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2013.1 P3O in Change City - The invisible woman


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Identify your #P3O model.
Connect the dots using the P3O basic model and guidance as your reference.

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2013.1 P3O in Change City - The invisible woman

  1. 1. P3O in Change City The invisible (wo)manPetra Rona, Creative Inn 1 1/16/13
  2. 2. The invisible (wo)man? The best kept secret, invisible, but always there keeping it all together... The P3O model Implementing a P3O model in your organization? You already have one! Connect the dots...Petra Rona, Creative Inn 2 1/16/13
  3. 3. 1/16/13Another perspectiveDo  you see duplications in functionsor services?Is the information flow logical orcould it be optimized? 3Have you built a separate changeorganization instead of using what isalready there?Or is it a hybrid model? Petra Rona, Creative Inn
  4. 4.  How would you like it to be? Redesign  What is the maturity level of your organization? your P3O  How mature do you need/like to be in each area? model  What are the top 3 issues in your organization?  What is priority 1?  What is your first step.  And your next?  What could be done simultaneously (if you have the resources ofcourse)Petra Rona, Creative Inn 4 1/16/13
  5. 5. Get your toolbox ready The P3O Guidance and model are a useful reference. Get the book, an online subscription to P3O or (recommended) the online PPM Suite. See: Rona, Creative Inn 5 1/16/13
  6. 6. ot all yo u ne e d t o Now you g ge t started. H ave fun! Pe tra Rona P.S. I will be happy to provide (Skype) coaching & P3O workshops on site.Follow me @P3OSkype: petraronaEmail: Petra Rona, Creative Inn 6 1/16/13
  7. 7. C redits Sue Vowler - Lead Author of the P3O Guidance, 2008Cabinet Office (former OGC) - publisher and owner of P3O APMG - accreditation & certification P3O BPUG – Best Practice User Group for Cabinet Office productsOfficial P3O website and more Best Practices e.g. ITIL, Prince2 Petra Rona, Creative Inn 7 1/16/13