P3O The organic way.


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How to use the P3O model in practice. The organic way enables you to start today. Have a look. Like and share for non-commercial use (Creative Commons license). All rights reserved by Petra Rona www.creativeinn.nl

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P3O The organic way.

  1. 1. P3Othe organic wayPetra Rona,P3O Specialistwww.creativeinn.nl
  2. 2. The roadmap P3O is a model to deliveryour change initiativesmore effective and efficient. If projects and programsare the villages and cities,the P3O model isconnecting these, providinga structure (the roads)delivering the rightinformation and knowledgein every place and at eachlevel.
  3. 3. Plant some seeds… It could start with just one office/department orperson supporting a project or programcollecting the best practices, templates, toolsand (resource) information relevant for eachproject when you would start one. An effective way to include others and addingvalue to at first portfolio/project managers isusing their (informal) network meetings withinyour organisation It is a pragmatic Bottom Up approach.
  4. 4. Check the environment Use the P3O model to identify your environment.Which functions and services are available, bywhom and where. Look at the big picture,however start with small steps. Do project/program/portfolio managers anddecision makers get the right information?When, how? Is it accurate. Is it what theyrequire? From P3O perspective you will also analyze theinformation flow and whether the timing of eachstep is logically when you look at e.g. whenBoard meetings take place.
  5. 5. Take time to grow… Can I use P3O if I don’t want to buildthis structure from strategicperspective? Yes. In practice the P3O model starts‘as is’ and as an initiative by someonewho sees value in using the model.This is not always ‘top down’. When benefits of the adjustments ofthe existing P3O model are visible andaknowledged other departments andtop level might become interested inusing it. The organic way of using theP3O model. So you can start small, however it isuseful to identify the ‘as is’ state of yourP3O model throughout theorganisation, identify the main issues,and to have a picture of what youwould like your model to be in thefuture. Good luck & Enjoy!
  6. 6. To get the taste of it… www.best-management-practice.com Recommended to check for P3Owhitepapers and case studies. The P3O Repository is very useful. Itincludes examples and templates forportfolio management and much more.You can download it from this website. The PPM Suite online subscription issomething to consider, because youwill have access to the latest editionsof P3O, Prince2, MSP andManagement of Portfolio’s online.
  7. 7. P3O Reference Material http://www.slideshare.net/petrarona/p3o-in-7-slides-english-rona-2010 http://www.p3o-officialsite.com www.best-management-practice.com www.projectangels.com www.creativeinn.nl
  8. 8. Online Coaching The most cost effective way of meeting eachother Consultancy & coaching to your global team No traveling required, which saves time for all attendees and additional travelcosts Your online sparring partner only when you need it for P3O development in yourbusiness No need to search for material en examples . My knowledge and network isavailable for you Ask any question about P3O, Portfolio, Program or Project Office/Managementand related topics such as knowledge sharing, information management andproject marketing Individual & Team coaching via Skype
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  10. 10. Petra Rona, P3O SpecialistCoach, author, speakerSkype: petraronaLinkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/pmoconsultantwww.creativeinn.nl