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Case Study: Contest Marketing Stories from Cisco


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Contest examples from Cisco. The strategy and results behind the "What If Your TV Could" video contest.

Case Study: Contest Marketing Stories from Cisco

  1. 1. Marketing 2.0 Evolution of Contest Marketing at Cisco<br />A Case Study From Cisco Marketing Organization’s Perspective<br />September 2010<br />
  2. 2. Meet the Contests<br />‘What If Your TV Could..?”<br />Digital Cribs<br />‘Heaven or Hell’<br /><br /><br />‘Why I Want Cisco <br />Telepresence’<br /><br />
  3. 3. The following case study compares three video contests led by three different organizations within Cisco over the past two years who collaborated to showcase best practices and the overall impact of social media video contests on marketing. <br />Please keep in mind that there are several differentiating factors between the three contests as new social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have developed and been more heavily used by businesses over the past two years. <br />
  4. 4. Cisco Service Provider Game MarketingContest Comparison<br />
  5. 5. Cisco Service Provider Contest MarketingMarketing Comparison<br />
  6. 6. Cisco Service Provider Contest MarketingContest Comparison<br />
  7. 7. By the “What If Your TV Could…” campaign, we learned how to promote a contest at less than 1/3 the cost of the “Heaven or Hell” promotional budget and reached more people<br />BUT…<br />How well did the new marketing techniques used for the “What If Your TV Could…” contest work? <br />
  8. 8. We Planted the Seed by Creating a Cisco TV Contest Brand…<br />Twitter. New Account @CiscoContest<br />Objective<br />Contest-specific account<br />Follow targeted audience<br />Results<br />155 followers in 10 weeks<br />Total reach: 488,636 <br />174 Tweets<br />* Twitter only. Excludes 1000’s of mommy blogger followers, write-ups in many other online publications and blogs, and Facebook.<br />
  9. 9. …Which Many Have Embraced: WOM* Promotion Appeared on Over 47 Sites<br />*WOM = word of mouth<br />
  10. 10. Mommy Bloggers: 12 Influential Bloggers<br />Objective<br />Increase reach by engaging a pre-determined set of influential mommy bloggers<br />Ask to promote contest to their followers, and submit their own video for Flip giveaways<br />Results<br />Over 1,293 comments on mommy blogger sites<br />Generated 307 hits to the Contest web page<br />Total Reach: 122,786 <br />
  11. 11. Mommy Bloggers in Action <br />
  12. 12. College and Specialty School Outreach<br />Objective<br />Reach students in media programs to encourage video submissions<br />Mail posters (email and US post) for distribution on campus<br />Results<br />Reached over 65,000 students<br />Drove over 1,200+ visitors to contest page<br />. <br />
  13. 13. Targeted Outreach via Posters at Colleges, Specialty Schools and Businesses<br />Traditional methods can help seed the contest even in the virtual world<br />
  14. 14. Paid Promotion on Social Media Channel <br />Objective<br />To extend the reach of the contest via social media channels<br />Strategy<br />8 sub-campaigns for test and deployment<br />The 2 strategies to place media within Facebook are based on cost-per-click and cost-per-thousand impressions payment methods<br />Results<br /><ul><li>203.5 Million impressions – with slightly over 50,000 converting to the landing pages and campaign visitors
  15. 15. The ROI for this program has been 3-4X the performance of similar programs
  16. 16. The net CPM basis was $0.08 per 1,000 impressions vs. $0.63 + for comparable “Cisco” programs</li></li></ul><li>Key Marketing LessonsProgressively Getting Better Due to Lessons Learned <br />2009<br />“Why I Want Cisco <br />Telepresence””<br />2008<br />Digital Cribs<br />“Heaven or Hell”<br />2010<br />“What If Your TV <br />Could…?”<br /><ul><li>Global tax laws must be considered for contest marketing and legal terms and conditions
  17. 17. Multiple prizes helped boost awareness and video submissions
  18. 18. Clearly identify your target audience prior to contest to ensure promoting to relevant outlets
  19. 19. Promotional spend helped increase awareness of the contest
  20. 20. Video syndication and blogger outreach helped promote contest
