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Is cash mojo safe


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Is cash mojo safe

  1. 1. Cash Mojo ReviewCash Mojo, found online at, is a loan matching service whichprovides customers looking for short term loans of up to $2,500 with lenderswho can meet your needs.Short term loans, sometimes called payday loans, are loans of limited fundsthat are intended to be paid back within a short period of time. Because theseloans are often provided to borrowers with bad or no credit, they also usuallycarry higher interest rates and fees.The website states that on the due date of your loan repayment, you will beexpected to repay the loan amount, interest, and any charges or other feesthat were accrued. These rates and fees will be explained to you by thelenders before you agree to accept the funds.If you are uncomfortable with the terms of the loan you are being offered ordo not believe that you will be able to repay the loan when expected, there isno obligation to accept the loan.Unfortunately, the question of whether short term loans are legit or safe forconsumers has been hotly debated, and currently some states will not allow
  2. 2. short term lenders to operate within their state, including online.Because of this, Cash Mojo is unable to work with consumers from Oregon,Arizona, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Georgia.Other consumers still interested in pursuing a short term loan need only toprovide their name, age, bank account information, employment and monthlyincome information, and the amount of the loan they need to apply.If you have any questions about the service provided by Cash Mojo, you cancontact them via email or phone number, 866-337-5616. If you have anycomplaints or issues with your individual loan offers, you must contact thelenders directly.If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Cash Mojoreviews below.