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Green dc (1)

  1. 1. Green Data CenterHigh Density Cooling Solution
  2. 2. An Alarming Truth Commercial IT causes around 2 % of global CO2 emission - just as much as world-wide air traffic![Gartner]
  3. 3. Global Datacenter Power Consumption Equals 14 large power stations (1000 MW) !„Estimating total power consumption by servers in the U.S: and the world”,Jonathan G. Koomey, Februar 2007
  4. 4. Why Data Volumes Are Exploding: each and every company, authority, institute … runs a data center critical business processes don’t work without IT global economic growth new applications every new software release needs more resources communication via internet voice, radio, pictures, video, TV abundant data storage traffic, facility (…) control …
  5. 5. Up to 25 kW Load per Rack Today !
  6. 6. IT Infrastructure energy efficient server and storage units consolidation on high performance systems, blades e.g. virtual desktops / thin clients server- and storage virtualization dynamic IT Each Watt saved counts twice!„In the data center, power and cooling costs more than the IT it supports”,Christian L. Belady, Electronics Cooling, Februar 2007
  7. 7. A “Continuous Explosion” (I) “Continuous Explosion” [Netcraft]
  8. 8. The CIO Dilemma to guarantee performance and availability to keep cost under control
  9. 9. How Much Power Does Your Data Center Need?
  10. 10. The Power Bill is Your Best Consultant
  11. 11. Your Levers: IT Infrastructure - Server - Storage - Network Physical Infrastructure - Power - Cooling
  12. 12. 50% of DC Power for Physical Infrastructure Electricity Lighting, etc. Transformer/ 3% UPS Air 10% Movement 12% IT Equipment 50% Cooling 25% The direction of energy efficiency Source: EYP Mission Critical Facilities Inc., New York
  13. 13. Conventional Cooling Reaches its Limits Source: ASHRAE 2005 max. 5 (10)kW / rack - depending on dc design
  14. 14. Common situation in data centres Too cold Very high air flow rate Too much by pass air Recirculation Low air return temperature No compromise with reliability and availability
  15. 15. Green Data CenterSolutions
  16. 16. CoolFlex: open architectureCoolFlex:
  17. 17. Benefits of CoolFlex • Complete air flow for server cooling • No by pass air • Lower velocity • Very low power consumption of CRAC fans • Higher heat transfer due to higher temperature difference • No hot spots • Higher supply air temperature • Higher free cooling ration • More redundancy
  18. 18. CoolFlex, What to doCoolFlex,• Data Centre site assessment• Create cold zones according to data centre layout• Close all air leaking cut outs of the raised floor• Separate cold and hot zone inside the server rack• Add a roof top over the cold zone• Add a door at the end of the aisle
  19. 19. Benefits of closed architecture: Knürr CoolTherm Knürr - minimal air circulation - short air flow path - highest delta T / air return temperature - highest coolant feed / return temperature free cooling chiller efficiency - up to 35 kW per rack - even cooling air temperature - no heat load to the room - rack individual adjustment / control - low noise emission - individual smoke detection / fire suppression
  20. 20. Energy Efficiency Ene rgy Ef ficie ncy 15 °C 53,6°F 64,4°F 75,2°F
  21. 21. Reduction of carbon dioxide Electricity Lighting, etc. Transformer/ 3% UPS Air 10% 25 kW CoolTherm Movement 12% IT Equipment 50% Cooling 25% CoolTherm fan power consumption app. 4% of server head load App. only 20% of compressor usage of the chilled water plant Low water back pressurePower usage Traditional Data Centres CoolTherm 25 kW acc. EYP Mission Critical Facilites Knürr Power input Power per year CO2 per year Power input Power per year CO2 per yearServer 25 kW 219 MWh/a 120 t/a 25 kW 219 MWh/a 120 t/aAir Movement 6 kW 53 MWh/a 27 t/a 1 kW 9 MWh/a 5 t/aCooling 12,5 kW 110 MWh/a 60 t/a 2 kW 18 MWh/a 10 t/a CoolTherm CO2 saving 72 t per year German power mix: 0,55kg CO2 /kWh / VED
  22. 22. Reduction of carbon dioxide Electricity Lighting, etc. Transformer/ 3% UPS Air 10% Movement 12% IT Equipment 50% Cooling 25%
  23. 23. Solutions and conclusions Duct and guide the supply air Free air flow of return air Minimize the duct system Minimize the velocity Minimize the hydraulic resistors C R A C
  24. 24. Thank you for your attention