  21. 21. Announcing more than 1 winner was a good idea but a higher-value grand prizeaugmented with more smaller prizes would have helped boost participation
  22. 22. Determining stakeholders is crucial to contest success
  23. 23. Promotional spend critical behind success of campaign
  24. 24. Created an easy-to-remember URL
  25. 25. Ensure contest rules are put-in-place early on to (example: using the popularity vote to create a community and spread virally)
  26. 26. Duration of contest is very important to sustain momentum
  27. 27. Blogger and college outreach were very effective and helped increased awareness
  28. 28. Go-to-market strategy was fully integrated and worked well
  29. 29. Not only did introducing the contest internally first helped with testing but it also helped increase “pass along” effect
  30. 30. Creating an event to announce winners not only helped extend the life of the contest but also provided a platform to share Cisco’s vision of video, thus directly tying back the contest to related solutions
  31. 31. Early seeding with sample videos submissions spurred ideas and provided content from day 1</li></li></ul><li>Extending the Life and Impact of the Contest<br />Live UStream Event Combined with Talk2Cisco<br />Cisco’s Murali Nemani, Director of Video Solutions Marketing, Cisco Service Provider Marketing, will announce the contest winners and discuss Cisco’s role in helping to develop new television platforms that give consumers more of what they want. <br />ObjectiveUse opportunity to announce via a live social stream broadcast to position Cisco as a thought leader in the video market & to give ‘share of voice’ to the greater community. <br />Impact?<br /><ul><li> Achieved 15x playback rate during the post-live broadcast period
  32. 32. Tweets around live broadcast reached over 50,000 followers on Twitter </li></li></ul><li>Contest + Event Combo Has Exceeded Expectations for Cisco TV Contest…<br />Video submissions: 178<br />Video requests (# of times videos were viewed): 5,900,000<br />Comments/Ratings Average: 22,000 ratings, 1,000+ comments <br />Event attendees: 1,609 attendees <br />Total reach: 488,636<br />…BUT we wish we had known or done a few things sooner<br />
  33. 33. 9 Lessons Learned<br />Test: Test and test front and back end web functionality and video loading in all browsers. (If your contest requires a certain browser, make sure you state it up front)<br />Metrics and Rules: Ensuring that clear metrics and contest rules are established before you begin your program.<br />Start of promotion: Beginning blogger outreach one week prior to the contest versus during the contest will help further increase word-of-mouth marketing.<br />Resources: Estimating amount of time and effort it takes to sustain social media momentum throughout the contest period.<br />Continued Momentum: Lining up team members dedicated to engaging in social media long term and splitting the workload among them. Making this part of somebody’s job responsibilities, hiring part-time and/or temporary help would help further.<br />Timing of announcement: Leaving two weeks before announcing winner in order to get winners on Telepresence.<br />Budget: Promotional spend is critical to the success of the campaign. Don’t underestimate budget. A video contest including promotional spend and building out the website costs an average of $100,000.<br />Prizes: Make sure the prizes are motivating & the contest is FUN.<br />Collaboration: Willingness to learn from and share with each other to develop a successful benchmark. <br />
  34. 34. Many Thanks to…<br />Doug Webster, Robert Barlow, Murali Nemani, Deborah Strickland, Sara Cicero, Stacy Melillo Spognardi, Mike Kisch, Richard Mullen, Jeffrey Marusak, Steve Lau, Paul Lanyi, LaSandra Brill, Heike Stabenow, Karen Snell, Dennis Marpuri, Petra Neiger, Leslie Lau, Don Nelson, David Deans, Rhoda Rosales, Martin Hardee, Alex Pista, Brian Gin, Patricia Klein, Stephen Liu, MerwinShanmugasundaram, Janet Starkey Wallin, and Lindsay Kniffin of Cisco for their contributions to this presentation and partnership on the Contest.A very big thank you to everyone who promoted the contest using social media channels. <br />Supporting Agencies: <br />3Marketeers-Social Media Support & Facebook Ads<br />New Marketing Labs-Social Media Support<br />Somnio-Video Design <br />Solution Set-Back end vendor<br />The Platform-Front end vendor<br />Artua LLC / "STK BIS" LLC-”TV” logo designer <br />By<br />