodation offersA guide for the hotelsand restaurantsAvailable places live andin real timeDaily promotions
  21. 21. 21Détente ConsultantsRiga
  22. 22. 22Détente ConsultantsRiga : city of contrastso European Capital of Culture in 2014o UNESCO city historical centreo But also, a city where the tourism bynight is developing and becoming moreattractive for numerous English« staggers »
  23. 23. 23Détente Consultants« Stag Parties » in Riga : main target of Low-cost airlinesConcept« Stag Parties » (Bachelor parties) : a wild week-end among friendsIn order to insure a high occupancy rate for the flights to the Baltic Countries, low-cost airlines, likeRyanair, don’t hesitate to target groups of young Englishmen who are looking for cheap « Stag Parties ».Ryanair Riga promotion for English clientele : « Cheap Beer, Cheap girls »ProductOn average, a return flight to Riga costs less than 50 Euro. The Ryanair return flight London –Riga alcosts only 9 Euro (trade agreement between the company and the Latvian authorities)Other touristic products: Strip Limousine, paint-ball in an old Russian army base, driving an oldRussian car and running it into a tree on a race track …Between 2004 and 2008 : + 53% « staggers » in Riga
  24. 24. 24Détente ConsultantsMarketing the « Stag parties »A tour-operator / Travelling agency that is specialized in organising « Stag parties »vacations
  25. 25. 25Détente ConsultantsOfficial website of the Tourism Office in RigaOfficial communicationon the « Blonds’parade », in the heart ofthe City of BeautifulWomenPresentation ofRiga’s patrimony