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BOT Magazine by Petra Rona


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Designed to promote BOT International activities in Europe.

The magazine is set up in a way that the middle pages and the back side are the only ones specific for the European region. So other BOT International regions can easily adjust this magazine by adding their regional events and changing the team pictures and contact details. The skydiver represents control and performance.

The BOT Magazine was officially launched at the BPUG NL Seminar 2012 and presented by Petra Rona to Bob Hotho, President of BPUG Nl.

For the BOT Europe stand we created matching Banners.

At the BPUG Seminar we offered the most original incentive connected to our skydive theme... a tandem jump! With the winner we enjoyed a wonderful and exciting day at National Paracentrum Teuge, The Netherlands.

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BOT Magazine by Petra Rona

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  8. 8. Presenting first edition to President Bob Hoto, BPUG NL BOT International ended her activities in Europe in January, 2013. It has been a pleasure to create this magazine in just a few weeks time. Thank you BPUG NL, participants and speakers who joined our workshops throughout Europe. Happy to stay in touch. Kind regards, Petra Rona @petrarona 2012