2013.02 P3O meets Darwin


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Strategy. Adaptation. Change. P3O. PMO.

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2013.02 P3O meets Darwin

  1. 1. P3O meets Darwin Strategy. Overhead.Adaptation.Creative Inn 2013 Petra RONA
  2. 2. P3O. Strategicasset or overhead?Does P3O have strategic value?In the P3O model strategy and P3Oare naturally linked at Portfoliolevel. In the previous article youcould read about identifying yourP3O model. Now we will focus onthe strategic value of P3O. And we’llsee how Darwin is an interestingexample.Creative Inn 2013 Petra RONA
  3. 3. Mind the gap How can your P3O be overhead when you have built it upon the needs of the organization? You don’t just start somewhere. Before actually re-energizing your P3O the strategic goals of the organization should be clear. As well as how the organization is already supporting you in reaching your strategic goals and it’s priorities. Where the capacity, skills or action is not somewhere in your organization already, that is where your P3O adds value to your organization and the strategic goals it wants to achieve.Creative Inn 2013 Petra RONA
  4. 4. P3O is an enabler Your P3O is an asset if it is supporting what your organization needs. You could use your Program or Project Offices as an incubator for change in your organization. Having a business case and justification just like you do with projects and programs is key in P3O. Your P3O model in itself is not the goal. It is an enabler to get where you want to be with your organization and strategic goals in the most efficient and effective way.Creative Inn 2013 Petra RONA
  5. 5. Survival P3O is like Darwin’s origin of species… Adapt or die. When the overhead discussion pops-up that might be an indicator that there has been a change in what the organization needs from your P3O. Have a look at what you are actually doing and adjust the functions and services to be in sync again. Priority in strategy might have changed. And the focus of your P3O model should be, how can we add value to the organization in reaching it’s strategic goals.Creative Inn 2013 Petra RONA
  6. 6. Flexibility Flexibility of your P3O is a benefit for your organization
 The service that your P3O delivers will most likely not always be the same. Adaptation is essential. The P3O model is flexible and should focus on the organization’s needs. It should fill in the gap, can be used as incubator for change in your organization and enable your organization to focus on what they should be doing. And if you hear complaints? Check the strategic goals again and check that what you are doing in your P3O still makes sense or that you should be doing something else to provide your organization the services they need to be successful.Creative Inn 2013 Petra RONA
  7. 7. Examples When an investment in specific skills and sharing knowledge to improve the maturity of the organization in a certain area would be essential for the organization, then that is where your P3O can provide service. Or if it is the case that project managers don’t deliver their projects on time, then that is where you should focus on. To enable project managers to do their work in a specific way and to get them focused on delivery you might decide to put Project Offices or provide specific expertise for peer reviews.Creative Inn 2013 Petra RONA
  8. 8. P3O Tip Your P3O Guidance includes functions, services and what you could be doing depending on different maturity levels, so can recommend to use that.Creative Inn 2013 Petra RONA
  9. 9. Get your tools ready The P3O Guidance is a great reference. Get the book or an online subscription to P3O or (recommended) the online PPM Suite. See: www.best-management-practice.comCreative Inn 2013 Petra RONA
  10. 10. Sue Vowler - Lead Author of the P3O Guidance, 2008 Cabinet Office (former OGC) - publisher and owner of P3O APMG - accreditation & certification P3O BPUG – Best Practice User Group for Cabinet Office products Official P3O website and more Best Practices e.g. ITIL, Prince2 www.best-management-practice.comCreative Inn 2013 Petra RONA
  11. 11. Do you prefer a quick start today? I will be happy to provide (Skype) coaching & P3O workshops on site.Follow me @P3O Best regards,Skype: petraronaEmail: petra.rona@creativeinn.nl Petra RonaLinkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/pmoconsultantwww.creativeinn.nl Creative Inn 2013 Petra RONA