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  1. 1. KHALID MEHMOOD JAVAIDContact:32 Edgepark Rise NWCalgary, Alberta, Canada, T3A 4G4Cell # 780 716 2484, 587 707 2484e-mail: khalidme@ualberta.caPersonal Statement Recently I have completed my masters in geology from the University of Alberta. I have about 10 years diversifiedoil industry experience and have served British Petroleum (Pakistan), Tullow Pakistan (Developments) Limited ,OMV G.m.b.H Exploration and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL). I have been involved in exploration anddevelopment activities starting from well monitoring to seismic interpretation. In addition to in-house G&G work Iparticipated in a number of field excursions for surface geological mapping and section measurements for theevaluation of the reservoir and the source rocks.Professional HistorySep 2008 – April 2011: Worked as teaching assistant and research assistant at the University of Alberta, Edmonton.Feb 2008 – August 2008: Worked as a member of the development geology team at British Petroleum (BP) Pakistan.May 2007 – Feb 2008: Worked as geologist in the Exploration Department of Tullow Pakistan (Developments) Limited.April 2004 – April 2007: Worked as a geologist in the Exploration and Reservoir department, OMV (Pakistan) G.m.b.H.July 2001 – March 2004: Worked as assistant geologist in Exploration department of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL).Research / Field Experience • Geological fieldwork, Kennetcook-Windsor Basin, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada (M.Sc thesis work, July- August, 2009) • Dhadar (Northern Kirthar Range) geological fieldwork 2004 • Pishin (Northwest of Quetta, Pakistan) geological fieldwork 2003 • Jhamat (Western Potwar, Pakistan) geological fieldwork 2002 • Mianwali (Re-entrant) geological fieldwork, Lakki and Marwat Ranges, Pakistan (November – December 2000). • Attock-Hazara Fold & Thrust Belt (Lesser Himalaya, Pakistan): Original large scale lithostructural mapping of the Thandiani area covering 60 sq. km near Abbottabad, a sedimentary Terrain of Northwest Himalayas (M. Sc Thesis work, Jun 1999 and Jun-Jul 2000). • Well site Geology: Worked as wellsite Geologist at Miano-8, Sawan-5, Duljan-1RE & Sawan-10 drilled in the Platform area of Middle Indus basin, Pakistan.Assignment History/ Work Experience
  2. 2. • Seismic interpretation (2D and 3D dataset) and mapping at the tops of basement, the Horton Bluff and the Cheverie formations: Kennetcook-Windsor Basin, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada (funded project with the Triangle Petroleum Corp., Denver, US). • Regional Stratigraphic and Structural Correlations of Miano, Sawan, Kadanwari, Nawabshah and Guddu offset wells for 1D and 3D basin modeling studies and standardized Stratigraphic Nomenclature in the Middle Indus Basin. • Geological interpretation of wireline logs and correlations of exploratory and development wells drilled in the Middle Indus basin, Pakistan. • Seismic interpretation / mapping of Lower Goru Intra “C” flooding surface in the Sawan, Kadanwari & South West Miano-II area, Pakistan. • Fault interpretation and correlations at the Base Tertiary level in Sawan, Gambat and South West Miano-II (2D seismic) & Adiani-Kadanwari area (3D seismic), Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan • 3D Seismic interpretation of Tertiary carbonates ( Habib Rahi member & Pirkoh member) and Intra Paleocene Ranikot clastics in Sawan-Adiani-Gambat area, Middle Indus basin, Pakistan • Structural Interpretation of 2D seismic data of Jhangara Block, Laki Range, Southern Kirthar Range, Pakistan • Structural interpretation/mapping of 2D seismic data of Zamurdan block, Sulaiman foredeep, Pakistan. • Structural interpretation/mapping of 2D seismic data of Sari South over Taj Muhammad Prospect, Southern Kirthar Range, Pakistan. • Indus Regional Well database Project and documentation of Atlas of Stratigraphy based on well logs signature and seismic correlation for Middle Indus Basin. • Reserves Estimates of Maliri prospect (Jhangara E.L) for Pab, Zamurdan