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Marko Pjaca_scout report_aug 2016


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Scout report of Marca Pjaca (aug 2016)

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Marko Pjaca_scout report_aug 2016

  1. 1. ` Scouting report Marko Pjaca (Croatia) Aug 2016
  2. 2. 2 Main position: Left winger Second position: attacking midfielder / right winger Age: 21 (6th May 1995) Height: 186 Nationality: Croatia Foot: right Market value: 18 mill, € (300% YOY increase) National team player - from 15/16 season Key performance indicators • Consistency in goals+assists in last 2 seasons (in Dinamo Zagreb): 2015/16: 52 games, 13 goals + 7 assists 2014/15: 48 games, 14 goals + 6 assists • High efficiency of dribbles – 62% (5 successful per game) • Good shot accuracy – 43% (2 shots per game) • Excellent pass accuracy in final third – 77% • 2 key passes per game Marko Pjaca - information Which one is your favourite position on the pitch? “I mostly play behind strikers, as offensive midfielder, or winger. I’ve also played as striker but it is not a decision that I have to take”
  3. 3. 3 Marko is physically developed and fast (especially with high acceleration) winger with excellent dribbling skills. He is primarily right-footed and usually plays on the left, preferring cutting in. But he can also use his left foot to good effect in take-ons. He plays confidently in final third and fast in making decisions (dribble in most cases or one-touch pass). In addition to dribbling obsession the player shows high passing accuracy in final third (2 key passes per game, 80% assists were done from central zone above the box) and combination-minded player. He is consistent goalscorer (12-13 per season) - shows good shooting accuracy (43%) and prefers one- touch shot getting the ball in the penalty box. Also he is efficient at collecting ball bounces in the box (16% of goals). The player fits mostly the team with attacking mentality. He possesses the ability to play across the front of the pitch give some flexibility in setting up team. Marko will be more successful playing with forwards who are able to combine and ready to makes runs into the box behinds defenders. Due to dribbling skills he will be valuable asset for the leading teams who often face defensive-minded opponent. He has playing experience in international level (Euro-16, CL). Self-confident and industrious person. Shortage of tactical competence in defensive actions can not be considered as restriction so the player is able to learn (high grades in school, know foreign languages). The latter is also pros for fast adaptation in team. Summary
  4. 4. 4 During offensive organization Marko mainly looking for free zones in the final third – he rarely drops down for getting the ball in the center of the field. When partner with the ball he takes nearest free spaces for short pass in forward. He prefers receiving low pass as he is not consistent on receiving high balls from technical sides. Marko Pjaca: without the ball in team’s offense Despite playing on the flank he likes to cut in, taking the position of offensive midfielder - getting free space behind defensive midfielder of an opponent (mostly in semi-flanks). Overall he is combination-minded player - after giving the ball to a nearby partner he sprints forward to open space to receive a pass in return. He is very good at “1-2” combination. Marko is inclined to play 1-2 combination
  5. 5. 5 The strongest skill is dribbling. He is excellent on the ball. His dribbling based on fast change of directions thanks to using both foots. In most cases Marko run into dribbling after receiving the ball. Marko Pjaca: with the ball • Receiving the ball on the flank - he narrows the angle and prefer plays 1-2 combination above the box. If the opponent blocks diagonal direction - he prefers coming into the box via sideline of the box and then plays targeted pass. • Getting the ball on own field in transition from defense - he usually makes solo run delivering the ball into the opponent’s half from where he plays forward pass.
  6. 6. 6 In spite of dribbling obsession he may chooses pass when he gets the ball in the position of offensive midfielder or finish his run with pass. He shows high passing accuracy and 80% of assists were done from the central zone above the box (2-3 key passes per game). He also fast in making decisions and may play one touch pass when receive the ball near the opponent’s box or in the box. Mostly he plays through diagonal balls - on the run of the partner into the box. Marko Pjaca: playmaking skills patterns
  7. 7. 7 Marko Pjaca: finishing skills Marko scored most goals from one-touch shot and from the box. There are 3 types of goals with approx. equal share: 1) after coming into the box using dribbling 2) shot after collecting ball bounce 3) getting pass from the partner in the box (good exploitation of free spaces and after playing 1-2 combination) Zone for development - heading skills. In spite of high height he rarely shot with head. Overall he has average performance in heading challenges (win 40% challenges). But he may be profitable in air challenges versus fullbacks on far post (the zone in which fullbacks often is vulnerable). Also he has good curled shot with right foot from distance (mostly shot from angle of the penalty box after dribbling).
  8. 8. 8 He is disciplined in team counter-pressing actions and in retreating into defensive position in team’s transition to defense (usually plays wide midfielder in 4-4-2 in team’s defense). The weakness of the player is tactical decisions in defense. Marko Pjaca: in defensive actions Marko is mostly ball-orientated in taking position in defense, not depending on partners. In addition to it he sometimes loses concentration in defensive actions. As a result he often takes wrong position -> loses surges of opponent’s fullback down the flank or leaves gaps in zones between central and wide midfielder. In set-pieces, he also loses opponents in personal marking. Finally, he is not good at defensive technique. But it’s not key element for a forward. example
  9. 9. 9 His main asset is fast acceleration. He starts fast and it can be used in transition to attack - Marko can run into free zone quickly for getting the ball and be used as focal point in fast attack development. Also he can be used as support of forward who gets the first forward pass in transition to attack. His high initial speed allows him to win second balls (3 - good results per game for attacking players). In particular he can be useful when team uses long balls towards central forward in offensive actions. In addition to it Marko is rather athletic person contrary to typical fast winger. It gives him the advantage in shielding the ball in challenges with defenders (51% won challenges in offense per game). He has possess good coordination. It proves his bicycle shots and sault in goal celebration. As for character he is silent person with strong character and composed person (main penalty-taker in the team in spite of age). Marko is also industrious and capable of learning, especially in foreign languages. Marko Pjaca: physical qualities and personality