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My Amazing Journey to Tanzania


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My Amazing Journey to Tanzania

  1. 1. My Amazing Journey to Tanzania The trip I never Imagined by Samuel Brathwaite
  2. 2. The continent of Africa and a map of Tanzania are provided for context – The trip from California to Tanzania is approximately 20 hours in the air; Arusha is approximately 300 miles from Dar es Salaam; Zanzibar is approximately 60 miles off the coast from Dar es Salaam; and, the Tarangire National Park is a 3 hour drive from Arusha; Shinda Village is on the outskirts of Arusha Tarangire National Park
  3. 3. Sign Leading to the Shinda Basic School – note the motto at the bottom of the sign
  4. 4. The Shinda Basic School view of the eastern side of the school looking towards the southwest
  5. 5. View of the southern side of the school looking towards the north – Mr. Moshi stand proudly in front of his school
  6. 6. Additional Class Rooms on the western side of the property
  7. 7. The school kitchen
  8. 8. Inside one of the class rooms in the building on the northern section of the property
  9. 9. Class room in the building on the eastern side of the property
  10. 10. Students greeting me with a song
  11. 11. Cross Section of the families, very interested in their children development
  12. 12. Community immediately northwest of the school
  13. 13. Community immediately northeast of the school
  14. 14. The neighborhood
  15. 15. Water is a scarce resource in Arusha, many of the rural communities fetch water on a daily basis as running water is not readily available
  16. 16. Drill rig setting up to drill water well
  17. 17. Drilling crew
  18. 18. Cuttings used to log boring
  19. 19. Water encountered at approximately 100 feet below ground surface
  20. 20. All reports indicate that the well is producing abundant clean fresh water 8/30/2013
  21. 21. Students look on eagerly as the drilling penetrated the aquifer unit
  22. 22. Victor’s sisters and niece and the home where he grew up in Shinda
  23. 23. Victor visiting with his 96 year old grandmother in Kilimanjaro
  24. 24. Life in Kilimanjaro
  25. 25. Tarangire National Park - Wilder beasts and Impalas in their natural habitat
  26. 26. Tarangire National Park - Elephants in their natural habitat
  27. 27. Tarangire National Park - Giraffes in their natural habitat
  28. 28. Dar es Salaam Sky Line – Capital of Tanzania – photo taken from the Indian Ocean
  29. 29. Ferry shuttling between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar
  30. 30. The Island of Zanzibar
  31. 31. Zanzibar is well known for its spices – here is a photograph of a spice farm
  32. 32. Former slave transshipment point on Zanzibar
  33. 33. Church built on grounds where slaves were assembled prior to transshipment – the church is approximately 130 years old – Slavery was abolished in 1873 – this is now considered sacred ground
  34. 34. Photograph shows exactly how the slaves were brought to the assembly ground – the chains in this photograph are the exact chains that were used on the slaves
  35. 35. Former slave dungeon used to house slaves prior to shipment – this unit typically housed 50 to 75 slaves, there was no lighting and little ventilation and standing room, many slaves died before being shipped
  36. 36. Victor and Sam at Dar es Salaam International Airport on our way back from Zanzibar