for Z lead, Taj Muhammad prospect for Dunghan, Ranikot and Pab using MMRA (Multi-Mode Risk & Reserve Size Analysis). • Thickness (Isopach), net to gross, net reservoir and porosity maps of Lockhart, Hangu, Lumshiwal, Datta reservoir and prospect proposal & well prognosis of 1st exploration well in the Kohat block. • Prospect evaluation, risk assessment, Lead ranking of Block-28 (Southern Sulaiman foldbelt, Pakistan) and reserves estimation of potential leads. • Prospect Evaluation Jhangara Block (Maliri Prospect, Laki Range, Kirthar foldbelt, Pakistan), Dumbar Block (Kambhu, Taj Muhammad, Zirkani, Dumbar, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan), Zamurdan Block, Z lead ( Sulaiman foredeep, Pakistan), Sari South Block (Taj Muhammad lead, Southern Kirthar Range, Pakistan), Ketwaro Block ( Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan), Karsal Block (Central Potwar, Pakistan), Mumin Block (western Pishin Basin, Pakistan), Nushki Block (Southern Pishin, Pakistan).Education M.Sc. (Geology) 1st class (May, 2011) Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. M.Sc. (Geology) 1st class (Jan, 2001) Institute of Geology, Specialization in Petroleum - structure University of the Punjab, Lahore, PakistanSoftware Skills
  3. 3. • Geoframe 4.0.4 (charisma seismic interpretation, well-picks, well-edit and well-composite, litho toolkit etc) • Petrosys (V14.4.1, mapping software) • EMS (Exploration Management System, Landmark) • Global mapper 10 • GIS (ESRI 9.1) • Geolite 5 (mud logging suit) • WinPICS V.5.3 ( Seismic interpretation/mapping package) • Landmark seisworks and Z-map • Seisware 7.1 • Petrel (Schlumberger) 10.2Training Courses AttendedSeismotectonics of PakistanOrganized by University of the Punjab in collaboration with Atomic Energy Mineral Centre Lahore (20 – 22 March2001)Isotope GeologyOrganized by Postgraduate Centre for Earth sciences, Punjab University Lahore (March 29 to April 3, 2001).Introduction to Petroleum Geochemistry, Fluid inclusion & Over – pressures in Sedimentary Basins.Organized by the University of the Punjab in collaboration with Newcastle, UK (4 – 5 Jan 2000).Landslides: identification, Analysis and RemediationOrganized by University of the Punjab in collaboration with Kent State University, Ohio USA (24 Dec. to 21 Jan2000).Regional Post Graduate Training Course on Plate TectonicsOrganized by University of the Punjab in collaboration with United Nations Educational, Scientific and CulturalOrganization, UNESCO (April 30 to May 8 , 1999).-Fluvial SedimentologyOrganized by University of the Punjab in collaboration with Geological Survey of Pakistan GSP (April 27 to May 101998).Intorduction to Exploration GeochemistryOrganized by OGTI (September 6 to 10, 2004).Integrated Sequence StratigraphyOrganized by PPEPCA in collaboration with Robertson (July 20 to 26, 2003).Structural and Petroleum Geology of Otway-Gippsland basin Melbourne (Australia)Field Trip organized by AAPG and PESA (Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia) (Oct 30, 2006 to Nov 4,2006).An Introduction to Reservoir Engineering (Aberdeen)Organized by Nautilus in Aberdeen (Scotland) (Nov 27, 2006 to Nov 30, 2006).Sequence Stratigraphy for Graduate StudentsOrganized by SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) in Calgary, Canada (Sep 11, 2010 to Sep 12, 2010).International Petroleum Conferences / Professional MeetingsAttended CSPG (Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists) annual conferences held in Calgary in 2009 and 2010.Attended AAPG international Conferences held in Perth (Australia, 2006) and Calgary (Canada, 2010)Attended PAPG (Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geologists) annual conferences held in Pakistan during2004-2008.Professional AffiliationsActive Member of American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)Student member of CSPG (Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists)
  4. 4. Student Member of Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)Foreign Licensee of Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA)(under process)